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Your Step Dad Is So Hot

Turning my girlfriends obsession with my steppie to my own bi advantage....

My steppie, Larry had had his youthful moment of fame in the premier league for a season before injury prematurely ended his career with The Knights. He was a nominated rising star and had won best first year pro player; but hey that was like before I was born. Achievements before the world of social media and smart phones don’t count with fashion, tech savvy sluts; and he had basically hidden his early trophies and newspaper clippings in his man-cave. He didn’t make a big deal of the past. He had got on with a degree and business; and beyond the prick not perving on me too much and giving me a generous senior college allowance and the promise of my own car when I graduated, well if he wanted pussy action, he had my mum. Yeah my mum, she had had a crush on Larry years ago, but was back then was the runner up to another chick. But time brought both of them together as mature divorcees.

It was my bestie Janelle who was a big fan of The Knights, who was in awe of the fact I had in my house, a Knight. Well I was derisive, Larry was no knight, no gentleman in my books and why wasn’t J chasing the current crop of recruits. Virile young dudes who would dress her up in their playing tops and hump her senseless, if that’s what it took to get her pussy or arsehole.

No not Janelle, she just had a thing for mature guys. She was one of those rare pretty but dumb blonde creatures that craved mature attention. Liked older guys. Actually way older guys. Not me, I like youthful cock that could spring back into action three or four times in a night, hard and willing. J said no, sustained endurance and control were everything with a pecker.

Endurance, well I was enduring, because Janelle just couldn’t see how much I wanted to explore her body intimately. I didn’t have a bi bone in my body or a bi thought in my head till we brushed naked thighs in a recent volleyball tangle at the net. I just got the hots for Janelle from that. So simple, then I was glancing and peeking at her when ever and where ever I could. Her cute perky boobs, her great butt, those luscious thighs, her delectable camel toe puffiness in tight cotton knickers in the change rooms. But J wasn’t aware of my lust; like my steppie wasn’t aware of Janelle’s for him.

“Your step dad is so hot” said my bestie on the patio in the shade.

It was the spring break before the final exam prep term of college, and it was pointing to a hot summer. We were recently eighteen, chilling out together and planning a night on the town.

Larry was actually in fine physical condition for his age I had to admit as he was moving boxes of stuff from inside to the garden shed. He had shorts and a t-shirt on and from the back, well would have passed for a much younger guy.

“Yeah hot as in sweaty” I gave back.

I was also thinking why move stuff on such a hot day and without help. I realised mum was out with the girls. I equally realised it was his old player mementos; he was putting it all out to pasture; no fuss.

Yet here was what Janelle wanted a mature dude and a knight. Fuck I thought, if that’s my competition for her youthful body, life sucks, majorly sucks.

Then the bottom came out of the cardboard box Larry was carrying. Old medallions, trophies, photos and news clippings s**ttered around. How embarrassing. Not for my steppie, but me.

But there was Janelle bouncing up and going to the rescue, a slut princess rescuing a knight. Oh she was on the hustings, saw her chance and took it. The wanton bitch was physically in his face, on her knees like him, collecting up stuff.

Then he registered the look in her eyes, she was more than helping him. Here was a girl wanting a helping hand on her body and completely cock ready for an older guy. The minx was shameless. It was nubile sex entrapment. Talk about a near jealous hizzy fit from me. How could my bestie hit on my steppie in front of me?

Of course Janelle the conniving tart made sure there wasn’t room in the box for everything that had fallen out. The slattern offering to carry a couple of items to the shed.

I wanted nothing to do with my steppie. But I was intrigued by how far both of them would go for it in the shed.

After they went in it together; I went up to the window and peered in. Well I wanted to see Janelle’s passionate kissing technique and imagine it was me with her.

The brassy, brash and brazen trollop was way ahead of me. My steppies dacks were down and his cock was enjoying being worked up by my bestie’s mouth. Her sucking skills were outrageously proficient though. A full slurp and a very nice salivary slide action and a teasing knob suck and tongue tip lick. I was watching and rubbing myself through my shorts. I wanted that tongue teasing my clit.

Oh fuck it; the wicked wild saucy missy with mature tastes was then letting my arsehole steppie lick her pussy. He just yanked her shorts and knickers to the side, sitting her up on the workbench. Her beautiful shaved pink glistening flapettes and her nubby protruding obvious clitty meeting his tongue, not mine.

He was licking and fingering and sucking her pussy and bringing her arsehole into the action too. A finger probing her tight pink crack while she cooed in pleasure. The dirty pair.

Larry got her off the bench. Took her shorts and knickers off and spread her arse cheeks, then the sod was kneeling , licking her spread arsehole from behind. I could see the satisfaction rising on Janelle’s happy face as her arsehole was pleasure teased. God I wanted to lick and finger her arse. It should have been me.

Then the bastard invited her to ride his cock as he positioned himself on the floorboards. His cock erect and waiting for my bestie’s pussy to slide down and accept it inside herself.

