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Me and my wife anal testingn

7 months ago
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to Th12345: I love it too! Thanks!
i love !!
1 month ago
to johnkoo: She is tight ass!
she is an angel
1 month ago
Lovely arse ;)
2 months ago
that is so sexy nice cock lovely cunt
5 months ago
very hot hot . i do that with my wife too
6 months ago
to hm06: Yes she did. Thank you.
to Touluose: Will do, thank you!
to spicy70: Will do next time. Thanks!
to charon012: Will do. Thanks
to fbatata: Its our first time and it felt great for both of us, that is important so I get to do it perhaps again and maybe get better, get deeper and last longer and take the dick slower. Thanks
to PeppoPa: Its our first time, so I will learn! Thanks
to v8blaster: She is tight, virgin ass, but I am here to work that better, deeper and longer!
to fearuisce: Very tight. I have to admit it was very hard and not easy to last long in that tight hole. I guess with some more exercise will get better!
to courgete: I guess. I need more of that!
to martyo: It felt excellent, but also so tight and very hard to carry on for a long time. Virgin ass.