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kourtney photo shoot!

Published by jojo28772
1 year ago
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This is amazing and Kourtney is so beautiful.
1 year ago
to jojo28772: No I don't understand you or your broken English. Actually, I have many galleries uploaded, and they are harder to put together qnd upliad, but that is beside the point. Furthermore, whether I have "uploads" or not is irrelevant. I am a member here and XHamster provides the privilege to comment and review. And I wouldn't brag about uploads, if I were you, since you have most if them locked. Yet you want ti criticise others for putting passwords on their videos? Fucking hypocrite.
to InterracialFreak: .....and if i were u, stop your stupid comments because you have nothing uploaded... understand what i mean? ah ok.... have fun!!
to InterracialFreak: dont be crazy man.. i should think you have a psychologic problem with kardashian men!!! what s wrong with u???? more than 4000 guy looked the vid men!! let them their pleasure and take a therapy against kardashians family!! lol ! whenever your comments are funny!!
to jojo28772: I see it's still public. Set a lock on this for only you and your friends.
to InterracialFreak: you re right ... fuck the kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!! she s good for it!! lol
Fuck the Kardashians. Do us a favor and make this For Friends Only, like you've done with some of your other bullshit.
1 year ago