Her body was instantly spiked, skewered and impaled by a power pumping pecker. Fuck the sod had some energy. He had kept in shape. I was frickin impressed with his implosive effort inside her. It was stunning mutual gyrations. A mix of youthful grind and mature pulverization.

There was no way I wasn’t getting involved. I didn’t want my steppie in me but I was so desperate to touch Janelle. I was sure I could unleash her hidden natural bi tendencies, given the chance.

It was actually Larry’s eyes that nearly popped out of his head and his throbbing temple explode and his cock cum prematurely in Janelle because I was over the top of his face , pushing my pussy straight into Janelle’s open moaning mouth. I reduced her to muffles as she fully sampled my wet cunt hole so readily, no hesitation. She was a bi tramp. I knew it.

Even if she hadn’t licked and sucked on pussy before, she knew what to do. She buried her face and her delving tongue in and over my girly details. My pussy smashing back into her mouth and face. I was so damn excited. I was racing to a quick climax. So fast. I’d never speed cummed before. It was sensational.

Larry just groaned but obviously recaptured his rhythm. Janelle was being buffeted from below and pushed and shoved by my pubic mound and proffered pussy from above. I shed frickin tears of joy as I yelped in a guttural quaking climax. So frickin massive. So what I needed. Yet I didn’t withdraw my slit and clit from her tongue; I wanted more of the same immediately.

It was adult Larry who seized the opportunity of his mature life. He urged Janelle back on the bench. The bitch was star eyed and pussy happy; she’d do anything for him. And was overwhelmed by me.

“Let Casey lick you out “he said.

I needed to hear no more. I was in my sexual element. Her pussy was my playground and boy did I get to the fun parts fast. I was rampant in my approach. I spread her opening fully and stretched her out extravagantly. My tongue went exploring every nook and flesh cranny of her girly zone with my sweeping flicking tongue. She purred. She purred. Flesh acquiescent to my nibbling and darting rifling tongue. I was attentive to every detail. She endorsed my approach. We were locked in mutual, lavish, lush lust.

Of course Larry got into my arse with his tongue once I was fully committed to Janelle’s leaking honey pot. I loved her tacky girl cum mixed with my saliva, spread frickin everywhere it counted. I lapped into her opening with a new ferocity as Larry pressed his tongue tip around and around my tight arse rim. It was so good. I was giving my best and I was receiving probably better. Geez; Larry was a skilled manipulative arsehole bastard.

I was finger fucking Janelle. She was moaning now. I was delving three fingers deep. Her pussy a squelching, dribbling and then leaking wonderland of delight for two. Her and me. Then I went feral and furious, with four fingers because Larry had his cock in my arse. And he knew what he was doing. I could see why Janelle liked matures. He had entry poise. So bloody cock assured as he eased in. He let my arsehole luxuriate in its slow initial exploration. I was relaxed and felt comfortable with his push and expansion. My arse felt sensational. Then the knowing prick pushed and tugged. Drawing my arsehole out with his cock and tightly clenching my ring as he plied into my depths.

Then I got the complete ‘arse bad-ass’, but only when he knew I was ready. And I did bad-ass too but only when I knew Janelle was pussy gaped ready. I four fingered duck fisted my bestie because my arse really got it. I just did. She was so surprised. She just had that wincy groan like I did. I duck shaped my fingers and thumb and they disappeared into her pleading accepting true whorette hole. It was naughty and right at the same time like Larry’s cock setting off pleasure spasms in my arse. Larry was dedicated to a pulsating jagging cock pummelling that had me thinking I’d split open in happiness. I winced too but the groans of pleasure were stronger.

My arse was bullied, crushed, probably bruised. Hell I was doing as worse to Janelle. Yet pleasure fixated us all, we couldn’t withdraw from our actions. Our bodies would have rebelled against it. Janelle needed a climax. Fuck I gave her one. A frickin fat four finger masterpiece. My thumb pressing on her clit. While nothing short of cock maneuvering genius was applied to my arse by Larry.

Janelle exploded in fem-joy. Her body gave her no choice. She was basically slut mini-fisted. I was bad-ass anally carved out by a prodigious cock at work. I craved every push in. I marvelled with and chased every tug out. My arse loved the cock in it like I hadn’t really appreciated anal sex before. Oh I knew true anal sex now like Janelle knew her bi whore self. I chased my own orgasm back and forth along his stunning cock working my arse a true full scale indulgence.

But while we all got what we wanted in the shed, Janelle was right, there was something about mature guys, they were actually hot. Well Larry was a hot shot up my arse.

Larry made us both kneel and take his warm spunk in our sassy saucy slutty mouths....

I easily accepted the unusual ménage because it meant I got Janelle regular. My steppie didn’t care; he got two tarts at once. And blonde J, she really liked her mature guy but she developed a quick indistinguishable bi liking for me or at least a rude appetite for a humdinger of a fisting.
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That is so fucking HOT!  Guy
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very good.. all 3 got what they lusted for
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