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prisoners of war

1 year ago
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to Cato144: Yes, I get very hard watching my wife and daughter getting raped and whipped.
to qester: Because you are getting hard, while you watch as your wife and your daughter get fucked, flogged and used by them, you will have to lick her cunts clean, when they are finished with them.. 
geiles Video wenn diese dämliche verpixelung nicht wäre
25 days ago
to qester: würde ich deiner Frau nicht wünschen aber privat mit meiner Frau Sex so zu praktizieren wäre schon geil
to Judge6400: Das wäre nur gerecht.
to qester: Deine Frau würde harte Zeiten erwarten.
to Cato144: A prisoner of war must be punished hard.
to Tallstrongdom: My daughter knows she can expect no help from me. It is her fate to suffer rape and abuse as prisoner of war. Actually I want it this way. It is the winner's right to take.
to qester: !Daddy,' cries your daughter when she sees your erection
to Tallstrongdom: They force me to watch how my wife an daughter gets treated as prisoner of war. I can do nothing while both get used and raped. Their tormentors laugh that I get hard watching it.
to qester: They strip you, tie you and force you to watch
to Tallstrongdom: Would love to see my wife as prisoner of war... or my daughter.
to Tini_Tina: Some, like you would be used and abused more than others, Tina
to Lebrick: Agree man!  This is so hot.  Like how they kill the bitches after they're done raping, too (@~1:53)
Only fantasies for me and therefore so horny, from 1:33
3 months ago
I love these asians prisoner of war sex. These asian girls getting raped gets Mt dick rock hard I only wish it was me doing the raping. The only negative is the blurred shots of the suckin and fuckin
4 months ago
spoils of war
4 months ago
to aztekler: Great treatment of prisoners.
to Cato144: Ein errregender Gedanke, wenn meine Frau Kriegsgefangene wäre.
fena değil
5 months ago
to Cato144: Yes, as prisoner of war I have no rights. I must be punished. Raped daily by a dozen men and whipped in front of them for their amusement. The right treatment for female prisoners of war. It has to be.
to Tini_Tina: I agree, a female prisoner of war has to expect to be bound and raped daily by 10 or 20 men and she also has to expect to be whipped out in front of all men because she didn´t suck their tails good enough with her mouth or just for their amusment.
to Tini_Tina: wär 'ne artgerechte Nutzung Deines Fickfleisches - aber der Film - scheiß Japanzensur!
to matunicorn: Yes, and you invade my pussy daily. :-)
to Tini_Tina: how about becuming my pow then ;)
i'm up for an invasion anyway
to Cato144: As prisoner of war I would expect to be treated this way. Bound and raped daily.
Although I reject the real abuse, it makes me very horny to see, as the girls get humiliated and are used by the men stark naked and as they become forced to get fucked through naked.
It makes me horny to see how the girls serve the men as sex slavegirls in the huts and get fucked by them, especially when first they are bound for better utilization.
Even hotter it is to see how these beautifull naked girls get tied at the hands and feet on the ground while their body gets spread wide, to get fucked.through.

Hopefully the girls got fucked not only in their hairy cunts but also into their asshole.
They shouldn´t be shot afterwards, but tied naked to the ground every day and get fucked after they were whipped in public naked.
All the girls are gorgeous and have great bodies and I would like to take at least one of these beauties as my slavegirl. 
7 months ago
Very horny stuff. Cum multiple times to this. Wish there was more forced stuff around.
9 months ago
super hot!! i love it!!
10 months ago