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My xHamster version of Bioshag Trinity. All visuals with production logos or end credits have been removed in accordance with xHamster regulations.

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2 years ago
Hey all, the detailed review of kunoichi broken princess is active. please let me know what you think, I tried to make it comedic and enjoyable. Enjoy
2 years ago
Hey all, I mjust posted my detailed review of kunoichi broken princess on xvideos and xhamster, please give the xhamster one a few days for processing. Please let me know what you think of it I am eager to read your comments
Cheers KS
2 years ago
Hey all, just thought I'll let you know. The Arenna of Depravity review is up on Xhamster.
2 years ago
Attention everyone,
I just posted my review of Arena of Depravity and Bioshag Portal Pooch. It is under publication on this site, so look out for when it becomes active.
2 years ago
Hey guys, working on my review of Arena of Depravity and Bioshag Trinity Portal Pooch
2 years ago
And you know i'll review it.
2 years ago
This is it guys...
I have now seen what else they are making...
what I am looking forward to THE MOST, is Nightmare: Code Valentime. it's an alternate take on the events of Resident Evil 3.
Not Nemesis.... please don't screw up nemesis!
2 years ago
soory,, a sequal, not a dequal...
2 years ago
Attention everyone. Studio FOW is working on the dequal to Kunoichi, called Kunoichi 2. after they described Kunoichi as a 'worldwide smash-hit' (House of Shinobi Kunoichi got more reuploads from way more many different websites, and still keeps getting reuploaded) I am this close... this close to doing a full detailed Kunoichi review... if anyone wants to see it let me know.
2 years ago
not a single person could point out a single thing they liked about kunoichi and justifiy why they liked it. Till this day!. and... that's not rape. that is comedy. Taimanin Asagi and princess knight-catue was rape.
Compared to that, Bioshag trinity is a HUGE improvement. and I acknowledge that.
2 years ago
sorry, where was I... yes, the worst 3d hentai ever made.
when I first saw it, I went like... ok... when is kasumi showing up? does she only have a camoe scene?
Then once I got to end of day 3... I realized...
Kunoichi is evident with FOW trying their best to make the movie suck. Till this day I did not find a single person who could p
2 years ago
I insist, you, go check out my previous videos and you'll see why I think FOW is so horrible as producers of 3d hentai.
Look at lara in trouble CLOSELY, the actress feelk like a manikin, getting butt-fucked by another bunch of manikins! I won't even get into how bad the camera angles and the sex scenes are, and even how inconsistent lara's voice sounds. [MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS! IS SHE CANADIAN? AMERICAN? IRISH? SCOT? BRITISH? WHAT IS IT FOW?]
And... Kunoichi... aka THE WORST 3D H
2 years ago
But seriously I love there work. LOL not even because it's porn but because they did such beautiful work. I wonder if they do anything outside of pornography
2 years ago
LOL dude it's porn and personally they put WAY more work into it and references then they need to. but they are clearly fans of the game series the choice to portray and of course they love porn lol. I'm glad you want to take it seriously because everyone in there heads will go "eh maybe they could have done this better" every once in a while. But like i said studioFOW is the best right now, they are being creative and of course there not going to be exactly on point with everything because t
2 years ago
CORRECTION! Babies can't reason their likes and dislikes. Everytime I gave you something about kunoichi, I gave you something different. And believe me... if you really REALLY want to know, Kunoichi is SO BAD that I still have A LOT of flaws to point out that I have not already. The reason I gave Bioshag a better score was coz I saw improvements and I acknowledged that they did many things right this time around. Me personally, I don't like bioshag at all and I think it's boring as fuck, but sti
2 years ago
Yes, and in this ultra pussified world today, even that needs to be reviewed, to educate the masses on legit vs shit stuff.
2 years ago
who give a shit man ? its porn.
2 years ago
No, a crybaby is someone who whines about little silly bullshit, in your case, 3D porn. Also, in your case, 7 months of the same thing, over and over again, which makes you a whiny crybaby. If you want to be taken seriously as a reviewer, don't do that. Move on to something else, review movies objectively with no bias, since all you do is call Studiofow insults, but then it turns out you have no idea what the hell you're talking about concerning Bioshock.
2 years ago
hmph buddy
a crybaby is one who cries about something and has NO REASON for his/her complaints. Me on the other hand provide reasons for each and every opinion of mine. I'm not saying that I shouldn't review other hentai n stuff, but actually what got me so amped up was the amount to which Lara in trouble and Kunoichi were over-rated. I especially got pissed off when FOW said that Kunoichi was inspired by Taimanin asagi, a hentai which I have repeatedly said is actually a hentai WITH A GOOD STOR
2 years ago
I did say that dumbass, I said you can have an opinion with your own reasons. You're free to dislike or like a porn video. I just find it hilarious that you're obsessing over hating SFM porn. If you want credibility as a reviewer, start reviewing other hentai, instead of bitching about Studiofow all the time. Review Taimanin Asagi, Hell Knight Ingrid, and other hentai, and maybe you won't seem like a crybaby.
2 years ago
ok i'll admit, I didn't play the game, but had seen clips of it here and there, and I give FOW due credit to the best of my knowledge. so ppl, just see those facts as well, instead of lighting up your torches for Khan-Sama's linching.
2 years ago
Look idiot, i'm doing my review on why I think something is horrible or good. I have reason behind my opinions. NONE OF YOU HAVE. I kept asking you idiots... WHAT DO YOU THINK IS SO GOOD ABOUT ... WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT... no response. you can't justify your own opinions. you don't even know why you like or dislike something, indecisive cockblowers! The body shape change was a flaw in the game, Comstock summoning that demon from rapture made absolutely no sense, there could have been a MUCH SUBT
2 years ago
so isn't that an inconsistency of the game as well? Any reason it ABSOLUTELY HAS to be carried to this platform as well?
and speaking of inaccurate models. FOW takes the cake buddy. Look at their previous works, where their women look like men after a botched sex change operation.
2 years ago
Why? Why should free work get all the leeway? there are COUNTLESS WORK out there that is FREE, and this is the worst of them in 3d porn. When other companies give me better stuff for free, why on earth should I give them leeway, when OTHER WORK THAT IS ALSO FREE is much better than FOW's work?
That's called lowering your standards and expectations Are you willing to do that, just coz it's free? there's a limit to how bad something can be if it's free. FOW crosses those limits.

