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PublicSex in the Sea Bro ok LynLee

8 months ago
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to BigCatDaddy: Thank you, I don't want to know anything about you, you are clearly a small minded misogynistic dinosaur. And if your mother left the dishes out in the street for you to do that really should tell you something about the kind of person you are...
to realitycoil: You know nothing about me and certainly have NO CLUE about BDSM, now go play in a busy street and do the dishes like mom told you. LOL
to BigCatDaddy: I think your profile picture tells us everything we need to know about that response. I'm not being whinyy (whatever that is), I just think there is nothing attractive about guys abusing women.
to realitycoil: Some women love it hot and agressive. This bitch loved it. Now quit being a whinyy ass
That guy is a fucking aggressive arsehole. This would be so much hotter if he wasn't continually throwing her around, slapping her and forcing her to suck his tiny penis.
8 months ago
Totally hot!
8 months ago