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Chattes En Chaleur (2K) - 1979

3 months ago
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Nice porn. Great riding scene at 33:00
3 months ago
to painter12: Chattes en chaleur

Released: 1979
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes: FFCM and Shangrila Productions / Alpha France, shot in 1978, 82 mins.

Alternate Titles

Confessions féminines
La Deuxième femme
Esclave et maîtresse video title, Zoom 24, Alpha Vidéo
Morbosità erotico sensuale Italy
Servantes sans culotte DVD available Blue One DVD, 66 mins., with Bourgeoises en chaleur and Croisière pour couples échangistes


Alexandra Sand plays Lorianne (by the sound), successful candidate for second wife
Claude Janna as Rachel, plays Nincia, Bernard's wife, the 'first wife'
Danièle Troeger as Danielle Sue, plays Sylvie, Bernard's mistress who becomes the third wife
Ellen Sun plays Ty Lan, candidate for 'second wife'
Mika Barthel uncredited (as Mika Bartel on the DVD), plays Van, the (mostly) mute servant
Nicia plays Li, candidate for 'second wife' and Nincia's friend / lesbian lover (scene not in DVD version)

Males -

Joël Charvier, as Jean-Joël Charrier, plays Bernard
Guy Royer plays Bernard's friend, Hervé

Really excellent - five stars !!!
3 months ago
Excellent vintage French. Thanks!
3 months ago
The brothel scenes are great, don't have many big names on it but its a great porn, worth it to watch
3 months ago