Retro Beach Secret Cont's.

1 year ago

Produced by Yandex or short 'outtake' N0. #2 Of 'My Dear God' Awesome Ones!!!

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to zorban992: zorban992 Thanks man, I really enjoyed this short fgf-966 video. I recently downloaded filezilla, but I don't quite understand how to use it yet? I had a couple of short videos (don't know if its your thing or not - but it's straight don't worry) thought about ya? As soon as I learn how, i'll upload a couple for ya, you might have seen it already, perhaps not? Anyway, I recall you saying you had a longer one, anyways when you have spare time could ya send link, would appreciate friend! Chow/WBC!!!
to zorban992: zorban here you go, you can contact me here!: Thanks! WBC
to wildbillcody_1: hi, i sent you a link for rapidgatior but i guess xhamster deleted it because the message has disappeared. Can you give an email where i 'll send you it ?
to zorban992: zorban992 Yeah 'I' got that (FDF Buzz) how's about megaload or rapidgator either one you choose zorban? Thanks! WBC
to zorban992: Understood zorban992 "confidential share" can we try rapidgator then? Will I be able to download it. Hey zorban are you familiar with torrents; just asking? WBC
to wildbillcody_1: I can post one on a private hostfile if you want but FDF doesn't have to know. First file is 261 Mb and 2 other are bigger more than 900 Mb and 1,1 Gb but there is much big ass it in but not much macromastia. So for me it' was rather disappointing for 20$. Tell me what hostfile you'd like as rapidgator, uploaded or mega....
to zorban992: zorban992 - We're they're anymore huge breasted women in the videos you purchased thou? And would you share it here with us! We'd love to see it! WBC
to wildbillcody_1: Hi, thanks for your comment. About the fgf-966-retro beach secret, it's clear to me that they movies are videos editing and even if you buy its as i did, you 'll see there are not the complete movies. So frustating. About the date, i realy don't know hat to think about and i don't really care about that. As the others fans i'd like to see the whole movies of the extracts and of course to find same fabulous women with similar wonderful breast 4 myself  :-) Have a nice day (sorry for my bad english) 
to zorban992: As soon as I can obtain some money to order FGF-966 Retro Beach Secret I intend on finding that out!!! Hint - its a Joke as these are out-takes from around 1990 to perhaps 2000 or so, Country purposely left undisclosed? However zorban992 what I am interested in here is as with regards many who may still be alive as in Sexy Grannies, including next Generation of such Luscious MILFS is investing in XHamster you see getting them to promote and sponsoring some Exciting Contest (which could get those bosoms up out of the Bra!) offering Prizes such as up to $50, 000.00 Dollars for the two first place Winners - fine print reads so many Private Cam Recording's! WBC!!! Thinking ahead of the Flow!
Wow marvellous woman but where is the rest of this video???
11 days ago
where is the rest of this video??
8 months ago
OMG!!  Those fucking tits are HUGE and she's not really a large lady.  I would be in heaven with her.
1 year ago
Where can i find the rest of this clip. Pm me
1 year ago