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JDT310: American VS Lebanese

4 months ago
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to zbwr3: Are you going to present yourself on the bridge ... young pirate
to zbwr3: I understand young pirate but the gendarmes of the DMCA watch our piracy
What’s her name?
2 days ago
@jhonnydeepthroat04 add me plz
5 days ago
to zbwr3: comiiinnngg sssooonnn
to zbwr3: More videos of her
to st_john_green: I hestity initially to put it in EXCLUSIVIT2 that for our crew but in the end, my dear loyal sailor Lynx, I decided to share it around the world
Aye yes capt'n ye shares a rare hidden treasure to ye loyal crew. Me has not seen this treasure completely before and I thank ye for such class and generosity. Always raising morals and educating our loyal crew much appreciated.
2 months ago
to harveysprectre: What zeus bless you young sailor
to Jhonnydeepthroat04: Captain please add me , i have nothing to offer but , i am a huge fan of your videos , i wanna watch the locked JDT specials please
pm me for the full name
4 months ago
to verdande: The real the only Capt'n reigns on the top of the downloads
to SchalkerHurensohn: The captain's mastery of reviving lost treasures
to xoc11: .. No premature ejaculation among pirates my young pirate
to xoc11: The captain always provides long versions ..
to joe_metalhead: It has revived our memories and our pirate appetite
to mcjakecloud: Explain Me sailor jack, how come you are missing on my boat?