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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 88

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Kat had tried to be good, she really had. She’d done all of her homework, helped her mom make dinner, and volunteered to do the dishes. After a little TV the whole family had gone straight to bed; this time of year it was getting dark early and a good, long night’s sleep seemed like a great idea. But an hour later Kat found herself tossing and turning in the silent house, feeling wide awake and restless. She tried touching herself to see if that would help, but it just wasn’t working tonight. Finally she gave up, dressed quietly, and slipped out the back door. The streets were abandoned, eer… Read more

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Krista, the Anal Cum Queen


I had placed an ad in the old CL when you could still get laid. I was seeking an adventurous or curious lady for anal play. I had forgotten about the ad. A few months later I got an email from Krista in reply to that ad. We agreed to meet at a Starbucks near her. She was pretty nervous, stating that she had never done anything like meeting someone in such a manner. But we chatted in her car in the parking lot for a bit. She invited me to smoke a bowl of pot; it had been about 20 years since I had gotten stoned due to my work. We drove around a bit and toked up a bowl or two. Wow, was I fucked… Read more

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My late wife, Renee's sexuality

Group Sex

My pal from work, Brian, and I stopped off at the club for drinks after work. A couple of drinks later I called my wife, Renee, to join us. She took a bit of time to get ready and then to drop off our k**s at all night day care. By the time she arrived at the club both Brian and I were in full party mode and the band was playing loudly. Tequila sunrises and dancing, laughter were the opening. Brian and Renee were dancing together more than I was dancing with her. Later when I was sober I wondered what Brian and Renee were whispering about as they danced because when the band took a break an… Read more

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My fetish for inflatable toy horses


From time to time I get asked what is it all about with the inflatable Rody horses. Fair enough, for it is quite an unusual fetish. How did I get this fetish? Well, I don´t know really. I can tell you that i somehow started many years ago, in kindergarten. We had a number of the lovely inflatables there and I remember the joy of riding them all the time. Even though nothing more happened back then, of course, the memory stuck with me. Over the years I sometimes remembered the times when I saw one in a shop window or anywhere else. One day some years ago I finally convinced myse… Read more

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The Dominatrix's Present


I was walking aimlessly around the center of my city, tired of work and bored of the stereotypical life revolving around me. Joyful season they say, holiday spirit they sell. No, there is neither joy, nor spirit this time of the year. At least not for me. I prefer to be alone as this is what makes me happy nowadays. I left my girlfriend because boring relationships are not something I can handle for long. Get up in the morning, coffee, work, go home, dinner, fuck a pussy for 15 minutes. Repeat. I tried to spice things up, but girls around here are narrow-minded. I am not angry with that, it's… Read more

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Loving my Daddy - Part 1

First TimeHardcoreMature

There's something about calling a man Daddy, and a lot of men know what I'm talking about. For myself, sincerely and lovingly calling a man "Daddy" (especially in bed) sends waves of affectionate love and warmth because I mean it when I say it. For him, it gives him a feeling of authoritative power because he's sort of viewed as a king in the other man's eyes, and especially in his heart. This story is a true story, about a man I feel deeply in love with and who professed his love to me too. We ended up breaking off the relationship because he had to move away, but man I was so weak for this… Read more

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First time gay public toilet

Gay MaleVoyeurFetish

First time gay public toilet This is a true story. I won’t be giving my age out here but I was young when this happened to me, I’ve never found men attractive and I still dont but I always wondered what it would be like to touch, wank and suck a cock, but I really didn’t know where to find it. I wasn’t able to go to the usual places to get what I wanted, bars, night clubs and the like so really I had to think outside of the box! Not far from where I lived there was a industrial estate with a large brick built public toilet in the middle of it, I must have walked past it 100 times before an… Read more

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Lockdown Vl

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Stirring noises in the hall woke Megan up. Shaking Savannah they quickly put their night clothes on. Megan had just made it under the covers when there was a knock at the door. Opening it Savannah said, good morning uncle Bill. Why are you here, he asked. Oh, Megan had another nightmare last night and I came in to comfort her so she wouldn't wake you Savannah said. Oh ok, he replied. Your aunt and I are heading to town now. Ok uncle Bill, Savannah said hoping he didn't suspect anything. Closing the door she sat back on the bed. As they listened for the truck to drive by Megan took Savannahs ha… Read more

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No one knows except them

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Most people aren't even aware we exist but we are a growing number each year walking living sex puppet for our daddies , under our pants , cute panty in cage and plugged we now are 24/7 most wouldn't believe what i wear under my work pants , what daddy boys me and had me wear My neighbor thinks he is a work mate , he act like nothing , very normal and that's why we fall in their game, we become their secret , when no one around to see our pink holes serves as cum receptacle for a strong big black cock he started my training after our first meet, in his car smoking weed after meeting at the… Read more

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Gay Sex at Camp

Gay Male

Gay Sex at Camp Author Steve I was 18 and I decided to go to a month-long camp for the summer to keep me busy. When I got there, I was a little nervous at first, but I made some friends and it was fun. This was the kind of camp where you get assigned to a tent with another person (there was a girls and boys camp, by the way) so I got my tent assignment and I took my things over there. I met my tent buddy, Steve. Steve was 18 too, and he seemed like much of a loner, but he was cool, so we basically became friends right off bat. We hung out together and sat next to each other in the chow-hall a… Read more

