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Shemales enjoy in Jyosouko Fujiko ass Re-Ver

2 years ago
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to broerbob: Thank you so much.
Doumo arigatou !
2 years ago
to jyosoukofujiko: Ah, ok..myself I love swallowing warm cum.. ;)
to ItalicaMan: I'm sorry I do not do willingly
to cdmarie-fr52: No I can not do until that
to jyosoukofujiko: you going to suck her cock also ? I would like to see that !
to jyosoukofujiko: I hope she will unload in your mouth and let you swallow her cum.
Would you like that? ;)
to cdmarie-fr52: Yes. I also would please her.
to jyosoukofujiko: Is Mayumi also a Trans ?
to jyosoukofujiko: And also, same time, the second shemale gives you her cock to suck^^ it would please you?
to ItalicaMan: Thank you for comment always .
Her name is Mayumi.My friend.
to cdmarie-fr52: Thank you
I also agree with you
to jyosoukofujiko: Yea , we like to see you getting suck it...hehe, who is the person with a blond hair that use the dildo on your ass ?
to jyosoukofujiko: I wish that one of the shemale sucks you ^^
to ItalicaMan: I welcome it everytime.
I also want to it.
I hope that thay suck me
to cdmarie-fr52: Thank you.
I'm very glad to you liked my video.
to jyosoukofujiko: You want me to suck you? But you have someone there that can do that....hehe , next time put your cock in his mouth and let him suck you...I'm sure we like to see that . :)
to jyosoukofujiko: thanks its clearly real hot action
Great video Fujiko.Love the way they play with you^^
2 years ago
to JoeyB: Thank you. This is not acting.
to gaybunny972: Thank you very much received such comment
to ItalicaMan: I am not a problem
Please suck me with everyone
to fucknorris: Thank you for always glad comment
Also later release for friends if possible
If allowed in this site
wild scene
2 years ago
Great vid!! Very hot!!
2 years ago
why dont you let someone suck you ?...hehe
2 years ago
Fujiko, You're always the best! Great video, very exciting, can we enjoy a uncensored version?
Many thanks for this! kisses
2 years ago