Ass Demolition

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Short with cellphone, last minute, you get the idea though!

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1 month ago
7 months ago
she destroyed his ass , great job JP
11 months ago
Old friends like to be friends again
1 year ago
add me please...
1 year ago
Wow great video!!! Thanks for sharing! I need a mistress like yours, ur very lucky ;)
1 year ago
add me please?
1 year ago
niiicee violated that ass.
1 year ago
damn please add me i need to see moe of this
2 years ago
You have really unique videos i must say =)
2 years ago
dem cute Dildo.. awesome
2 years ago
Hottest part? 4:20 to 4:30
Owned his white ass so bad she makes him poo fart.

full retard
2 years ago
very hot stretching
2 years ago
That's a quality strapon!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
dam we need by same one great
2 years ago
Fucking wow I think wifey would take a go @ that she likes her pussy stretched wide and deep
2 years ago
OMG SO AWESOME SEXY,lucky bitch boi wish it was my bitch boi ass,it nees sissy slut training for SEXY GOD DILDO this big sweetie
3 years ago
Great story! Would have loved to been a wall flower for that one!
3 years ago
I know a guy whose REAL dick is that large. I met him by happenstance one night at a bar. Tasha, this TS Lady I happened to be with and I agreed to follow him home. When she saw the monster he was swinging between his legs,she absolutely refused to try to take him up the ass. But when I saw it, I was absolutely transfixed. I'm not into fisting, but when I bottom for guys I tend to be a 'size Queen'. I love that feeling when my sphincter muscle seems stretched out to its limit as a fat, long dick fucks in and out of my ass filling it completely with each stroke.

I had never SEEN such a large, powerful dick, let alone fucked one, but once I had seen this one, the size Queen in me came out and I knew I had to have it.

As I rolled onto my stomach, he lubed his fingers with lotion and started massaging my asshole and and lubricating it. Tasha had lubed up her hands and started playing with his dick, lubing it and jacking it up hard at the same time. He used plenty of lube on my asshole, removing his fingers, re-lubing and reinserting several times. After a time, he had worked all 4 fingers and half his thumb, up to his knuckles where his fingers joined the palm of his hand, up into my ass. He kept increasing the pressure pushing, and I kept pushing back though now as though he was trying to push his whole hand up into my increasingly painful ass. But it seemed that my ass had been stretched open as far as it would go.

Then, he removed his fingers, lubed his monster dick up (It was already hard from Tasha's jacking and licking on it), slid it up and down in my ass crack until he found my asshole and started pushing. I was whimpering in pain and pleasure as his gigantic dick head started penetrating my asshole, but my sphincter still wasn't stretched enough and he kept trying for a few minutes.

He pulled out and lubed up his fingers, again and rammed all 4 up into my ass and started pumping as though they were a dick. I heard Tasha say something and he stopped with his hand up in me all the way to his knuckles, so I looked back and saw her lubing the fingers of one hand up.

He pulled his hand out of my pulsing ass until just 1 fingertip remained. Then they put their hands together, palm-to-palm, and slowly started simultaneously pushing both their hands up into my ass until they both had four fingers rammed up in me all the way up to their last knuckle. Then they both started hand fucking my asshole for a few minutes until on one stroke, both their hands sank up into me past their last knuckles all the way to their thumbs. They both stopped there and started curling their fingers into two 4 fingered fists that pushed their palms farther apart stretching my asshole open just that much more. Then they started pumping their 8 fingered fist in and out of my asshole. After a few minutes of that, they stopped and pulled their hands out.

He re-lubed up his dick, stuck the nozzle of the lotion bottle up my ass and squirted about half the remainder directly up in my ass, slid his raging hard on between my ass cheeks a few times, finding my asshole. Then he started slowly pushing.

I could feel his monster hard on as it slow approached the point where it had been stopped, before, then slowly slide on past as it went deeper and deeper into my ass. then I felt his dickhead pop past my sphincter.

He stopped for a couple of minutes as we caught our breathes and as I let my asshole relax around this huge cock. As I lay there on my stomach gradually relaxing, I looked over at Tasha. She was laying there, butt naked, as we all were, playing with her titties and her hard cock as she watched that huge cock penetrating my ass.

After a few minutes, he started pushing, again, pushing deeper and deeper into my internal void. I was feeling no pain, now, only ecstasy. Then, I felt what seemed to be another sphincter deep up inside me resisting his dickhead. At that moment, I knew that cock had stretched my rectum to its limit and was now pushing its way up into my large intestines. I reached behind me to measure how much dick he had to go before he had it all in me and he still clearly had at least 9 more inches to go as he still had more outside my as than the distanced from the tip of my pinkie finger and the tip of my thumb (I've measured that and that's 8 1/2 inches). I relaxed my bowels in a way I thought would accommodate him. Finally, after several minutes of pushing his monster cock up into me, he was all in with his huge nuts pressed firmly up against mine.

Slowly he started to stroke. At first, it felt funny feeling his dick stroking so far up inside me, but gradually that feeling went away and I was just feeling pleasure.

As the waves of pleasure rolled over me, I pushed up onto my knees, pushing him up into the doggy position. He didn't miss a stroke and the pleasure continued.

Then he pulled his legs under him and sat back on his heels as he fucked me from behind. This put most of the work on me as I rode his python, pounding up and own, up and down and grinding on it as if to rip it off up in me at the stump. I had one of those pointing at the ceiling rod of steel hard ons by now and felt like I was on the verge of cumming, if only...if only something would just tip me over into it. Right then, Tasha crawled between our legs and captured my cock with one hand as she played with her cock with the other. It was just what I needed to get me to that tipping point and I shot my load down her greedy throat. It was a bone rattling orgasm. just about as good as my first awake nut (Do you remember your first awake nut?...But that's another story).

