Candy Vintage Interracial

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Published by GhostNavigator
11 months ago
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A little or a lot left out in that we do not get to see him blow his load in that beautiful ladies sweet black dick fucked pussy. That is the score that really counts!
1 day ago
I've had very similar sexual experiences with the black men I've had sex with as she did in this video it's so realistic to what I've experienced when I give my body and Armenian pussy to black men to fuck me the way they want to and love to and I love them to, so you don't have to wonder why I love having sex with black men more than my husband or anyone else just saying Carol H 
3 days ago
Reply scene!
1 month ago
2 months ago
to AfricanSpear: Men evolved to see people with similar characteristics as potential allies and differing characteristics as opponents, hence the existence of xenophobia. Women are the same superficially to blend in (perceived disloyalty would get them in trouble) but they are always ready to switch sides for survival purposes, hence the existence of Stockholm Syndrome. In this case, it was dangerous for the men to be there while the women knew it was going to be safer to stay behind in the occupied areas, out of the line of overwhelming fire, so they refused the order to evacuate.
to SincereWallflower: Yeah, in fact I'm sure the German women knew the instant their own men retreated that they would be fucked and impregnated by the victorious enemy soldiers. Basic human biology. Their pussies were probably already getting wet as they rolled into town.
to SincereWallflower: hmmm true most of these dudes would be angry.
to AfricanSpear: I read an anecdote where the women of one town wept as the bedraggled German troops hurriedly loaded their old equipment into ramshackle wagons and retreated from the advancing Allies. Hours later they watched as black soldiers on superior tanks rolled into town in clean uniforms adorned with medals earned during the winter. Many older men knew they were in for a repeat of 1919, where the black French troops that fought so well at Reims were not reviled by the women for their trophy-taking propensities, but in fact welcomed into and rewarded in their beds and bosoms.
to Brownphalus: Well, the women didn't consider them so. I think women are too shrewd to be convinced of bigoted lies that their dads, brothers and husbands tell them to scare them away from foreigners. Many of the most ardent female believers in the regime were perfectly fine marrying a black man once all was said and done.
to SincereWallflower: damn! ironically they bred with humans whom they considered inferior.
to SincereWallflower: i agree to write and i will add  a true story! My wife is Austrian.Her mom after the ww2 was a teen.They had a big family and food was a big problem.Like Germany austria was separated in 3 sectors as well.french,usa and ussr.10 years later all gone and country declare neutrality.But in the mean time my wife's mom and her sister provide their services to usa soldiers some were black of course in exchange for food and clothing.Did the same with some russian and french soldiers as well.

Unfortunately there are no pics from that time.So when her mom married my wife's dad she told him in prior what she had done! At first he was a bit shocked but then he realised he couldn't compare to black cocks.
to SincereWallflower: Women are attracted to the strong and dominant men, so it made perfect sense for German women to open their legs to the foreign soldiers and let them knock them up.
to Brownphalus: At least 5,000 but likely much higher as many were sent abroad. Germany was occupied from 1945 to 1955 and black soldiers present remained at around 25,000. There was a massive surplus of females at the time and the economy was rough so many girls became maids or hostesses or lovers of occupying troops. It's a testament to human beauty that these women could adapt to where the "hated enemy" became the object of their affection, and to welcome the ebony cocks of the "inferior race" into their "master race" pussies. A woman could gaze lovingly at a black soldier fucking her deeply, wondering at how many cocks he rendered lifeless of men who looked like her.
to AfricanSpear: During the occupation black soldiers were free to spend time with locals, including young women. They played Jazz music which was quickly popular and told their harrowing war stories to dewy-eyed maidens who only recently were freed from a world where they were expected to be mothers for the regime. They looked upon these exotic dark-skinned men with their baby-blue eyes, recognizing their liberators, curious and admiring of their selfless heroism. It's small wonder that so many fell in love and willingly took the large, dark cocks of these men inside of them.
what a bOObs
5 months ago
to Brownphalus: Yes, it was easy for black soldiers to fuck German women and there wasn't a lot of protection going around, so a lot of them ended up pregnant. Good times.
to AfricanSpear: I heard that there were many half German fathered by black men during the World war
7 months ago
to vassalofdusk: oh yeah, it was no problem for them to fuck those bitches...
What a sexy lady! She definitely enjoyed his BBC. Hot video.
7 months ago
to AfricanSpear: Not a surprise. Women are attracted to winners and since then it hasn't been a mystery who the winners are.
to vassalofdusk: fighting and fucking...
to AfricanSpear: Did he fight too or was he stationed there afterwards?
to harrypotter18: That's Candy McGovern with Arthur Odge in her only scene. The 3rd scene of Happening AKA Les Soumises (1981) released by tabu love
to PainJane: No, that's Candy McGovern
to djr19uk: No. That's Euro Candy McGovern
to blrmkr_2000: Great body, love the way her tits bounce and move also.
God she's gorgeous! Love the way her tits bounce.
9 months ago