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Runtime: 31:33
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2 years ago
There’s a good girl… no fake squirter!!! And a little greedy,too, even getting highly voracious from 23:00 on…;-) Although climaxing almost continuously (since 22:40 at least!!!) she impatiently grabs that large size 12 x 2.5 inch plastic dick (23:36) ( grabbing it even while she is still contracting at that time , just watch how her pussy keeps on cramping !!). and that vibrator directly held on her clit simultaneously while fucking herself. Amazing how she manages to push that huge dick into her pussy even at full length (24:28). Ain’t it a rapid fuck? Impressive ;-) I bet this was bumping on her cervix quite heavily squeezing it firmly… But don’t’ have to wait long for the due result at 24:58… huge gaping, squirting and cramping completely out of control… “more, more, more…” !?!?!! at 25:20…!!! That’s what I call horny ;-) No doubt that she’ll never be able to stop again once she started masturbating. No matter how often she came squirting . Unless her pussy is really bashed up in tatters.This is very clear no later than she re-enters with her plastic dick again at 30:30… ;-)
(So how could anybody possibly dare to “stop” her masturbating at 14:58 min…??? ;-))) )
2 years ago
By the way , in this video here there’s no way this is a fake squirting , completely different from professional porno movies !! In those movies they just fill up the actor’s pussy with baby oil right before the squirting scene.Then she will make her pussy contract and the oil will squirt out together with the faked orgasm . Another way to fake squirting is by simply peeing interrupted by short breaks to make it look like real squirts, but in fact it is not!! If you have seen real squirting before as in this video here ,you will recognize fake squirting in the future… The secret to know is that real squirting usually sets off not during the final contracting orgasm but much earlier i.e. already during the gaping relaxation occurring before the strong cramps. You can clearly see in this girl’s video many times !!! ( Check out at 6:07 min, where her orgasms starts first with her pussy gaping wide open and starting to release her squirting fluids almost immediately at the same time (take the chance and enjoy the look deeply into her pussy onto the nice pinkish frazzled vagina walls!! ) From the initial gaping relaxation at 6:07 it then takes even 10 sec until her pussy really contracts heavily for the first time at 06:18 min!!! and then already at 6:35 again another wide gaping relaxation along with squirting before her pussy shuts down in a cramp at 6:40 min!!! One of my absolute favourites starting at 9:04 with a huge gaping squirt giving a stunning view inside lasting until 9:12 when the pussy shuts down with tight contraction !!!! And probably one of the nicest casual relaxed shooting squirts at 15:43, besides her most staggering discharge lasting for almost 30 sec at 18:30 …)
2 years ago
What a great versatile pussy this girl has!!!!! Every time just before starting to cum this pussy is gaping wide open big as all outdoors!!! Like a fish snatching for air. Have seen it a few times before,but not as much as in this pussy here.You can even see her vagina's deepest down lumps and bumps. and all her frazzled pink vagina skin... (check out at 7:30 min, 8:17, 19:10, 20:35 and 21:10 min for stunning deep views !!! Can you see the big frazzled lump of her interior vagina skin popping out of her gaping hole at 22:20 min ?!!!!! Watch closely and you’ll see a large shred of her inner vagina being pushed out towards direction of her clit . You can also see it at 20:35, 21:20, 22:35, 25:40 + 28:55 very nice , and several times more once you have identified it ) It's so nice with this kind a squirting technique you get the pussy maximum relaxed for several seconds ( check out 6:07 min!) just directly before the orgasm starts. Havent't seen it in any other situation .You can easily slip in really large toys and she won't feel uncomfortable at that time ( honestly she will hardly realize,I can tell you from my experience). Then sudenly this all open gaping relaxation turns into extreme vaginal contractions almost like cramps, in the whole belly (Looking closely it can clearly be seen that this girl is not faking her orgasms , with all the contractions and spastics of her whole body , check at 9:00 min, and most staggering at 13:30 – 13:40 min or 19:50 onward and 23:00 … ) Her cramps are so heavy with so much pressure almost pushing her uterus and cervix out of her vagina like turning it inside out. ( Check out 22:30 min!!! Wouldn’t be surprised if one day her whole vagina will turn inside out by that heavy squeezing …;-) ) Only saw something similar once in an older lady (50+ ), mother of 2 kids , maybe that was the reason for her weird looking pussy. Her cervix really popped out each time she started squirting .
3 years ago
bestest video EVER!
4 years ago
Fabulous post, never seen this one before. Miss Puddles was the first girl I've ever seen squirt before(back in 02' I believe). I love her.
4 years ago
Thanks so much
Beautiful and so real
Please share some more with me

Thanks again
4 years ago
So hot... Had to jack off watching this vid...mmmm
4 years ago
Old school vid. Went by the nick name puddles. This was my fav:
4 years ago
Hot chick with a pretty pussie + she can squirt over and over.
Wish I could have been there so none of that sweet honey want to waste!
5 years ago
My old roommate did this all day to
5 years ago
These videos are the reason why I just can't get turned on by those fake squirting videos of modern professional porn. This is the stuff that arouses me, something I can actually see and believe, and consequentially get turned on for it. It's great, just great, a rare milestone in the ocean of falsity and pretended bullshit. Everybody should see this before judging modern video - I'm sure the feedback to the authors would change drastically, and perhaps we could eventually get real (or at least more realistic) products.
5 years ago
WOW it has been a long time since i have seen anything new from this girl. She still has that sweet smile tho and so thuroughly enjoys getting off.
5 years ago
This is why home video cameras were invented!

I have never seen a woman fuck herself so long, so hard, through so many orgasms. I love what she says: first, "I can't quit", then "I can't go on, I'll lose my mind". She was literally fucking her brains out.

God, she's adorable...or was. The video and the music on the radio say this is 15-20 years ago. I wonder what she's like now, in her 40s.

And as she splashes her hand in the wet sheet at the end, she says she lived up to her name. Anyone know what her name is?
5 years ago
5 years ago
Probably the best I have ever seen! More, please!
5 years ago
One hell of a video! Thanks for sharing it!

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