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I awoke because a huge cock head was forcing its way into my asshole! It was my boyfriend Tylar and he was on top of me I could feel his cheek stubble chaffing the side of my neck...I said " You couldn't do this last night? You know I haven't purged myself yet right?" Tylar just grunted when his black dick wanted ass-pussy there was no denying him! "I woke up hard saw your ass sticking up and decided to fuck it just shut up and take it bitch!" He said he knows I like it when he talks nigger to me so I raised my ass up higher and said "Go for it then but don't blame me if it gets dirty!" He said "I'll take my chances!" He was horny okay I get it and a hard cock has no common sense! He pushed himself into my anus and I groaned as he stretched me super wide like he always does I met him a week ago at a club he came up to me on the dance floor rubbing his cock into my jiggling ass I took him home and we fucked that night and he has fucked me every night since then except last night when he stayed out too late and I fell asleep...
His cock slid into me and I could feel some resistance in there and his cock began pushing yesterdays processed food farther up my ass making room for his cock it got pushed in real deep as his twelve inch black boner filled my little white boy ass oh god but it felt wonderful and I begged him to fuck me so like a gentleman he did!

His cock began to pound my ass and I felt him deep fucking me like he knows I like my asshole gripping his cock tightly I could hear squishy sucking sounds coming from back there I think it turns him on to hear that because he always fucks me harder when my ass is juicy I was bouncing off the bed as his cock had its way with me and my own cock was hard and rubbing against the pillow I had slid down to raise up my ass I began to moan and go UHH UHH UHH and I felt an orgasm building in my own horny balls Tylar then gave it to me full bore and he roared as he came "SHHHHHH you'll wake the neighbors!" I whispered "Fuck Them Bitches! They'll just be jealous!" Tylar growled into my ear as he shot his cum load deep into my upraised ass...when he finished he lay on top of me for a while then slid his cock out of my ass slowly...He got up and looked at his cock and said "Dammit Ho you gave me shitcock!" I said "Told you I would baby!" "Come on let me clean that up for you...I took his dirty cock in my hand and led him to the bathroom yup he had my shit on his cock all right well its not like I didn't warn him or anything!!! I got him over to the sink and began to wash it off with some nice soap I bought it smelled good and I lathered his cock with it stroking it clean he got hard again so I just kept stroking until he came again squirting his load onto the bottom of the bowl "Now look what you did!" I joked "You dirtied up my nice clean sink!" "What are you going to do about it?" I asked with my hand on my hip he just grinned and said don't worry I'll clean it!" He took his hand off my ass and grabbed the back of my long hair and forced my head into the sink bowl he made me lick up all his thick nasty cum and when I was finished he pulled my head out pointed to the sink and said "There it's clean happy now!" I licked the last of his cum off my lips and said "Very happy!" Then I kissed him on the mouth he hates to taste his own cum and said "YUK!" when I finished kissing him "Serves you right!" I giggled now get out so I can try to get out the stuff you pushed so far up my ass I shoved him out the door and got on the toilet and it didn't take long before it slid down from up inside to where I could finally get it out I giggled as I watched that deformed turd swirling around the bowl that horny bastard paid for his sin I gave him shitcock ha ha ha! Maybe he will think twice next time but I doubt it!

Never,THE END!
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Giving someone shitcock is more fun than getting it I think but that depends on what you like!
When you bareback you take your chances!
10 months ago