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Sindee Lipstick, World Traveler

Lesbian SexFetish

She was truly blessed under a lucky star as Sindee Lipstick found her gorgeous self being whisked away to Sweden to have a tour and sample the delights of the famous Swedish Milk House. She squirmed in her seat as she thought of the images she had only seen online. Titties of mammoth proportions, hanging waist length, bras bursting with over a foot of cleavage, wet leaking nipples creating contouring wet t-shirt spots over huge nipples, and beautiful women over six feet tall. She shuddered with delight and tried to get some sleep, as she'd be arriving in Stockholm in a few hours, sent to inter… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train 3 :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/upskirt-in-train-dutch-5822842 very thanks for who has loaded this video, delicious legs a little open :-P, and very delicious black pantyhose a bit transparent, my favorites :-P, namely this type of pantyhose in this video here above it's really my favorite type of pantyhose, and then with small holes on the knees means they are nice legs tough and knees tough and also the calves powerfuls, and then at the end when she gets up the boy on background that looks her :-P, the best moment it's without dubt from 4.05 to 4.08 when she begins at gets up and opens a bit… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission in train 3 :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/upskirt-in-train-dutch-5822842 very thanks for who has loaded this video, delicious legs a little open :-P, and very delicious black pantyhose a bit transparent, my favorites :-P, namely this type of pantyhose in this video here above it's really my favorite type of pantyhose, and then with small holes on the knees means they are nice legs tough and knees tough and also the calves powerfuls, and then at the end when she gets up the boy on background that looks her :-P, the best moment it's without dubt from 4.05 to 4.08 when she begins at gets up and opens a bit… Read more

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The Reluctant Wife (a Lori & JT story)

MatureFirst Time

"Does your husband know?" I asked her. I was chatting with a beautiful southern lady named Lori I had happened across online. She, like many of us, was spending her day watching videos and fantasizing about the possibilities. Eventually, as I probed her with questions she began to open up to me and tell me little things about herself and her desires. As the days went along we continued to chat and laugh about silly things, like, who picks up guide dog shit, and we explored the idea of a chance meeting. I knew I could make this happen given the opportunity, if she was willing. As the days… Read more

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My wife gives blowjob to a younger co-worker.

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Ok so this is the husband and this is a 100% true story. My wife and I have been together for over 20 years, she keeps herself in great shape, she has a fantastic body with great big tits and is very flirty. I’d also like to add she works with younger men in an office, she is in her mid 40’s and this particular male co worker is 26. My wife has been honest with me and has told me everything all along thats happened with this person and that he flirts with her all the time and makes sexual innuendos and that she sometimes flirts back. I asked her how it made her feel and she said it turned her… Read more

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Neighborhood Adventure 7

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If you have read Adventure story 3, you will remember that our next-door neighbor couples met two gentlemen while out to breakfast. These gentlemen were Pat, and Nick and both admitted to being crossdressed by their wives as they were getting to know Tom and Tina, and Ted and Sophie over breakfast. Pat and Nick were casual acquaintances that morning and they mentioned vacation trips to the cabin where they would play out their crossdressing fantasies. They invited the group up to the cabin two weeks after they met Tom, Tina, Ted, and Sophie, with a weekend meeting before to make plans. This ch… Read more

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Camel Toe Mary

First TimeMature

There was a guy that lived next door to me. We got along most of the time but sometimes he was a major dick. When we got along it was great because they had a large in ground pool and we had alot of fun swimming in it. But it was this guy's mom that really got me. She was not hot, just as average as you could get. But every time I went over to swim this woman would wear a one piece that showed her camel toe. Not a huge one but a camel toe all the same. So I called her camel toe Mary, to myself. And her little nipples would be hard most of the time. Camel toe Mary had small tits, but hard littl… Read more

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Lesbian girl dominated me by pushing the gas pedal


I met Roarie after she called inquiring about a pedal pumping video shoot. I ran an ad on craigslist looking for local fetish models in clearwater to drive and or rev up cars for a video shoot. She was interested and showed up with her girlfriend Leslie. Roarie was not really that sexy at first but once I showed her how to rev up a car and that it would not break the car she was all for pedal pumping. We immediately became best friends and were doing just about everything together minus fucking. We even made halloween horror videos that went virul me playing Michael Myers and her being the in… Read more

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TabooFirst Time

Becky was gorgeous and she used it to torment me. When Becky and her husband moved next door, I fell immediately in lust! She had very long, very silky black hair that I wanted to grab a handful of and never let go. I wanted to wrap it around my cock and stroke it until I shot off all over her gorgeous face. And Becky somehow knew exactly what I wanted to do. The four of us became good friends and would spend two or three evenings together playing Canasta. The whole time she would torment me by throwing her ha… Read more

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The Sleepover Pt.5

TabooMatureGroup Sex

A few days later, I find out how right I am about my sister's intentions with Kristina. Apparently, after I dropped her off at home, mom came into her room and they talked late into the night. According to my sister part of the conversation went like this. "Mom, I want to know how you and dad and the Andrews did this," Lauren asks. "What do you mean?" Mom says sounding fairly perplexed. "I mean were you in separate bedrooms, were all four of you together, did you spend the entire time with Mr. Andrews or did you trade off with dad?" "Honey, I don't think it's appropriate..." Mom says but L… Read more

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