80s girl strips in living room

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old vhs

Published by muttster
3 years ago
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Nice undressing
1 year ago
Any vids of her with a male or female having sex?
1 year ago
Beautiful Video!
1 year ago
to cummunkey69: bye
to graniluva: add to it... she (now that she is older and wiser) probably wouldn't be having radom sex during covid

or you would hope..

gotta go, thanks for the chate
to cummunkey69: lol good im glad it was filled as they all should be
to graniluva: yes, but then no grass was growing under that pussy when she was in her 20s
to cummunkey69: such a waste of a pussy
to graniluva: I think I didn't describe it right... she wasn't so much a dick tease...

I would say most of the times we didn't have sex... wasn't a tease... like in the parking garage, had to stop when people showed up...

I don't know if she would be the daughter.. she is 63.. the sense I get is she is now alone (unfortunately for her)... maybe she was a sex addict and now is on the wagon ---and no one banging her wagon
sounds like she maybe my friends daughter has a freind like that total prick teaseer
1 year ago
to cummunkey69: i had a gf used to say we were gonna fuck but she would find an excuse as she was only just old enough when we did go to do it i heard a noise and stopped and her elder brother walked in
to cummunkey69: i bet it did lol nothing as good a s a tease
to graniluva: actually one of the things that was 'hot' was the frustration... I found it was kind of fun (this was 40+ years ago when I would tolerate some things

about 1 out of five times it wouldn't happen... and that was frustrating.. but it made me appreciate the other four times ha
to cummunkey69: mmmmm shes osunds a hot young lady mmmmm
to graniluva: I never found out... I have tried to get in touch with her again, but she never responded......

another thing that was funny... she had her first orgasm with me... and think all the previous guys kind of treated her like a slut... because I guess she was.. like she told me one time she had sex with a guy on the hood of his corvette (all that was important to her in that story was the vette)

anyhow I unleashed something.. one time I got home and she said come over, she wanted to have sex

I got there and she said she wasn't so interested anymore because she had masturbated three times
to cummunkey69: That sounds all very interesting were your findings correct. I know a few ladies who were abused by a realtive seem to tell me everything all the time no idea why. good listener i think
to graniluva: In my case... the sex was pretty good, I kind of have found the nuttier the woman the better the sex... but weird... years later... I started to think she might have been abused by her father (and that is why she wanted to be caught...  one time we were at the end of her driveway at 11 p.m. her curfew and she said as long as she was on the property she was okay... she was giving me a blowjob and her mom walked out...we stopped... funny thing every time we did something that was her idea, her parents would yell at me

Aslo, he would tell me about how snuck guys into her house...
to cummunkey69: I'm same as you mine looked like that bigger tits but always wanted to fuck in her bedroom while her mum was downstairs
to muttster: You're a fucking liar this is not your girl I've seen her in other pictures and videos we didn't have video cameras in the 80s numbnuts they weren't affordable until the 1990s
1990s. People didn't have VCR cameras in the 80s
1 year ago
My first girlfriend around this time, looked like this.. slightly bigger breasts.. the thing I remember about her was she was a bit mental... always wanting to have sex when her parents would catch us or worse, telling about picking up guys in bars and having sex on the hood of their corvette....
2 years ago
Most beautiful girl and a wonderful pussy. Even more wonderful than Tiny Tove.
2 years ago
What a great small breasted hairy 80$ whore. Love it.
3 years ago
to malemember327: every fuck was memorable :)
to muttster: LOL Hopefully what happened after the video was even more memorable.
to malemember327: we grank a jug of wine before this too..LOL
good vid, your girl is/was hot very natural, love hr bush. do you know whatever happened to her?
3 years ago
to malemember327: my girl at the time, she was doing it to keep me happy and it worked. early 80s