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wow hot!
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to katnuk: Thanks for this most instructive video, Umagasuki!
Daz-rite, Katnuk! I just learned that this surreal video is an artifact of the camera. This is NOT a case of a la flagrante delicto, flirtation and tease. For capturing video in low-light conditions, the camera has high sensitivity to all wavelengths of light, including some that the human eye cannot see. Consequently, the video sensors see right through those swimsuits, giving them that eerie-erotic transparency. YIKES!
!( ' 。' )!
In the aftermath of this and other breaches of modesty, new swimsuits were developed, that are opaque to all wavelengths of light. Technology triumphs!
!(。◠__◠ 。) !
Even that outrageously immodest display of vulvas and pubic pelts was quite unintentional. It seems that competitive swim suits don't have absorbent pads. Since they suit goes underwater, an absorbent pad would be pointless, absorbing more of the chlorinated pool water, than any vaginal secretions. It would become a drag... literally. It's probably either gonna be a tampon, or no protection at all. N'cest pas?
?( °__° )?
Mystery solved. Thanks for this most instructive video, Umagasuki!
to blacksouteastasian: Daz-rite, BlacksOutEastAsian! As you said in your profile, feminine asses of any size are most attractive. However, there is something sooo alluring about petite girls with a lean and muscular, athletic bod, especially when the girl has a tight and delightfully muscular derrière.
!(^ 。^)!
But whatever is goin' on at this "Mizugi" video? By western standards, the fashion show is a total fail... egregiously outré!
?( ' _ ' )?
It seems to be a girls' swim competition. No nudity, just some outrageously immodest display of nubile and muscular bodies, covered only by rather translucent swim suits. Actually, altho the girls are clothed, you can see every detail of their nubile bodies... making the sexual display far better than nude. A case of revealing, thru coyly ineffective concealment. Some puffy vulvas seem to want to tear thru the sheer fabric, and burst forth bare, beggin' for attention... mebbee cunnilingus? LOL! There's no pussy pad... The swimsuits brazenly show off dark pubic pelts... if you could have some private time with one of these babes, you probably wood taste cunt honey oozing thru the sheer suit. The swimsuits brazenly show off dark pubic pelts, navels, and tiny tits with dark nips, along with perky buns and the deep canyons that open between the bulging buns of a muscular, yet feminine derrière. (Makes me drool for doggie... that is, drooling pre-cum.)
However it is strange... that when I was a young boy, muscular female bods struck me as repulsively ugly... far too tomboyish. All we had were nudist mags in black and white. The young babes tom-boy buns struck me as ugly... a complete Yuck-oh! The girls' nubile asses looked like boys! And their shapely toned arms and legs looked just too weird.
! -(◠╭╮◠)- !
Now, I find a girl's hollow-cheeked, muscular, and hard bunned derrière to be absolutely alluring... a most delightful aspect of young female anatomy... practically an invitation to mount her in doggy. Yow-SAW!
!(* 。*)!
I wonder if other guys have experienced that change?
?( ' _ ' )?
But back at the swim-competition. Why ever that immodest swimwear? Do the Japanese just don't see that display as overtly sexual? Do they think that the sheer fabric improves athletic performance? Or do the girls enjoy showing off? part of another competition? ...for BFs? ...or the attention of an older guy, whose a good teacher?
?( ' ‿ ' )?
2 years ago
holy shit... I need that camera!!!!
2 years ago
sexy bodies, very tight!!
2 years ago