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Cum swallow amateurs

6 years ago
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lovely :D
1 month ago
Dont mind jacking my cum in them but they always have to suck out whats in the shaft.
1 month ago
Waaaw very hot
1 month ago
i would be ready to swallow every drop of each load. so tasty
3 months ago
VERY hot vids! I LOVE seeing bitches swallowing a nice load(s). You cum huge too. Wow! Hot!
5 months ago
to redfun: Sounds good. Sign a model release and we can make that happen. :) 
to mix55master: Unfortunately, these scenes don't get shot for free and posting them here makes me no money. But I appreciate your constructive criticism. :)
to jsiegel86: I do. :) Great, great, great girl. Still friends with her on Facebook, to this day. :) Beautiful, smart woman with an amazing body. 
to hogger1776: I have good volume but not good thickness. Peter North is a legend. I'm just a horny old pervert with a camera. 
to FellowTraveller: That's one of the reasons I started shooting porn. I LOVE watching girls swallow my cum. Getting my cum swallowed one relationship at a time was not enough for me so I decided to give porn a try. :) 
to dexterdexter: No, sir. I never once faked a cumshot. Well, that's not true. I faked a creampie once. I used corn syrup and powdered sugar to make the cum and used a medicine dispenser to shoot it into her pussy to fake the creampie. She came back and shot another scene for me several months later and said, "I hope we're not doing that fake cum thing again. I STILL have a sticky spot on my driver's seat from where that stuff was oozing out of me after our last shoot." :) 
to nasedo: I would try to not cum for at least the day before the shoot. That's it. I've always had a large volume of cum. Wish it was thicker but whatever, ya can't have everything. 
to Marissa1: It's done that way on purpose for videos. If you don't do it that way, guys think you're faking the cumshot. In my personal life, I would never do that. Just for the movies. :) 
to vijayabahu: A lot of that is true. Once you've fucked 100 girls in a couple of years, the allure wears off. So, unless she's just SMOKIN' hot, you're almost not even excited about the shoot. It's just a job at that point. As you shoot more and more girls, it gets harder and harder to keep it rock hard every time.  Even if I don't think I'm going to need one, I'll still take half of one just as an insurance policy so I know I won't have any issues. 
to interleave99: I'm sorry that the porn you get for free causes you to complain about it on the internet. 
to jdf3246: My personal favorites, based on looks and overall personality while shooting them, are, in no particular order, 00:01, 2:59, 3:32, 4:30, 6:04 and 6:59. 
to interleave99: Then no one believes I actually came and they complain about that. Ya can't please everyone all the time. :/ 
to danglinglover: There are several facial compilations from BA scenes all over the internet. Google is your friend, my friend. 
to freakylover63: If you're a woman(born that way) and not ugly, message me and I'll do what I can to help you out. :) Actually, you can be ugly. I'm not picky. :) 
to zabackrakac: Depends. Typically between 600 and 800 for the shoot. I'd have them in and out in about 2.5 hours. 
to davey2387: Great girl. Beautiful long hair. Eager to please me. 
to Jimmyjohnson91: Yeah, she wasn't into swallowing but I was nice to her so she agreed to swallow the whole load for me. Nice girl. 
to Stvuthoo5: Click on another video? 
I don't want to see the same cum shots over and over again 
7 months ago
Some call them mouthfulls of cum. Then the one at 1:24 puts them all to shame because it actually is. And she eats it like a champ.
8 months ago
9 months ago
Love the girl @1:42. She is so nasty. Her tongue
9 months ago
Молодец мужик :) и выебал, и напоил спермой!
10 months ago
Remplissage  d'estomacs LOVE 
11 months ago