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Stern's Ms. Buttaface Contest

4 years ago

Nothing wrong with Bianca at 14:32. I'd be proud to fuck her face.

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that made me so hard!
18 days ago
Drunk Artie is great in this.
2 years ago
Great post. Thanks
3 years ago
Sarah Jessica Parker in a Butterface Contest would be like instant Epic Win!
4 years ago
Here's my personal opinion on desirability on a numerical scale 1 being the most boner inducing woman who I would actually be proud to fuck and be seen with in public.
1.) Bianca 14:37
2.)Debbie (#10) 39:57
3.) Stacey 9:58
4.) Cindy 18:37
5.) Debbie (#4) 25:30
6.) Penny 35:08
7.) Cherri 37:46
8.) Michelle 29:47
9.) Nicole 32:45 (Yes her face is better than Michelle's, but her body isn't as fine, and I'm only attracted to black women have have very large natural breasts on a slim body)
4 years ago
The motivation for these ladies to enter this contest was $25,000 (44:32)

Keep in mind that the incredibly ugly audience was prepped to react in the cruelest manner possible for maximum shock value.

Howard and his staff are hideous but they have never claimed otherwise. That adds to the shock value. Were he not semi-famous, Rob Schneider couldn't get laid in a monkey whore house with a barrel full of bananas. Same goes for the rest, but I will always love Howard.
4 years ago