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Jav Amateur Mimi Baby Face Teen Short Hair Fucked Hard

11 months ago
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Love it
6 months ago
9 months ago
She’s so lovely
9 months ago
10 months ago
she's a real cutie!
10 months ago
Thanks for this remarkably erotic upload, Eta1Webtw. Love to watch this baby-faced babe enjoy herself, in a romantic atmosphere of quiet bliss. Love the dramatic but quiet way he mounts her at 1:45. At first she hardly reacts to that cock plowing in and out'a her cunt, but slowly warms up... and up... and up!
......! (。◠__◠ 。) !......
Do you ever make videos of your pixie girls, with unshaven bodies? ...showing off their silky fine body hair on arms and legs, and in their moist and fragrant underarms?
......? ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) ?......
That would be a splendid sight, especially for this girl, IMHO... to have her show off her body hair.
.....! (⌾ _ ⌾) !.....
Hey Guys!!!! Don'cha love to admire short hairstyles on pixie girls, who have barely there pubic hair... all wispy and sparse, in a cute (and erotically suggestive) V pattern? (pointing down, at her clit and cunt) Yow-ZAW!
......! ( ͡° 。 ͡° ) !......
And when the girl tosses her head, in the throes of sexual bliss, her cute hairstyle swirls around her head in the most becoming manner. Yum-MOH!
╭☞ !( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)!╭☞
This particular girl's sexual response is a refreshing change... She's rather quiet, but you can still tell she is enjoying herself, from her bodily reactions and her soft coos, sighs, and cries of pleasure... and towards the end, deep and ragged breathing... gasping, struggling to keep up with the aerobic demands of an orgasmic plateau of protracted pleasure.
╭☞ !( ͡ ͡°__ ͡ ͡°)!╭☞
And don'cha enjoy watching her bod, when she reaches her arms up over her head and grips the pillow, like she's afraid she might float away? ...then drifts off into groggy bliss, with eyes closed... then later suddenly opens her eyes and gives the camera a startled look... as if to say, "How did that get there?"
.... ? (°╭‿╮°) ? ....
As she stretches her arms up, overhead, I can practically smell the musky sweet scent of her underarms... and love to see her flex her biceps and triceps, showin' off her physical fitness for mating. (as Professor Desmond Morris termed it)
.....! [ °__° ] !..... Wow-ZAW!
11 months ago