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4 months ago
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Fuck I al. Most came when she farted
4 months ago
“Are you going to put that in me?” I asked William..
“Yes you will be wearing this for the weekend…or you will wear nothing at all… understand?”
“yes” was all I could muster.
I walked to William, and whispered in his ear.
“Please… put it on me if you are going to.. my period is very heavy right now.. so get on with it or I’ll make a mess here on the floor..”
Rather than having me sit or lay on somewhere, Will moved me towards the “thing” on the floor. Will told me to lay facedown on the floor and to spread my legs.. I did as I was told.
“Tammy pick up the bottle of Vasoline Intensive Care lotion on the table and bring it over here.” Mark said.
Tammy did as she was told and I heard her walking back towards the three of us.
“Rub some of the vasoline on the cock on the Sybian, then come back here” William said.
I heard her open the bottle and squirt some on her hands and rub the rubbery cock,
“All the way Tammy.. all the way..” She squeezed some more out into her hand and rubbed it again.
Tammy then crawled over to where the guys were eyeing my vagina and the flow coming from me… This was the start of my period and it is really heavy for about a day, and today was that day. Will took a cloth and wiped my vagina so I wouldn’t have to clean it up later….
“Their you go little Lisa…” he said….
He was treating me like a little girl now….
“Tammy, push the nozzle of the bottle into Lisa and squeeze it until it flows from her.” Mark said.
I felt Tammy open me a little and insert the head of the bottle about an inch, then she pushed it again and it went in to me about 2 more inches. I had to spread my legs more to allow this to continue, and then she squeezed the bottle. I have never felt anything like that before. Tammy filled my vagina full of soft cool lubricant, and then she squeezed it again, and I could feel it running out of me.
“Oh god that has got to be messy…. “ I said,
Tammy looked between my legs at what was now a mixture of vasoline and blood slowly flowing out of me.
“I think it looks nice.. “ said Tammy.
I felt someone cover my vagina completely with their hand as I sat up. The hand belonged to Tammy… I was so embarrassed, Tammy with her hand covering my vagina, me bleeding because of my period and our toy waiting for me…Will and Mark helped me to my feet, I could feel liquid flowing down the insides of my legs…. Tammy continued to hold her hand covering my vagina so the vasoline didn’t just flow out of me… We moved towards our toy, and then Will said.
“Straddle it..”
I did as I was instructed, and now for all to see was me standing legs spread, Tammy’s hand between my legs, both vasoline and blood flowing down the insides of my legs.
Was the order given by Mark t
4 months ago
Çok güzeldi,teşekkürler
4 months ago
4 months ago
I love her big butt!!
4 months ago
4 months ago
your friend will be very lucky seeing that video :)
4 months ago