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Lisa B in Santa Rosa

8 days ago

50 something bbw milf. Fucked her so good, came on her face.

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bel culo
1 day ago
to juicydeez: I got a sexy polish girl for you she lives in oakland tho
to konomasa: We can trade hoes...who u have
to konomasa: If u do make a vid with this pm me lol
to juicydeez: That's what's up send me her info I'll even make a vid for you
to konomasa: She good. Tight pussy sucks a good dick too. Deep throat me and had tears comin out. I dont mind sharing her. She aint mine lmao
Man send her my way I want some of that too pm me 
7 days ago
to helloImWayden: Thanks man. Her pussy was good.
8 days ago