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Les Porte-Jarretelles de la Revolution

4 years ago
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to motorarz: Thank you for posting this.  Such a hot video and love the French Revolution.  Do you have more videos or photos of the French Revolution? 
to sansleeder: Thanks for your comment.
to motorarz: Thank you for posting this as I love this movie.  Sad though the aristo lady gets the chop at 1:27 :(
to pinacsen: Thanks for your comment.
oh, this is great :-)
1 month ago
to Surrey83: Curious if you find the Revolutionary or aristo women hotter? I would have tried to save the aristo lady with the white wig from the guillotine. She is very pretty.
I have recently been exposed to the French revolution by a friend and found this video really really hot!!
2 months ago
amazing !!!! hot !!!!! beautiful women taking big thick uncut cocks in their pussies and asses.
my cunt drips over these european pornos.
3 months ago
This one must have costed millions! I wonder how they broke even...
5 months ago
would one have sex with the revs or the aristos? Hot film
7 months ago
Wish I was a tranny in that era, but maybe my cock was cut off with the guillotine (aughh)
1 year ago
to sansleeder: Porte-jarretelles de la Revolution (1989)

Also Known As
- Die Französische Revolution (Magma)
- Les Porte-Jarretelles de la Révolution

Scene 1. Melodie Kiss, guy, Pascal Solino
Scene 2. Penelope Valentin, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 3. Gila, Melina Padova, Sabrina Darmon, Alain L'Yle, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 4. Sabrina Darmon, Philippe Soine
Scene 5. Sabrina Darmon, Alain L'Yle
Scene 6. Sabrina Darmon, Philippe Soine
Scene 7. Melina Padova, Alain L'Yle, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 8. Laura Valerie, Philippe Soine
Scene 9. Sabrina Darmon, Philippe Soine
Scene 10. Penelope Valentin, Eric Weiss
Scene 11. Gila, Sabrina Darmon, Alain L'Yle, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 12. Gila, Sabrina Darmon, Jean-Pierre Armand, Philippe Soine
Scene 13. Gila, Laura Valerie, Sabrina Darmon, Philippe Soine
1 year ago
to kamelitos: I would wanted to save those aristo ladies from the guillotine. They are way too beautiful and sexy to send to the Madame.
to reddick: no there is a guillotine. Two lovely ladies lose their heads at about 1:25 or so in the movie. Sad and not sure why they would want to guillotine the two lovely ladies.
to kamelitos: I love this film but can't understand the language they are speaking. I am curious though on why the two beautiful ladies were guillotined. I felt bad for the two ladies. So beautiful and how I wish I would have saved them.
Vive la France
3 years ago
love agood costume drama!
3 years ago
Excellent french Movie :)

I like the style ...
4 years ago
Les Porte-Jarretelles de la Révolution (1989)
Alternate Titles
...aka... Les Petites culottes de la Révolution (soft version) ...aka... 1789 - Les Sans-Culottes (same film?) ...aka... Die Französische Revolution - Ein Lasterhaftes Vergnügen (Magma 88147 / Exlusive (VHS)) ...aka... The French Revolution - Depraved Pleasures (Magma, English title) ...aka... Les Jupons de la révolution (soft version)
Released: 1989

Pierre B. Reinhard

Laura Valérie ... Marianne (as Laura Valéry)
Mélina Padova ... Corinne (as Melina Padovani in some versions)
Melody Kiss ... Eve (as Jenny Karsloff or Tina Dubois)
Pénélope Valentin ... Charlotte (as Pénélope Lamour)
Sabrina Darmon .... Agnès
XNK5102 as Jenny Karsloff or Tina Dubois, plays Marienette?
4 years ago
what no Guillotine................sweet
4 years ago
Magnifique! we like this one
saved to favourites :-)
4 years ago
4 years ago
very nice...
4 years ago
4 years ago