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Sex in the Attic - Episode 2

11 months ago

Join me and katie fox in the attic for a fun sex based chat show! Please comment, like and let us know what you think and things you'd like us to talk about in future episodes!

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I just love your sex in the attic vids. Maybe if you ladies don't mind and if you can answer a question for me ? You said in one of you're shows , anal was better after the first 5 or 10 mins. Why is that ? I'm an anal virgin but really want to have anal sex. What advice do you have for me ? Ok that's 2 questions lol. And no don't try to pawn Deep Roy on me haha. Thank you Chris.
2 months ago
Fuckin hot
8 months ago
So CUTE in the shorts.
9 months ago
I can definitely listen to you two cute sexy bitches talk
11 months ago