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Bra titfuck

13 days ago
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What's the matter with you, big shot - don't like getting shot down in public? I knew I was talking to a ignorant dick as your name so accurately states. Fuck you asshole!
3 days ago
to guyl: Oooo.... a strip joint! We put a couple of hundred of those and their girls online in the 90's. You don't see many titty bars, now. Do you want to know why? The girls wised up and moved to the internet where they controlled their own income.They didn't need the club's any longer. Have a nice crawl back to the tar-pits with the rest of the fossils.
All I will say to it is she may have fake tits but she dose a mean titfuck with them I would not say no to her
4 days ago
to BoneheadJones: While I appreciate your story it has virtually no relevance to women who get implants for a number of reasons. For example, if you were a passenger in a car and had an accident would you not ever take a ride in another car again? There are many more ways to shot your story down but I'm not going to spend time doing that.

I will tell you this. I can almost guarantee you I've had much, much more experience with augmented women than your friend. No brag, just fact. For one thing I was partial owner of a strip club, you can let your mind go from there. Last comment I'll make is the products and techniques are so much better now than what was available in the 1990's. Even then, not all were like what your friend encountered. Regardless, I'd rather have big "fake tits" (a term I absolutely deplore) on a woman than small nats any day.
to guyl:  I wish my buddy Dave was around to tell you the story of "The Hairdresser With Ice Cold Tits." Hot summer night about 1990, they were kissing and relaxing when he made his move. He said, "It was like grabbing a frozen football!" Dave had a way with words. He was one of the early creators of code for online smut. We went to a smut creators convention in Miami about in the mid-late 90's. We were going from one hall to another. I had to piss, so I headed towards the bathroom. I round the corner and "Bang!" I got popped in jaw by something that was hard as a rock! I thought i was being mugged for a split second then my vision cleared. It was some big blonde in a micro bikini coming out of the ladies in sky-high heels not looking where she was going. She apologized, it seemed sincere and that was that. All I can say, is beware of fake titties, you could put an eye out!
to BoneheadJones: Absolutely nothing "fake" about these or any titties. If you can suck 'em and fuck 'em and they're covered in female flesh, then by gawd, they're "real" tits!!!
I don't normally like fake tits, but I love underbra titfucking. To the faves!
9 days ago
12 days ago