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11 months ago
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verdammt heiss, 5 Sterne
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Thank you!!
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Decent Hardcore Film
Michael_Elliott19 August 2016
Devil's Due (1973)

7 months ago
Ambitious supernatural porn almost succeeds
lor_29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With its interesting storyline and (at least on paper) big-name cast, DEVIL'S DUE had plenty of potential but hit or miss director Ernest Danna struck out again.

Familiar but workable premise as Cindy (attractive Cindy West) is a valedictorian student slipped a mickey by her dean. He promotes sex education, quotes Andrew Marlowe and then rapes cute Cindy on his office couch. Afterward he threatens her, and Cindy vows revenge.

Discussing Dean Carlson with her friend Bobbi, Cindy discovers he drugged and deflowered Bobbi 3 years ago too. Cindy plans to designate her old boy friend Willy Joe as the father of her rape-induced baby.

To keep the porn ball rolling there's plenty of extraneous action - Cindy humps Willy Joe in a bike shop, and Bobbi humps Cindy's dad. Willy Joe is unsympathetic and won't own up to the pregnancy, and by now Cindy is no longer able to speak.

She rents an apartment from Andrea True and her roommate Darby Lloyd Rains. Andrea tells her she works for Kampala, head of a devil-worshiping cult, just what Cindy wanted to hear. (She communicates with her roomies by writing everything down in short notes.

Kampala hams it up at a cult meeting where Cindy is to be initiated into the group. 18-year-old Cindy is laid down on an altar and then laid on the altar in a 3-some with True, after kissing a dildo known as the "cock of Satan". The superstars playing cult members have no dialog, just assigned bit parts.

Cindy's convinced the cult is a fake and that Kampala is just another bad man like the dean. She has a brief lesbian 3-wqy with her roommates, and then she plans to kill Kampala and take over his cult. This time during the ritual Cindy kills Kampala via poisoned oils on her beautiful breasts that he absorbs. Afterward Cindy speaks (finally), announcing the cult's new leadership, while asking for Satan's "divine" guidance (he is a fallen Angel after all).

The followers have an orgy, resulting in a Jamie Gillis sloppy facial for True. Film's coda is interesting but n.s.g.: Cindy voices over to her daddy announcing a party she's having in NYC and he's invited - implying she's beginning a new revenge quest. "The end or the beginning" is the corny end title on screen.

Film's extant versions are on ABA severely cut and Something Weird, also missing some footage but fairly intact. The lesbian 3-some of roommates is 5 minutes longer via SWV, and the cult orgy also runs much longer with stars like Tina Russell achieving more screen time.

Key difference is in the ending, as Cindy on the phone asks Dad to bring Willy Joe and Dean Carlslon to her party, an altogether different implication.

A bigger budget and more care could have made DEVIL'S DUE a contender.
7 months ago
great! love porn from the 70's. opening scene I thought I was at a funeral with that organ music lol
11 months ago
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