Amateur - Blond Teen Playing on Cam

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Published by TProd
3 years ago
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This is it
1 year ago
perfect xx
2 years ago
What a beauty, it would seem to me that you have unlimited potential when it comes to picking up guys and by extension, if you wanna cum 2, 3, 4 or 100 times I am sure ANY one of said guys would be more than happy to help you reach

previously unattainable goals due to a simple lack of available appendages - including hands feet and any number of greatly varying cocks, kinda like a "cock bouquet" - although I would be very wary of smelling a bouquet of various

un-vetted penile perennials, or a very particular breed of roses, "ROD Roses" (you read that correctly: 'ROD,' not 'RED')

I imagine it would smell nothing at all like the flowers we have all grown to know and even enjoy, but rather something more along the lines of spoiled or 'sour' milk, along with that sort of sweaty, and meaty BO aroma - a 'cockquet'

of unwashed meat sticks all primed and ready to shoot thier baby making juice into your meth-mouth where it becomes much needed protein as the last 2 john's stiffed you in more ways than one leaving you no money (after having bought

drugs with what little money they sucked out of some 90yr old perv) to buy food, and even though you normally find it revolting to actually swallow, you simply can't deny your body's urge to survive and, to top it all off, you are

sickened by the fact that you are actually enjoying the slimy warmth running down your throat to your empty and begging belly.

Please keep making guys like me, a single father of a 12year old, that have sworn off REAL women (as they are all daddy's little self entitled, home wrecking, heart breaking, bottomless pits of self gratifying, shallower than the

gene pool from which they were spawned from - princess's and legends, but only in their daddy's and OWN minds) a way to fire off some knuckle children without ever having to give what's left of my heart, soul & bank account - while at

the same time ensuring that I will never again put another innocent child into the HELL that is the world we created right here on earth, we should be so proud.

So, thank you again, for lowering YOUR standards so that I, in turn, do NOT have to lower mine!
3 years ago