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hanging 1.8 lbs bottle from balls

3 years ago

hanging 1.8 lbs bottle filled with water from balls and giving squats do comment on it its the first time i tried that

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to saracuda: yes...hope u liked this crazy video of mine
You got strong balls! I have sissy balls and don't think I could handled that :o
7 months ago
to fetish-tya: hmm....i am ur slave
ho yes verrry good
12 months ago
to ssspspb: next time i will go for more weights
you call that ball stretching, baby balls could handle that wimpy weight - let me know when you grow a pair of real balls that need to be tied up, stretched and tortured for your mistresses entertainment
1 year ago
to latexbelle: yes a little bit
but it was much much fun
Looks painfull
2 years ago
to Queen_Pin: wow......if u really like that then sure
i wud love to piss in that bottle and fill it as much as i can...and have you drink it queen
it wud be my greatest honour to see you drink my body fluid queen
to DinaSpice: thanks thanks and thanks miss dina....:)
great to know that mistress dina u believe in my submissive talents.
i will try to put on more weights next time i promise you
Wow ...wow and wow ...perfect i knew that you are the best in many ways possible ...you do more better !!! congratilions :)
2 years ago
mmmmWISH you would piss in that bottle and let me take a fukin drink mmmmHOT
2 years ago
to shelly-sins: OK mistress I will bring water,juice,cocktails,beers n alcohols in exactly the same way as this.
I wud love to be naked for u n get humiliated by you in such manner mistress shelly
thats how I would have you bring Me all My drinks pet :)
2 years ago
to GlowSensual: ha ha....may be if the circus people pays me good.....u think this video is funny rite!
think that you could work in a circus!LOL!
2 years ago
to trinityvixxxen: and i will worship every inch of ur body miss trinity
to trinityvixxxen: yes misstress.....i will be ready to feast on your superiorty whatever u will offer may it be squirt,nector or shit....
i am a slut and needs enlightenment from holy trinity
so in next video i will put more weights than before and i will cum for you miss trinity
to mistresspet26: I demand it. I want you to associate your pain with the apprpriate worship of my superior white Trinity. My mouth cunt and ass. You will test your pain limits in prayer to my golden nectar and deliscious shit in the hopes that one day I will generously let you feast of my superiority. Only then will you have my goodness in your body and can achieve enlightenment of the Holy Trinity.
to trinityvixxxen: yes mistress....i am ur pathetic shit slut.....if u want next time i can make a video where i put more weights on my balls and at end i cum for you.
wud u like that mistress trinity?
to mistresspet26: Then I want you to tear your balls till you cum hard for ME you fucken pice of pathetic shit!
to trinityvixxxen: miss trinity....i actually enjoy little pain within my limits....thats why i enjoyed the weights here attached to my balls.
this like this can make me cum
Do you enjoy pain? Or the weight? What makes you cum?
2 years ago
to viennaplumplove: thank you miss vienna for ur lovely comments
its the first time so i only carried about 1.8 lbs...i will go for more in future gradually
to vixen7val: Thank you mistress for watching
Yes I will try to increase the weights slowly from time to time.hopefully I will succeed
i like it. ive seen dudes hang weights from their balls. go more and more weight as time goes on. very nice.
3 years ago
to mingin01: ok miss....thank you for ur concern
i will remember that
You naughty slut, have fun but be careful. :) :)
3 years ago
to MistressBStilll: thank you miss for watching this...hope its worth the time taken to watch it