Retro Nylon Panties

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Suzy's vintage lingerie collection

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1 year ago
nice sexy,cute,sweet shiny panties.
would love to rub my hands all over them while she is wearing them and sucking my cock.
then would love to pull them aside and fuck her ass and pussy until we both cum.
4 years ago
Sunday Best

As the two lovers woke up together they looked forward to another day of passion and lust. His excitement was clear to Suzy as she could feel his hard cock press against her. She knew she'd get that effect from him and dressed deliberately in her blue lace negligee before going to bed last night. Her lover rubbed his feet against hers and ran them up her legs and back down again, his thigh rubbed against her gusset as they lay in bed cuddling up together. His hands started to work there way up Suzy silky sides and up to her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples till they were hard and erect. He pulled back her soft blonde hair and lightly kissed her neck and letting his tongue flick against her neck. She began to feel her pussy get wet in her blue panties, as her lover tried to work his hands down her trim stomach and reach the top of her panties, Suzy stopped him and decided to tease her lover for a while longer before giving in to him, and letting him have his way. Suzy stretched and kissed her lover, then get herself up out of bed, telling her lover to stay as he was. She stepped towards the end of the bed and started slowly touching herself, starting with her hard nipples and supple breasts, squeezing them, lifting them, pinching her twisting her nipples lightly. Off came her top, then she turned round and undone her bra, Her lover watched her undo the clip, then she slide her bra straps off her shoulders. He began rubbing and stroking his raging morning hard-on. Suzy spun round and flick her hair, then let her bra drop off to reveal her beautiful natural breasts. She used her arms to push them together and worked her hands down her body and down her lacy panties working a hand over her panty gusset and using the other to pull them tight against her crotch. Her moistness started to show through her panties and her lover dropped his boxers down and his cock sprung out and slapped against his stomach, he started wanking for her. Suzy wanted to drop her panties and climb back in beside him a ride his hard big cock for the rest of the day but she restrained herself. Now come on its to get out of bed darling and take a shower. Frustrated and still hard, her lover obeyed and followed Suzy as she made her way into the bathroom, stripping her lingerie off the rest of the way, down went her panties and she pulled the cord for the shower. The two lovers held each other and kissed naked waiting for the water to reach the right temperature before getting in. They stepped and embraced as the hot water ran down their bodies, Suzy took the shower gel and stated rubbing it onto her body then taking her lovers hands and guiding him up and down her body cleaning as he went, his cock twitched against her arse, then Suzy began applying the shower gel over his fit younger body working it into his skin, she left his hard cock to last. Gently stroking him as she cleaned his hard cock, then she squeezed and rubbed his balls, she cleaned him off and made him stand under the water while she washed and conditioned her hair, he stroked watching the shampoo and water run out of her hair down her back, over her ass, and down her legs, as she camein close to wash it all out. Suzy was loving it knowing her lover was begging to fuck her, fuck her good and hard and she kept him waiting still. She turned off the shower and starting drying both them off. As she almost finished she asked her lover, How shall I dress for you today darling? How about we just stay naked and go straight back into the bedroom and into bed again Suzy he replied. Suzy laughed and said that wont do darling, so what shall I wear for you. Her lover relented and thought long and hard as they walked back to the bedroom trying to pull at her towel and working his way up it, Suzy was horny and wet and wanting him inside her but she managed to keep her composure. So what's it to be then darling. I want to see you in your retro full brief panties tan stockings, white heels, cream skirt, white silky blouse and pearl necklace. Ohhh good choice darling, now you get ready and get comfortable while I get my outfit. He dressed and sat on the bed, and watched Suzy dress, first her panties and bra, then her stockings working them up her legs, suspender belt next attaching them to her stockings, moved about trying to get the best views of her, all the time rubbing against his throbbing hard cock. Suzy buttoned up her blouse slowly knowing it was driving him wild. She stepped into her skirt bending over her panties pulling tight against her pussy, he noticed her pussy was starting to drip her juices onto them, but them cam up the skirt and pulled up her zip and then she made him complete her look by putting on her pearl necklace. She checked herself in the mirror and secretly having a look at her lover he was still rubbing at his hard cock. Mmmmm do we like your selection then. Uh huh Suzy, now can I strip you out of it, no not yet darling that's for later on. Suzy took her lover out for the day dragging him everywhere deliberately taking her time where ever she went and continually teasing him rubbing against him, crossing her legs whenever they sat down showing him her stocking tops and spreading her legs to flash her wet panties. Suzy Knew it was time to give in and they made their way back to Suzy's quickly. In they wend and down went the bags. He grabbed Suzy and lifted her up taking her straight back to the bedroom, where the stripping began both of them pulling at each others clothes, he was quickly naked but Suzy kept her stockings, panties and bra on, pulling up her chair and kneeling on it, Mmmmm rub me darling, her lover obey, working her swollen wet lips, rubbing them into her erct hard clit, and spanked her panty clad ass. Suzy began moaning and egging on her lover. Spank me darling, he took Suzy hand and pushed it inside her own panties, you take care of this for a minute, He took out his hard cock a slapped it against her panty glad ass, he could see she was now fingering her pussy hole, and he rubbed his hard throbbing cock head against her ass hole, Mmmmmm ohhh yes Darling I want you in my ass. He pulled her panties down to her thighs and got onto his knees rimming her ass hole with his tongue then slipping in a finger then rimmed her again, till her ass was opening up for his big hard cock, take me anally darling I want you in my fucking ass now. Suzy's lover made her wait though going to her drawers and taking her favorite vibrator out. Suzy moaned at the thought, She took it put it straight onto her clit on full vibrate, as her lover went straight into her tight ass and the pounding started it was rough and fast, Suzy's hand was getting covered in her juices, as her lover pounded away at her ass pulling down her bra, grabbing her breasts and pulling her in deeper into his cock, Suzy moaned and squirmed as he got ball deep in her, her clit being vibrated rapidly, and his balls slapped against her, it was hard and rough but passionate. They were both going to cum at the same time, they both moaned and groaned, and called each others names out loud, as Suzy's pussy squirt all its juices and her lovers cock exploded and filled her anal passage with his cum, he squirted it into her again and again then fell back onto the bed, Suzy turned off her toy, stripped off her panties, stocking and bra and they both slept the night away wrapped up in each other arms, and slept contently and satisfied. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
5 years ago
i needed this today and i feel so much better now...thank you Suzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago
so so sexy, love the lose ups, I want to cum over your panties
5 years ago
Suzy darling, your wonderful excellent style and taste has me on the floor once again! Love and kisses xxx
5 years ago
Superlatives fail me. Absolutely wonderful.

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