Sextape - Jayne Kennedy (Firt black Miss Ohio USA 1970)

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Sextape - Jayne Kennedy (American actress, model and sportscaster - Firt black Miss Ohio USA 1970)

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6 months ago
old is gold,
2 years ago
You need to learn about writing coherently...smh
3 years ago
This video details how immature Leon and Jayne were in the art of making love, the length and style of her hair, this was after her appearance on the NFL Today when she changed to this style and length indicates this was around 1978. There is no deep sensual slow motion love making for an hour or more. The anal sex appears as if he's attempting to inflict pain only, moving to fast and banging her hard, the size of her anal shows excessive anal sex and this is his wife they had bizarre kinky sexually habits. Her oral sex is good, but the vibrator portion is ridiculous. Again no finesse sensually using her tongue over his penis head and testicles. Whether Jayne or Leon is on top they look like amateurs, again no slow sensual motion to be a married couple this was just Porno. When Leon got on top he rapidly bang Jayne hard, no slow sensual sexually motion and he couldn't maintain an erection, kinky. Married couples together 24/7 for years develop expertise and finesse in comprehending there partner sexual desires. This was embarrassing, because it demonstrated very little sexual experience and kinkiness in there love making. Leon and Jayne stated their divorce was mutually agreed, transparent to the public it created animosity, releasing this sex tape prior to her NCAAP Image Award was embarrassing.

It was insinuated that this sex tape contributed to Jayne Kennedy's exile from Show Time and eventual eviction from California. This was a total fabrication. My girlfriend at that time idolized Jayne Kennedy like a Goddess, many women did. They scorned Jayne Kennedy for her moral indiscretion she commit with Bill Overton. It was astonishing to comprehend that a woman of Jayne Kennedy's statue would succumb to a married playboy, allow him to seize total control of her mind, indiscretion of stealing Kathleen Bradley husband, coercing him into marriage by getting pregnant by him, for a pimp she pick him up at a neighborhood garage sale and Leon Kennedy was her husband when it started. Why Jayne permitted a just sex relation(rumored started in 1977 on the Cover Girls set ) to escalate into sacrifice my life for you, initiated the biggest living tragedy in Hollywood history the dethroning of a Queen, Jayne Kennedy. Why Jayne Kennedy contemplated a blissful future with a man who abandon his wife of 2 year (plus 1 separation/divorce) and 1 year old daughter for her was INSANITY. The most celebrated black celebrity in history, descended “Hello Humph-Dumpty” she lost the architect of her career, her knight in shinning armor because of her indiscretions, persona descended further “Tramp/Taboo” the moral indiscretion of coercing marriage by getting pregnant before marriage, destroying another celebrity blissful dreams by stealing her husband. Today she was celebrated by fans, respected by movie Moguls, image of Vanity Fair Cosmetic and Jovan Cologne, her dynamic radiant image ignited STOP, LOOK and Browse, partner with Leon in Jaleon and Kennedy Productions, produce a line of women sport apparel, special appearances on sitcoms, exercise video, her pretty face open many door of opportunity and of course her Knight in Shinning armor Leon Kennedy at her side, projected earning potential of over $100 million dollars. Next day, her climax with her Knight in the movie Body and Soul was their last Ha-Rah, the few remaining opportunities after her divorce from Leon vanished when she married Bill Overton, she was ostracized throughout the country, scorned by movie Mogul and Sponsors, twilight of her radiant image , fans, friend and celebrity formed vigilantes, visibility was reduced to charity events. She was a Queen who sacrificed her Crown and all her Jewels for a pimp she pick-up at a neighborhood garage sale. I ponder she had a very turbulence marriage did she ever contemplated returning to the garage sale for a refund.
3 years ago
From iafd: Jayne Kennedy at Home

Super Hot Jayne Kennedy's missing tape. Am 12/09/2007
Studio............Oops Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer Gonzo
Director..........No Director
Minutes...........67 FAQ
Points............ 8.00 Buy
Star Star
Jayne Kennedy Black. Sexy! HOT! Jan 1975
Movie Movie
In the middle 1970's Jayne Kennedy was one of the hottest ladies
on TV. She was on sports broadcasts and was a former Miss Ohio
and married to a major Black mainstream movie star.

