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4 years ago
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Nipple covers! Is that to protect her from the sun or from the wrath of the Prudish nature of this society when filmed..? Such a pretty girl!
1 year ago
to chaspinkney: Thanks, SemSania! Dat's a hot vintage, 3minute, silent reel! …now, enhanced with swing era, lounge lizard music! And holy smokes! Is that Della Street? …topless? Yikes!
Daz-rite, ChasPinkney, doze are some exotic-weird lookin' areolae! You call dem "nipplage"…LOL! I will remember that terminology!
But wait! I think dat I see watz goin' on. Doze are "pasties"? …are they not? …nipple covers that are pasted over her real "nipplage"? 'Cuz the city fathers of the local legal jurisdiction find that exposure of "nipplage" could lead to a dangerous decline in manly morals, in their fair city. LOL & ROTF! Nipplage is regarded as "too intense for some audiences"!
Whatcha think guys? Are doze pasties? …or incredibly weird, space-alien nipplage? Might she have been abducted by space-aliens, for diabolically weird cosmetic surgery?
exotic eyes and nipplage
2 years ago
She is gorgeous and this video is great. Thanks again
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love wanking my cock off watching your great vids, tnx.
3 years ago