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Granny's Solo Session Turns Into An MMFF Foursome

9 months ago
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Ebolya one of my favs.
1 month ago
2 months ago
to yammerhant: Yes, indeed Yammer !!! At 33minutes, the orgiastic sex bursts into flame, a la flagrante delicto! I be hypnotized! ...and drooling. Pre-cum, that is.
.....! (⌾ _ ⌾) !.....
I Love to watch others... watch others... to see their reactions... that look of longing... and lust, on their faces. Is that a kind of hyper-voyeurism? N'cest pas?
╭☞ ?( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)?╭☞
to yammerhant: Thanks, Yammerhant, for this and other uploads of smokin' hawt, "ordinary" moms... MILFs and GILFs... makin' the most sublimely erotic cries of pleasure, while gettin' plowed, in cock-in-cunt copulation.
...... ! (。◠__◠ 。) ! ......
I just love to watch a middle-aged MILF, get some... relief from her nagging cock-hunger!
.....! (⌾ ‿ ⌾) !.....
In this vid, love to admire granny's tan-lines. She modestly wears a one-piece bathing suit, leaving her torso snow-white. Dunno why that is so appealing. Perhaps it shows that granny is very reserved and modest... until she gets to take a girl's afternoon out. LOL!
......! ( ͡° 。 ͡° ) !......
And I love to listen to these two GILFs make their most appealing coos, sighs, and cries of pleasure. Yum-moh! In a four-some MFFM, the chorus of cries is so thrilling to hear!
......! ( ͡° ͜ ͡° ) !......
Anyone else hear that? Or is that just my kinky fetish? ...acousticophilia?
...... ? (° __ °) ? .....
This reminds me of years ago when I went down to South Philly for the weekend, my older bestie was there waiting for me as usual but this time, brought her longtime older girlfriend/now wife to play with us for the weekend and it looked VERY much like this, no question! Either my bestie was sucking and fucking me and her girlfriend was masturbating to us or her girlfriend was sucking and fucking me while my bestie watched! It was such a fucking turn on! They drained me of all the cum I had in me, it was THAT good!  I've never had better since :-(
7 months ago
einmal mit Ibolya richtig geilen Sex praktizieren
8 months ago
to Ibjorker: There's so much to enjoy in this video.  One of my favourite images is around the 33 minute mark, where the single guy is being sucked off by one granny, while watching the other one fuck herself, close up. Mmmmmm...
I'd eat and fuck these two grannies so good!
8 months ago
I've alway loved seeing Ibolya!
8 months ago
I've always liked watching the granny with short dark hair. She had the sexiest shapely and toned thick legs of any older woman. Excellent post and faved.!
9 months ago