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Female Stud Service (1972) (USA) (eng)- xMackDaddy69

Published by xMackDaddy
2 months ago

Marc Brock, -"Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Dickson get serviced by bellhops at the Muscleman Hotel."

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1 month ago
User Reviews
Dull as dishwater

Beyond routine, FEMALE STUD SERVICE is mediocre porn with a capital M. It has nothing to offer, merely mechanical sex.

Opening with incongruous polka music, which returns from time to time, film concerns women who go to a hotel which has a staff of bellboys who double as gigolos (or male prostitutes, take your pick of terms). Only cast member who's recognizable is Marc Brock, a usually more entertaining and loquacious performer than he is here - he always reminds me of Eric Bogosian.

Other than humping, nothing else happens in this feature consisting of four sex scenes and not that far removed form the gonzo product of today. There is cross-cutting between the individual couplings but I waited in vain for something interesting or out of the ordinary to occur. The women are not very attractive, and other than Something Weird's random policy of reissuing these oldies there would be no reason for this ephemeral exercise to linger on four decades later.

Story reveals the guys' pay-scale - it cost a lady $50 a pop to sleep with one. I suspect each actor like Brock got $50 for acting in this turkey, the women probably a little bit more.
2 months ago