Mexican Lady gets boned by BBC

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1 month ago
"Latinos" are terrified of Whites. Fact. Not to single them out or anything; pretty much all the "brown yellow red" races of the world are terrified of Whites. And because of that fear you go after my people. Like fucking Gandhi. You know, I used to think Whites were the enemy. Got a whole blog post about it. I keep seeing comments like this all over the internet from Latinos in their opinions on my people. In reality, I've had to deal with this stuff. From cousins, aunts, "Latin" family members. It's gotten better as I've grown because "Latinos" don't see me as a pushover anymore and/or for whatever reason have stopped fucking with me when I'm with a lady. But that's not enough. It's happening to someone else. It's never going to stop until my people put you in your places forever much like the White race does to your people whenever they get on you. In a different way, naturally - I mean, we shouldn't build an Israel smack dab in the middle of another's land or drop bombs and say we're gonna build walls and shit. But my people should not have to take something as hateful as this, on a daily basis, when Whites don't even go there with us like this. Many Whites have straight up died for us. We don't admit these things. Most of my people are jealous of Whites. That's not the case here with Latinos and my people. Oh no. You're more upset I'm starting to see at the fact that we are still here. This ain't no petty jealousy. Here's your place. Your people. Have raped. Murdered. And kidnapped my people. Been doing it since you came from Spain. For 500+ years. Your people are so cold about doing this and continuing to do this that in fact they turn it around on us like you sure enough wanna do right now and convince the world that they were the ones who were raped, murdered and kidnapped. Now that's a cold literal motherfucker. Oh. But it gets better. When the time came, and it always has come much like today as my people stick up for ya right now, for you to break away from the crazier ones amongst your ilk we came running and freed you from Spain. With Miguel Hidelgo. Jose Maria Morelos. Vicente Guerrero: the father of Latin America; 2nd president of Mexico; Commander-in-Chief of the Mexican Army in the war for independence; a person "Latinos" in the U.S. have no idea existed. A MAYA-te. Great word geniuses. His father was one of mine / his mother was Indian, which more than likely means she was from India. Killed, betrayed by his VP on his way back from securing more land. The words MAYA & MAYAN are created, the newly freed Spaniards or should I say "Latinos" lose their hold on the land they're still "fighting" to get back to this day and Zorro is born. Fucking ridiculous. Like an unwanted Latina's backside, which I assure you is a sign of the times to come because when we "hookup" this time the men of my people will not be there after all this damage. Now go fucking jackoff and make more comments like these. I ain't gonna stop 'em. More Pussy For Us
3 months ago
Gimme moooree
5 months ago
Whatever, people... I liked how girlfriend didn't know whether to shit or go blind -- was it hurting, was she getting into it, is that her squealing? --- lol.
9 months ago
A waste of time? Really?
Then why did you respond? You fucking moron! LOL.
Oh, what?
What I said hit a nerve?
Did your eyes get wet and start twitching because you got a little dose of reality?
You started sweating or what? : )
Maaan shut your dumb ass up!
What do you mean a "Real Black Man" doesn't have to brag?
That's what most of you fools do! LOL!!
Some of you motherfucker's spend ALL your time on the net criticizing porn stars because they haven't shot interracial scene's, some of you spend ALL your time creating all these Picture Fakes, talking about his wife this, his wife that, "bbc'' this "bbc" that.
Oh, you're telling me you motherfucker's don't brag? LMFAO!
You don't see Latino's and White's doing silly shit like that.
And hey, some of us are packing some serious Meat but we're not over here bragging about how Black Women LOVE creeping with us, and believe me they do.
We're not over here drawing pictures and proclaiming that they ALL want that BIG Brown or White Dick. LOL.
Look man, I'm gonna tell you like this here, just so there won't be any confusion,
I have nothing against Black People.
Hell, I LOVE interracial Porn too, but I LOVE it because of THE CONTRAST, and how That Contrast makes THE WOMAN and her Beautiful Body Parts (Ass & Titties) stand out even more, it's almost 3D sometimes, I LOVE it! Especially when the Ass is on top riding.
And when it comes to what I don't like, I do dislike that cocky, niggerish quality to some of you, because we ALL know how quick, those that do ALL that talking, are to whine and quit when shit get's tough.
So that comment you made about:
"because little peckered MF's like you already do enough talking for us all in secure and shit lmao"