They were moving from one location to another and after
settling in at their new home, they decided to take
another love at their 'love' tape. Oops, they couldn't
find it. Seems the one of the moving guys found the VHS
tape in the machine and took it home to look at it.

The rest is history.

Movie starts with Jayne nude. Nice natural reak hair bush. Camera
does slow pan of her body as she smiles to camera. He smiles
to camera. Screwing her on top, twirls around to reverse
cowgirl. Clit solo. Nice bush. She gets real wet. Screwing on
her back with Jayne getting real vocal and loving it. 'F..k
me ral hard'. Very enthusiastic BJ. Screwing cowgirl, on her
back. Clit solo. He 4 fingers her. Fists her to knuckles as
he applies lotion and she moans with pleasure, 'Oh baby'.
She really gets into it. The picture quality is terrible,
but this is the real thing. 'Go ahead, go ahead, oh baby
f..k me, oh shit'. And this is a pretty long session. Jayne
spreads it wide open. Close up of her face as they keep up
the handballing. There ain't no stopping her. Damn, she
really gets down. Back to screwing on her back. More fingering
and back to the good stuff as Ricky Nelson music is in the
background. Jayne is not as vocal as they start over, but
builds back up to moaning and groaning and loving it again,
'Yes, yes'. Man, this is hot stuff. She goes wild. Nice
breasts. Nice everything!
4 years ago
I was watching "Porky's" (for the first time in years! And just think...around the same exact time "Porky's" was being was this home fuck footage!) on cable (IFC) last night, and I just had to chuckle while listening to Miss Kennedy take Leon's almost Black Power fist into her HOT pinkness. :D I'm thinking about Kim Cattrall's "Lassie" character in that movie while listening to Miss Kennedy get fingers-fucked by Leon circa. 1980-whatever. Lol! Shit is wild, son... We see these lil' freaky, nymph millennials smuts run around singing Beyonce and Ri-Ri songs while spreading their neatly-shaved legs WIDE (for other girls and maybe a few boys) today...but back in the day 30-35 years ago...their moms and grandmoms (for some of them! :D) really got the fuck ball(s) rolling. And they did it with a fuckin' BANG too! As Miss Kennedy proves in this early-80's home footage. :)
4 years ago
Just got reminded about this from Bill Burr on Joe Rogan's podcast, totally forgot about this!!
4 years ago
Great hairy pussy!!! We don't see enough of that anymore... looking good, Jayne!!!
4 years ago
Man, she should have done more porno.
5 years ago
Wow! Haven't seen this in years. My copy is a little better at home. Many copies exist. Flea Markets have them. Duplicated too much. Rumor has it, Eddie Murphy bought the original. Supposedly Mr. Murphy bought from shady character who was given it by Issac Kennedy as payment for something. Rumor. . .Not a rumor-killed Jayne's career, and caused the weight gain!
5 years ago
Just got done watching her life after on tv one, and thought about this hoping this site would have it and what do you know lol, not many pornos get me sweating but got damn she was hot and her ex husband really new how to please her !!!
6 years ago
I can't beleive I actuually got to see this! It was one of the best sex tapes ever! I love JAyne she was so fine! Leon didn't really give it to her like she needed it! great vid!
6 years ago
"The two actually starred together in the 1981 flick "Body & Soul". As far as I know, that's the only movie they were in together as man & wife. And I hear there was a intense love scene between the two in that movie. But I wouldn't really know. I've never really watched it like that. It is on that channel called 'THIS' every once in a while, though. I gotta check it out sometime..."

