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Runtime: 12:25
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3 years ago
I just love this girl , who does not love her??!, she is diamond, if you like her too, she does very good job on

her nickname is : TeenPatricia1733
3 years ago
3 years ago
Lily is great. I love seeing her get off around 3:20
4 years ago
hammergeil wie der weiße fickbolzen die dunklen ficklöcher stopft ....
4 years ago
Nice piece of meat
4 years ago
wow!! so hot..makes me horny..
4 years ago
4 years ago
süsse pussy
4 years ago
Yes, Lily Thai is a hot bunny! At 3 minutes, do my eyes deceive me, or is it that after rubbin' on her own clit, she starts cumin' and doin' the female ejaculation thing? ...girl cum started dripping, then started running in rivulets, down the inside of her gorgeous thighs. Then gushing out so much, that it runs down the underside of his cock and drips off of his balls. If I were there, I'd wanna lap it up... but only off of her labia and inner thighs! NOT his genitals. LOL! When a pussy is draining clear like that, it's usually all musky-sweet, 'cuz it's mostly girl juice.

Everyone, please comment---> What do you make of the jewelry running through and under her clit hood? It looks like the lower end of the barbell has a door-knocker pendant, and is rubbing on the underside of his penis. That might really feel good, for both of them, as the barbell slides back and forth, doubtlessly nudgin' at her clit.

On a related topic, I looking for videos of guys pleasing girls, with a barbell piercing thru their glans. Anyone seen any videos of that? When the bar is centered vertically through the guy's glans, the top bead is supposed to flick her clit, on every stroke.

I just love genital piercings, 'cuz they are out'a sight! in so private and discrete. You never know who might have one! LOL! And genital piercings can enhance sexual sensations, if well placed.

Yes, TheMosca! I love her braided pigtails! The only thing left is to have her wear a school uniform with eyeglasses! LOL! And I concur, her perky, pencil eraser nipples are so sexy. When out in public, she's gotta wear a bra, not for support of those toned and firm, athletic twin girls, but for modesty's sake. It's very unladylike to have one's white blouse show a pair of dark shadows (LOL!) with one little bump in the center of each! It has been said, tiny peaks pique the interest, of swellin', droolin' cocks.

But Sleazymoney, why do the pussy piercings distract your eyes? a bad way? Or did you mean, sarcastically, in a GOOD way? Or do you NOT like her particular style of clit hood barbell? Or do you find all genital piercings to be repulsive?

Everyone... please share your opinions on genital piercings.
5 years ago
mmmmmmm yesss, so tasty!
5 years ago
anybody got an I.D. on this sexy woman
5 years ago
mmm hot
5 years ago
lily is very horny hot sexy love to fuck her
5 years ago
that was good
5 years ago
5 years ago
reminds me of a hot filipina chic i used to run around with back in junior high. that asian pussy is so sweet. love the pigtails and nipples too.
5 years ago
Lily Thai is one cute piece of ass. However, the pussy piercings distract my eyes in a bad way.
5 years ago
5 years ago
she is amazing I love her
5 years ago
looks very sexy
5 years ago
The doctor stood back, holding the end of the stethoscope in her hand. She
reached forward and placed the instrument above my left breast. Listening
intently she moved it directly between my breasts in my cleavage; then
below my breasts on my ribs. Doctor Morgan seemed satisfied with her
findings so far. She hung the scope around her neck again and said:

"Now I'm going to examine your breasts."

My heart skipped a beat as she continued; "Remove your bra for me, please."

I reached behind and my trembling hands fumbled with the hook.

"Let me help." She offered, stepping forward and reaching around me without
waiting for my response. She slipped the hooks with the ease of someone
very familiar with the garment. As she backed away she grasped the straps
and pulled the light nylon bra with her. The cups clung for an instant on
my boobs then they released and the doctor stepped back completing the
removal. I struggled to resist my natural urge to cover myself. The doctor
turned and deposited the bra on top of my other clothes. When she turned
back and looked at me I must have looked scared out of my mind. She gave me
that warm smile again and said:

"Just relax; I'm not going to do any thing that's going to hurt. Have you
had your breasts examined before?"

"No." I croaked.

"Well, it's not so bad I'm just going to press on your breasts with my
fingers to feel for any lumps or other irregular tissue. Then I'll check
your nipples to make sure they're healthy. It only takes a couple of

At the part about checking my nipples I know I gasped. The doctor didn't
seem to notice. The thought of her touching my nipples caused a shudder
deep in my belly. Knowing how sensitive they are I had a hard time
imagining how I would get through it without moaning and making a compete
fool of myself.

"Lie on your back and put your right hand behind your head, and leave your
left hand at your side."

I did as instructed, all the while trying to control my breathing. I
thought I was going to hyperventilate and pass put. Wouldn't that be
embarrassing! My boobs are very firm, but large enough that they `pan
caked' a little to the outside. Dr. Morgan gently lifted it with her
fingers and began pressing in circular motions all around the bottom, side
and top. Then she reversed hands and performed the procedure on my other
breast. She took my left boob in both hands and gently, but firmly
squeezed. Her thumb rotated around and began tracing my areola. The puffy
pinkness darkened and the center rose into a rigid peg. I could feel the
warmth spreading from my lower belly into my upper thighs. She held the
weight of my boob with one hand and with the fore finger and thumb of the
other hand she grasped the emerging tip, squeezing and twisting as she
pulled. The heat spread out from my crotch until it enveloped my body, my
head was swimming. Trying as hard as I could, I still couldn't suppress the

"Your nipples are very sensitive, aren't they?" she said, smiling.

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5 years ago
im telling my girl to put some heels on and put the hair up in pigtails now and prepare for a good fuckin
5 years ago
nice pussy
5 years ago
Beautiful. I love it when a guy shoots his load straight in a girls mouth. When I suck a guy off he must shoot his cum right in my mouth. It's so yummy.
5 years ago
Love Lily, especially in the babysitter video!!!
5 years ago
damn she is goood and hot love to see her lips around mine!!!yummmmy
5 years ago
never get tired of this girl
5 years ago
Lovely girl, pity that's no anal, would love to hear her squeal.
5 years ago
yeah lili thai
5 years ago

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