Nah man, you're mistaken. I'm not one of those weak worshiper's some of you have on here.
I'm actually one those overly confident, determined, crazy motherfucker's that ignorant fools like you, DO NOT want to run into. I'll just put it to you like that...
and your Homeboys wouldn't be doing shit! and neither would you..
and I'll tell you something else about me, I call it like I see it, I give credit were credit is due, and I point out fools when I see them...
9 months ago
LMAO Speaking of delusional; reading your whole rant (what a waste of time) you sound like a good ol southern white boy. Which I think is hilarious especially if you believe half of the shit your talking. A real black man never has to brag about his dick size, because little peckered MF's like you already do enough talking for us, all in secure and shit lmao. One more thing you punk ass net thug....Lets say you are Mexican (all of my Mexican friends would be beating your ass right now if you lived out here). You think that even with all black people gone "ol whitey is going to love you RLMBAO. Your next you idiot. So stop all the racial bigotry and sit back and enjoy some IR porn you stupid fuck.
10 months ago
I wanna fuck her next, lol
1 year ago
Love it
1 year ago
You can find my Facebook page , it's called Cornudos Monterrey
1 year ago
You should come :P
1 year ago
I wanna go to Monterrey.
1 year ago
Here in Monterrey a lot of women want to fuck a black guy , but bad luck for us because a black dick is very hard to find here
2 years ago
She's the best. Nice vocals on her.
2 years ago
You can't say all Mexican women don't like black guys because I know plenty that do and besides you haven't talked to every Mexican woman in the world.
2 years ago
Stop fighting on the Internet. Makes you look stupid.
2 years ago
why all you mexicans that your women take black dick lmao
3 years ago
hay you stupid IDIOT @cdub153340 tell that to this fat as my forearm 8.5 Inches fat COCK, so I´m more than sure I can make scream in pain and pleasure to any white slutty relative of yours...¡¡ Jajajajaja...
So you´re very right @Strobelighter that MEXICAN it´s a total rejected PIG.Talking to she's a REAL slut, has more than 4 kids, is fat, or a reject (meaning latino's aren't into her).
3 years ago
great vid
3 years ago
4 years ago
Very nice... She screams more when he takes it out than when he puts it to her lol
4 years ago
good shit!
4 years ago
Strob, you need help brother--at the end of the day hatred is a sickness that needs attention. Consider this, here you are spouting all your hatred, and when we all die we turn back to DIRT!!!! Your vitriol is pitiful!! I say fuck whoever you want and get on with living life!!
4 years ago
My nig taking that breath away. Kudos!
4 years ago
Mexican females love big fat black cocks
5 years ago
@ Intma21,
Oh really you think I'm wrong?
You're just another ignorant delusional nigger that thinks the world is his.
What I posted is the truth.
And another thing, you black motherfuckers need to stop acting like your the only men that have big dicks.
LoL give me a break! That's like saying ONLY black females have BIG Booties.
If some Latina and White women like black men well then that just means they're attracted to black men for some reason you mf'ers started talking all that dick shit.
See the thing is we don't brag about what we got like most of you do. And I'll tell you something else I have a pretty BIG dick myself but not that it's any of your business since I'm not trying to break you off faggot.
And the "Mexican" broads you said flock to you where you live ask them how many kids they have? Ask them how many different baby daddies they have? What kind of medication are they on? I wonder how much they weigh and how they speak? If they're as ignorant as you and when they speak if they sound like you, then Sir by all means take those tramps out of our hands.
Like I said you get the bottom of the barrel..
5 years ago
Reality is bbc rules, the average pussy is much deeper than what most men pack and the brothers in general carry the right tool. I do love to see a black man giving to women of all other races, they do the job right and to completion. Women who says otherwise on this site is because they really want a deep hard pussy pounding from a brother.
5 years ago
Good Shit !!!

Strobelighter :This is the 1st time I heard Mexican Women don't like Black Guys . Where I'm from they Flock to Black guys cause we can put it down !!! You ever think they just don't like your stupid ass (You and your fuckin' dumb ass theories) ??
5 years ago
I doubt this chick is Mexican. Mexican women don't like black guys. If you ever see a Mexican chick with a black guy that means there is something wrong with her, seriously. Either she's a REAL slut, has more than 4 kids, is fat, or a reject (meaning latino's aren't into her) or all of thee above.
5 years ago
this was very good well done ! :DD

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