I am actually watching (watched from the beginning) the latter part of "Body & Soul" right now on THIS (June 6th, 2011--EAST COAST, baby!!!!!). One of their more "intense" love scenes in that movie just ended a while ago, now I am watching the final fight (boxing match) scene... You can tell be watching "Body & Soul" they were an intense couple (and Jayne was a natural-born-FREAK! ;)) when they were married back in the early-80's. So a "private" sex tape (actual VHS, kiddies! Lol!) between the two was inevitable. C'mon, man, how many African-American couples were actually into fisting back then 25-30 years ago? You know that was Jayne's idea! (Yup, you'd be amazed at the shit women pick up in the modeling world. ;)) See, that makes me believe more and more that Jayne has some euro (italian?) blood. She was just too freaky for Leon...

Man...I am so glad I saw "Body & Soul" on the on-screen guide earlier today. 'Cause I knew I was going to watch it (which I just did) and watch this at the same damn time, just to get my Jayne Kennedy fix. Now, I got it! I got an early-summer Jayne Kennedy fix for 2011. :)
6 years ago
hey you that
6 years ago
She deserves Miss USA for this alone, she can really take a great pounding and still want more.
6 years ago
I was just thinking about Jayne Kennedy for real...she was Freak this true of a lot of pretty girls sometimes they try so hard to be Bad
6 years ago
6 years ago
Finally peeped this entire clip just now. Yup--that's Jayne Kennedy (and Leon) alright!!! I was waiting for her to yell out that great word we've all come know and love over the years: Fuck. :) When dudes' fist went in deep, she finally yelled out 'FUCK!!!'. This is one wld-ass find, man. This has to stay up for the rest of history. Our future generation should see this.

By the way...maybe somebody would like to explain that baby powder "commercial" (bad take, seriously raw take, or just a silly retro joke--WHICH?) in the beginning. That's where I'm gonna stop with it. Lol...
6 years ago
Wow!!! You don't know how long I've been looking for this motherfucking 80's clip of those two! Been hearing stories about this 80's sex clip between The Kennedy's since early-2001. Then press for it kinda came back even stronger when the recent modern-day crop of celeb sex tapes (in particular, the Kimmy K/Ray J EPIC fuckfest) started to spill all over the web. Figures that now, in 2010, I finally find it on a free porn clip site. That's fuckin' awesome, dude! I'm getting kinda tired now (it is late!), but I'm off from work all this week. So first thing this morning (12/27/2010), I'm watching this whole entire clip!

BTW, for those who may not know (and you should by now!), this is Jayne & Leon Isaac Kennedy (who played 'Too Sweet' in the wild-ass "Penitentiary" trilogy from the late-70's to the late-80's). Circa. sometime in the early/mid-80's. The two actually starred together in the 1981 flick "Body & Soul". As far as I know, that's the only movie they were in together as man & wife. And I hear there was a intense love scene between the two in that movie. But I wouldn't really know. I've never really watched it like that. It is on that channel called 'THIS' every once in a while, though. I gotta check it out sometime... Like I'ma check this out later this morning! :) ;) :)
6 years ago
Wow!! I absolutely loved her back in the day.
6 years ago
She was beautiful. The things you stumble upon on X Hamster.
6 years ago
I'll have to take you word for it... Janyne Kennedy?
6 years ago
unlike some, i did like her. and her husband! but i do believe this ended the ol' carreer.

what's funny is if she did it now she'd be even a bigger star really. lot's of people have some kind of sex tape or something
6 years ago
I watched as a skeptic, because I use to enjoy watching her in the past....that is her and then husband Leon. Great Job.
6 years ago
very nice
6 years ago
Well if it IS her (and it looks to be), this is easily the best thing she ever did on CAMERA. I remember two things about her from way back then -- she was terrible on the CBS Football telecasts, and (it was widely said that) she couldn't keep her hands off of Leon during the shooting of his boxer film. He boasted she "couldn't get enough" (so shows this tape) !!

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