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Brunette UK housewife Jamie Ray playing with herself

Published by AnilosOlderWomen
6 months ago

Hot and horny housewife Jamie Ray is back from her office job and ready to let loose.

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Great stuff !!
1 month ago
horrible panties, should have wore a thong
4 months ago
to Jotheplayer2: I'll have to keep an eye out for when she is on, then. The party in Sutton on December 13th looks like a good one to go to.
to beatledung: no she fucks out of Sutton as well.  well worth dumping a load on her face.  you will be rewarded with a beautiful smile!!!
to Jotheplayer2: Am I right in assuming she only does Midlands based parties? Would love to see her at a party in London. I'll save a load for her face if so!
to beatledung: Yes she still does the parties. A lovely girl and I always save a load for her face. She absolutely loves strangers sounding in her face!
to Jotheplayer2: I would love to be sucked by Layla Pink and then fuck her. Does she still do the rounds at sex parties?
to Jotheplayer2: Yep, Cherry swallowed. I didn't see any of the girls doing anal and to be honest, anal doesn't appeal to me at all. Just being sucked off and then fucking porn stars does it for me! I did have a fantastic party indeed. I see Rebecca has released the names of the porn stars at th party on December 5th and they are Reegan Riley (now's your chance!), Chantelle White, Rebecca Smythe, Alice Judge, Natalie Lea and Talula Thomas. I have fucked Reegan, Chantelle, Rebecca and Natalie before and had a blow job from Alice so just Talula will be a newbie to me. May see you there!
to Jotheplayer2: I took Reegan from behind. I have done in her every other position at other parties, though. And licked that gorgeous pussy before, too!
to romeo017: not sure mate.  she is early 50's and fucks like a true whore.  personally I like her friend Layla Pink.  suck a dirty little brummy whore!
to Jotheplayer2: Is that Debbie from the old place in Anerley?
to beatledung: I bet Reegan Rileys cunt is amazing?  I would head straight for that at any party she was fucking at!  what position did you fuck it in?
to beatledung: sounds like you had a superb party!  I will have to look at these.  like I said, only been to Debbies parties in Sutton so far which are great but these girls you fucked are top drawer whores!  any of them taking it up the shitter?  violet definitely does as I have buggered it before but sometimes they chicken out of buggery if its a large group.  I just really enjoy sodomising a woman in front of loads of other people!  did Cherry swallow the spunk?  dirty little bitch!!!
to Jotheplayer2: Cherry was taking cum in her mouth in quick succession for almost the last half hour of the party yesterday! She was great and I can't wait to see her again. I 'only' had sex with Cherry, Rebecca Smythe (doggy and that was superb!) and Reegan Riley yesterday. Didn't get round to sex with Jamie as she was so busy though I got a nice blow job from her and was licking her pussy for around 15 minutes! Had nice blow jobs from Violet and Lola Marie yesterday, too. Two lovely girls! I only go to these parties for the thrill of shagging real porn stars. It's an amazing experience.
to beatledung: Violet is brilliant isn't she?!  I fucked her up the arse harder than I have buggered any other woman and she fucking loved it!  I really want to do Lola Marie, she looks like filth.  nice that you came in Cherrys mouth,she deserved it.  bet she took a few more loads as well,dirty little cock gobbler!!! will try and get to one of these parties.  I normally go to Debbies at Sutton which are great but they are more ordinary birds who just want a good dicking and not porn whores
to Jotheplayer2: Vickie Powell cancelled yesterday but as it was so busy, 3 extra girls were called in and they were Lola Marie, Violet Vulgarity and Jamie Rae. Hopefully see you at one of the parties one day!
to Jotheplayer2: The website is londonsexparties or you could go on Rebecca Ryder's Twitter to see the photos of the girls from the party yesterday (the one of them all together on the stairs is great!) and to get links on how to book for the next party on December 5th. There will be 7 girls there for that one including Chantelle White. I had a great time yesterday and for the first time at a party in Sutton Jamie gave blow jobs without condoms. I finished the party by cumming in Little Sub Cherry's mouth!
to beatledung: what is the name of the website? might try and get an invite and do them as well.  really want to stick Jamie and Little Sub Cherry looks tasty!  please let me know the website!
what is the website for todays parties?  I might try and get myself an invite and do them with you!
5 months ago
to Jotheplayer2: Jamie is a late addition to today's party in Sutton! Somewhen today between 3 and 5 o'clock I will be fucking her! Also on the line up today is Little Sub Cherry, who I have been dying to fuck, Vickie Powell, Rebecca Smythe and Reegan Riley. 
to gregtufnell: Gotta love a woman who likes doing that, lucky guy you are!!!!
I would fuck her
6 months ago
to Jotheplayer2: I try not to think of the money I am spending on going to these parties! Though once a month going to Sutton works out jus over £30 a week if you include travel and other expenses. And money doesn't matter when you are fucking such gorgeous women!
to beatledung: Sounds like you are a bit of a swordsman!  I am the same, cant get enough of fucking porn sluts.  dread to think how rich I would be if I wasn't spending my cash sticking my cock in all these little whores!  I love the Sutton venue.  and you are right, some very delicious pieces of fuck meat to play with!  have fun!!
to Jotheplayer2: No, I only go to the parties in Sutton and occasionally to the Phoenix Club Parties. I am addicted to fucking porn stars and Sutton has the best ones around at the moment. I have been with Alessa Savage, Chantelle White, Misha Mayfair, Pixiee Little and Karlie Simon to name but a few there.
Is there more of her on here?
6 months ago
Damn what a hotty
6 months ago
to beatledung: You ever go to lifestyle parties with Marie? I am going to Sittingbourne Wednesday afternoon in a few weeks and looking forward to it. I want to double fuck Marie’s cunt. And hopefully get a bit of buggery in as well! Can’t beat sticking your cock up a birds shitter!
to Jotheplayer2:  I have fucked her at Sutton a few times. Do go to one of the parties there even if Jamie isn't there. I can't wait to fuck Cherry English there next month! I fucked April Paisley, Delilah Dash, Masked Maya and Natalie Lea there on Wednesday.