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Japanese Bathhouse (hidden cam)

3 months ago
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4:11 Fuck Me Oh Dear. Japanese public bath house video turns me on like nobodies business. I would sidle up to a lil beauty like this "in 2 shakes of a lambs tail." The Japanese people are an ancient race. Their civilization goes back over 3 thousand years. Their women are phenomenal in all ways domestic. I LOVE how they squeak when taking an Enema or having 5 or 6 men working on all of their bits. Fuckin A 1st video I ever saw of a massive group sex film it was ALL Japanese participating. All in birthday suits. It's not unusual for them to exercise in groups nude. When's the next Greyhound to Japan? I wanna window seat!!
2 days ago
Very nice! Thanks!
2 months ago
Always something hot seeing a Western chick making a guest appearance in a Japanese voyeur video. Odd that the cameraperson always picks them out like they have scored the ultimate win, but Japanese voyeurs in general only watch Japanese voyeur videos.
3 months ago