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Les Petites Voraces (1983)

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Great !!
3 months ago
to newtarak: Petits trous voraces pour sodomies sauvages

Released: 1983/6
Director: Robert Renzulli as Bob W. Sanders
Notes: 80 mins. Hard version released 1986, soft version 1983.
Alternate Titles

L'Auberge des voluptés TV
On prend la pilule et on s'éclate soft version
Les Petites voraces Alpha France re-release title (download), 70 mins.
Porno Familiar Portugal


Brigitte Nadiegda as Nadège Nadiegda, plays Suzy Magnan
Carole Pierac as Fabienne Krystalle, plays Patricia, the switchboard operator
Christine Chavert as Christine Francis, non-sex, plays Divina, the maid
Laura Clair as Linda Parker, plays Martine
Marie-Christine Chireix as Christine Glenne, plays Choute, Hubert's mistress


Males -

Jacques Marbeuf, as Victor Vallet, plays Hubert Magnan
Jacky Arnal, as Jacky Jack, plays Éric Magnan
Richard Leblond, non-sex, plays Oscar, the hotelier - apparently he is British as he swears in English
John Oury plays Michel Planchot
Hubert Noblet, as Hubert Ceylan, non-sex, plays M. Dugoisson

great video
3 months ago