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39 goddess.

Published by amazingmaturewomen
5 years ago
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hot !
5 years ago
here's my reviews (1-10 scale) on all>>(not fond of the Bruce or soundalike singer)
Lynn-2--nice tits rest disgusting & very unhealthy
Marry-6--nice eyes & body, pancake tits
Cathy-4--slightly better version of Lynn
Dee---8--nice body--great tits--so-so face kept her from 9/10
Gisela--1--give her credit for exposing herself but wow how desperate??
Shirley--6--nice body--a bit too much time in the sun & manly face
Kathy--5--could have been higher but face & body showing what happens when too much time in sun
Ruth--5--nice body weird face--nds someone to advise on how to do makeup
Vicki--5--pretty face--body a bit too old/sagging to be showing off
Justine--7--nice body ok face
Gem--3--nice tits--rest blechhh
Marina -8--overall very nice--a bit of sagging kept her from 9/10
Constance-2-what isnt sagging??
Karen--9--beautiful figure, cute face, looks only mid 40s? if she's mid 50s + give her a 10
Wilma--7--cute body--so so face
Helen--7--pretty good--nice psy--ok face
Suzanne--8--nice figure--cute face i bet she was a hottie when she was young
Marge-1---see Gisela
Effie--5--nice figure ok face(at least 2nd pic 1st is horrid)
Savana-7--beautiful figure--so-so face
Libby-2---see Marge
Phillicia--6--cute figure but too boyish face
Patti--1--see Libby
Zsoka--8--overall very nice i'd meet her
Linda-6-nice figure but cant see face
Norma--5--ok face decent body
Sugar-4---nice curvy body but face & rest too much time in the sun
Julia-10---great from head to toe--the 1st real "goddess" i've seen here so far
Dasha--6--pretty good--nice friendly face
Dana-9---almost as good as Julia except face just a bit less
Inge-6-pretty nice body--ok face
Cleo - see Patti
Katia--10--banging body nice face the 2nd goddess so far
Regi--8--a poor man's Katia excess looseness kept her from 9/10
Evika--3---potentially better but that face & what happened to the right breast---fire??
Renate--10--another banging body & pretty face--3rd goddess so far
Angelique-9-a few extra lbs kept her from a 10 but to me a curvy goddess
Kay--6---pretty good could use a but of makeup
5 years ago
Marry kneeling bare arsed
5 years ago
Wonderfull ladies.
5 years ago
Some good, some not so, the one by the caravan was exceptional.
5 years ago
Marge actually has decent tits for her age but never shows them in all the videos she did with the guy who calls himself "Cougar Champion"..
5 years ago
Hot! I love the tan lines
5 years ago