He turned me around on that big dick without letting it escape from my ass, pushed me down on my back on the bed, grabbed my knees and jacked them up behind my head jacking my ass up in the air as he power fucked down into my abused ass from above.

Then he pulled his dick completely out of me (the first time during this fuck), turned me over on my stomach, pressed me down in the bed, located my throbbing asshole with his dickhead and plunged all that meat, in one quick powerful stroke deep into my ass all the way up to his nuts. He was fucking like a crazy man, now, long dicking my ass, from dickhead to nuts, with each and every powerful stroke. It seemed like he was trying to kill me with his dick, but I was enjoying every stroke. His breath was coming in gasps. Finally he gasped and held his breath as he made his plunge, pile driving deep inside my tortured asshole, laying pipe in territory no one else had ever reached. His dick felt like it was growing inside me until it felt twice the size it had been while fucking. I knew he was on the verge of cumming, so I clamped down with my asshole sphincter muscle on the base of his cock the best I could to both hold the blood in his weapon to keep it hard as possible as long as possible and to hold back his nut as long as possible to extend the agony of 'the little death' (his orgasm).

Once he tipped over past the point of no return and started nutting, I could feel the throbbing of his dick from my toes to the top of my head. He took about 30 long and short strokes as he was coming, gasping for air as if he were dying.

When his orgasm ended, he collapsed on my back and the three of us just rested and talked as as we waited for his dick to soften and to pop out of my ass (I didn't want him to pull it out, I liked the feel of it up in me. I wanted it to just pop out once it got soft enough to do that on its own or for him to get a second wind and start back fucking). One thing I remember him saying was that he knew only about 6 or 7 people other than me who could take all his dick and would let him fuck them the way he really wanted to like I had done. When his dick popped out of me, he rolled over off me and onto his back. I was just laying there relaxing and playing with his big dick as Tasha slid up up on my back, slid her dick up in me and started fucking my ass. After about 15 minutes of her fucking up in my ass, she said something that made us all laugh. She said "Damn!! You done ruin't this asshole. I Can't get NO friction up in here". Now, Tash's dick isn't exactly small either. I've seen and handled and sucked and been fucked by a lot of live dicks in my lifetime and Tasha's dick ain't exactly small. Not counting the monster that had just cum up in my ass, her dick is one of the top four in size that I had run across. That's the reason I had picked her up in that bar. I realized that I wasn't giving her the justice she was due while she was trying to get a nut from an asshole that had been stretch way to large by an abnormally huge monster dick to be a pleasurable fuck for someone with a large, but normally large, dick.

So I started squeezing my asshole, tightening up on my sphincter like I had around the base of the monster to give her more friction.

After about 15 minutes, she said "Now I'm starting to get some traction" and, yes, I was starting to feel her dick sliding and getting more contact with my assholes insides. After about 20 more minutes of me squeezing my sphinter, My asshole was feeling like it was getting normal friction from her dick and she had a strong nut up in me. I was hard and ready to fuck by then.

I rolled her over on her stomach, lubed my dick up and entered her ass. She was tight that night, like she hadn't had any dick in a day or 2, so I had to go slow, at first but as her asshole loosened up I sped up and had a satisfying nut in about 20 minutes.

It was getting really late by then, but both Tasha and I offered to fuck him, if he wanted. He refused saying that he would jack somebody off and might occasionally suck a dick off if the mood struck him, So Tasha and I got dressed and I took her home. At her place, we fucked each other one more time, on the floor, in the living room,in front of the TV. Then I got dressed and headed home.

By the time I got home, the sun was coming up. By the time I got in the house, my wife was up, preparing to jump in the shower before dressing for work (At that time, she worked from 7:AM to 3:PM and I worked from 4:PM to 12:Midnight), so I jumped in the shower with her and told her all about my adventures that night as we washed each other off. She knew Tasha, they were friends,and she wasn't interested in that part of the story, but when I told her about the monster dick, she got interested. She wanted to meet him and try him out. She thought she could take all that meat, but I wasn't so sure. The one and only time I had tried to fuck her in the ass, she had cried like a baby before I had half my dick in and I had to pull out. Then she had invited Tasha over so she could watch us fuck each other. Besides, I just wasn't ready to start seeing this guy on a regular basis. I was, and still am of the opinion that if keep taking a monster dick in your ass on a frequent and regular basis, that your asshole would eventually stretch out to that size permanently and wouldn't return to its normal size. So I went to bed and she went to work with that still up in the air.

When I woke up that afternoon, my ass was sore as hell. It hurt when I lay on my stomach, it hurt when I lay on my back, it hurt when I stood up, it hurt when I sat down It hurt when I walked and It hurt when I stood still. And it felt like That whole big dick was still up in me.

Over the week, the soreness subdided until by the second week it had become a sometimes irritating, sometimes pleasant, sometimes pleasurable buzz right in my asshole which lasted another 2 weeks. But even even after the buzz went away, the feeling of still having my asshole stuffed with that monster cock remained for another week or 2.

By the time the wife and I had gotten here meeting and trying him out settled, I discovered that he had moved and nobody seemed to know where he had moved too. By the time I discovered where he had moved too, the wife had gotten sick and she never recovered.
3 years ago
best fist ever
3 years ago
The fist to the elbow seemed like child's play after that assault by her monster dildo...and like so many others, I sincerely wish it was me she was fucking so completely.
3 years ago
mmm very hot x i will try this huge cock in my lovehole xxx
3 years ago
thats big one GREAT!!!
3 years ago
put that me my ass
3 years ago
real good... sexxxy
3 years ago
he has to be used to it
3 years ago
Us? Oh, where are my vids in your favorites

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