Japanese Teacher Presents Sex Ed - Lesson 4

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Teacher leads girls in all Nude Graduation Celebration. Extra credit is given for hard fucking, fisting and squirting orgasms. Teacher and prize student take special recognition prize at the end.

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1 year ago
Yes, indeed, Hornyguy4Girls! My guess is that the extra excitement of the classroom orgy has gotten teacher so aroused, she's climbed up onto a plateau of multiple orgasms. If her stud wood last long enuf, she probably wood not stop cumin' until she fainted, her body spent with physical exhaustion. (But her limitless lust only temporarily quenched...LOL!) And... teacher probably gets an extra kick from being watched by the school-girls... and that stud must have the right sized cock, to rock her G-spot. Plus... even more Japanese-kinky-erotic, as his cock pumps her cunt into a cock-drunk frenzy, he starts drooling saliva into her mouth. And she's lappin' up that spit, waggin' her tongue, beggin' for more, in some kind of kinky ritual that proclaims she want's to take all of this bodily fluids inside her... or mebbee is she trying to tell him that she wood rather take his semen into her mouth? ...which she does. What do you guys think?
?(^ 。^)?
And then, YIKES! Teacher shares that mouthful of cream with the school-girls, kissing and lapping, in mouth to mouth, lesbian embraces.
......!(* 。*)!........
And at 19:30, it's also smokin' hot with voyeur school-girls watchin' a class-mate (LOL!) enjoy a protracted female climax, with body tremors, squirming and thrashing her arms... in orgiastic frenzy. Yow-SAW!
!(。◠__◠ 。) !
And at 35minutes, can anyone translate what the other teacher is screaming? ...in another orgiastic frenzy, cock-drunk and cummin'! Or is she shouting instructions to the school-girls?
?( °__° )?
Thanks again, Clara Bow, for this legendary scene of wanton lust. In addition to the scandalous display of female licentiousness, there's a fascinating array of body shapes and sizes, from chunky-think, buxom broad, to pixie-petite, pencil-thin.
1 year ago
It's like heaven
2 years ago
Yaz-zoo, MrHearts! Moi aussi!
2 years ago
Can anyone chime in on whether the Japanese censor out genitals because they think the genitals horribly ugly? …or, do the Japanese find the sight of genitals so sexually thrilling and arousing that they are afraid that some mental case might get so excited by a video, that he might commit a string of sex crimes? Is that the case?
~ · {:-q
I cannot get a straight answer from any Japanese… they are reluctant to talk about this.
··· {:-(
After all, in Deutschland, dose ARE called "Schamgegend"
2 years ago
Yes indeed, Virgin…I 2 lust fer dat bespectacled cutie! Especialy at 30min,when she works so furiously ona teacher's tired cock,to get'im hard enuf to impale her tight pussy'pon his flaccid,fleshy dagger…&gets the glans in…&slowly descends,&when'er cunt lips hit the hilt,her whole body gives a spectac'lar spasm…of relief…&possibly ecstasy! Yow-SAH! &Da fistin'was fine!
2 years ago
most westerners just ogle the women anyway but it is understanding the government you require to comprehend censoring of the genitals. this law was passed after a series of young girls were murdered by guys who blamed videos and games all of which are now required to block our pixilate certain areas if they are produced for use in Japan.

I married an English girl and I know that there are many things disagreeable about your own government. We all have problems with our leaders that go beyond covering dicks and cunts - real cunts not those in government
3 years ago
I need to learn Japanese Asap!
3 years ago
Very Sweet sexy Cute girls..Like to be a luck guy there.Very good ones...Thanks.
3 years ago
Nice vid
3 years ago
hahaha that teacher shouting at 33 mins like she hadn't been fucked in years.
4 years ago
Yes genitals are considered a kind of taboo so are censored for domestic release. The Japanese are inventive and love the variety of circumstances.
4 years ago
arigatou gozaimasu
5 years ago
It is the highest!
It is a man's dreamlike fuck!!
5 years ago
Nice one
5 years ago
Beautiful, Japanese sex-dolls ruined for me by the pixelation. I really don't understand the Japanese mentality and I don't expect I ever will - I suppose it is true that "East is East and West is West ...."
5 years ago
I want to volunteer as Sex Ed teacher in this school!
5 years ago
Amazing bunch of school girls, so hot and horny!
Great post!
6 years ago
I'm with you on that Spermatoid....that girl with the glasses on is HOT.....I shot my load when I saw one of the others fisting her"""
6 years ago
6 years ago
BEST !!!
6 years ago
6 years ago
mmm best class ever
6 years ago
What a grand teacher, he should be awarded with there highest honnor, for being such a fine teacher. We should have teacher's of this caliber, in all American school's. O, yea!, I think we do, already, I been hearing of all these teacher's, having sex with there students, here lately. You would think, that this country, would be a little more open minded, about thing's like that...
6 years ago
..all that these little Japanese bitches need are some hard European cocks
6 years ago
And I want to fuck the girl with the glasses - she's just too hot!
7 years ago
Probably the most intense Japanese fuck flick i've ever seen, some great action, and the girls are adorable! Loved the casial lesbianism, the enthuseastic snowballing, but I just couldn;t get past the sounds they were making! I kept laughing!!

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