And btw, there ar
2 years ago
thxs a lot for the feedback bro.
The reason I picked Studio FOW's work was coz of how over-rated they are. They have other works as well in terms of movies. Lara in trouble and Kunoichi Broken Princess. If you want detailed review of any of those let me know.
2 years ago
Oh look, its this idiot who's obsessively hating Studiofow.

You haven't even played Bioshock Infinity have you? The ads are part of the game when you get a power-up, it was a creative way to show that it was an aphrodisiac. Also, Elizabeth going from busty to skinny makes sense since that's how it was in the games.

Looks like all you've been doing these past months are bitch about these movies.If you think they suck, fine, you can have an opinion, but move on. But no, all your videos are abo
2 years ago
Also, just want to point out that the reason for Elizabeth's model changes are because that's how they are in the actual game: Ep. 1 is the buxom femme fatale Liz from Burial at Sea, while ep. 2-3 features the relatively small damsel-in-distress Liz.
2 years ago
When I was watching this, hearing all these criticisms, I thought "wow, this guy over analyzes porn." But then I remembered that this was something that had to be paid for, and then thought that it was justified. In a world where free porn is literally all over the internet, ones that you have to pay for should be top quality.
2 years ago
Most probably don't like this but I will say this. I did enjoy it but I think you could have used something better other then a SFM porn vid. Don't get me wrong it was very well done, it's just maybe review a hentai or something. Other then that small nitpick I had, I think it was very interesting and wouldn't mind more :)

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