A Man's Dream Experience with a Schxxlgirl - I Tried Being a Doctor for a Day at an All-Girls School! A Student Comes in

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A man's dream! I tried being a doctor for a day at an all-girls school and it was a godsend! The girl who looks like she's having a hard time holding her breasts is in heat! It's not just the...

Published by EAGLE_GLOBAL
1 year ago
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I need 
to Small_tits_ : This is so hot
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I need this mmm
I remember that one time when my doctor asked my parents to sit on the other side of the curtain seperating the room. He took his Stethoscope and repeatedly pressed it on my nips telling me to breathe hard. I wasn't wearing a bra as it was emergency so my nips got hard. Then he asked me to remove my top, I did. Then he placed the cold metal and rubbed it on my nips. He made an excuse saying he is not able to feel my breathing, without even asking he started sucking on my tits. I didn't say anything because I was enjoying it. It's not everyday you get an old doctor sucking ur tits. Then he kept playing with my tits with his hands while I was sitting on his lap until he was done prescribing me my meds. It was so fun to think my parents could just lift the curtain and see their daughter's tits getting devoured. I visited him often until he died. He never fucked me, maybe because I was young but whenever I went he always used to lick all over my body.
to VirginMaleUK : plz continue ur dream. lol.
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My dream job
damn, she was a horny little thing...