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Asian in tight dress

8 months ago
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Couldn't even make it threw the vid....lmao! Shes fucking hot!
12 days ago
Fuck, what an arse!
You must have had a hard job keeping it in your pants. I feel like I would have had to hide behind a shelf and bust a load in the shop.
6 months ago

I want to spread her arse cheeks & sniff her arsehole.
Then I will lick her arsehole & insert my tongue as deep as possible into her arsehole. I will insert my finger into her tight arsehole. I will then smell & lick my finger. Fuck.

Oh fuck, what an arse. Fuck.

Fuck, I am masturbating right now. Fuck.
8 months ago
Oh fuck, what an arse!

She has a beautiful face, lovely hair, a nice slim figure and a stunning arse.

Her arse is so fleshy, so shapely & so curvy. Although she has a slim frame, her arse is amazingly big. Oh Fuck, Yeah! What an Arse!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to slide my fingers between her soft arse cheeks & insert one finger into her tight arsehole right there in front of everyone. Oh Fuck!!!!!!! What an Arse!!!!!!!!

What did she have for lunch that afternoon??? BEEF STEAK & SALAD or FISH & CHIPS........Sniff!!!......Sniff!!!.........Sniff!!! :-) :-)
Oh Fuck, Yeah! What an Arse!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Fuck!!!!!!! What an Arse!!!

I want to smell and lick her anus. Oh Fuck!!!!!!! What an Arse!!!!!!!!
I want to bury my face in her arse. Oh fuck, what an arse!
Her gorgeous fucking arse will give many young boys & men (me included) a good reason to waste their reproductive fluids (Semen / Sperms).

I wish you had also got a chance to record her arse while she was walking around. Oh fuck, I can only imagine how irresistible her buttocks would look swaying from side to side, up and down.
Oh fuck, I am masturbating right now [I swear, I am not joking]. Oh fuck, what an arse! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
8 months ago