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bus flash to girl by window

9 months ago
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8 months ago
Great to see you are back in action. Blushed has given you great advice. It is the whole risk of being caught and being seen that is like a drug. But there is a massive downside if things go to shit. How bad depends on the jurisdiction.
8 months ago
to su1koden: You don't have to tell me mate, I know, the more you do it the more you want their eyes on your cock...but if I can give you some advice, that has helped me avoid too much trouble its remember DON'T chase that one girl who is so hot...there is ALWAYS another one or three ;)
to blushed: Its so addictive
to su1koden: Missed it due to the light, fair enough be safe
to blushed: She did mate look at min 1.42
Another one who didn't see, car flashing is not my thing, once I tried it and had a close shave, after that I kept to buses and trains and parks and everywhere else lol, I think you will keep trying just be safe
8 months ago