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Written 20 years ago - Future for Males

(an old story, I just found - about the future)

1995 Dr. E Bircumshaw mastered the complexity of human DNA.
Actually, she found the DNA of female homo sapiens too complex to discern,
but the male genetic material was easily reproducible and alterable. On
submitting her research to the National Organization for Women's top brass,
she was granted 100 billion in secret research and development funds.

The secret R&D group was known as FATHOM Females Administrating the
Harnessing of Man). Funding had come from from the overhead of the
gynecological corporations, whose CEO's were long standing members of NOW.
(Who would notice a 5 cent./yr annual increase in feminine hygiene, and who
would ask??).

Operationg under the guise of the Planned Parenthood organisation, the
FATHOM distributed two new d**gs. One type caused polio in 50% of fetal
males, and was spread though birth control bill distribution. The public
scare reached national headlines, and an antedote was thus distributed
publically to all subsequent pregnant females one year later. The "miracle
d**g" antedote successfully wiped out the epidemic, but additional
"proprietary" compounds (approved by the FDA after a****l testing) had
interesting long term effects . . . . . . ..

Dr. Bircumshaw had made some discoveries it the female DNA. She
discovered the composition of phermones in females and how they were
produced. The reaction was catalysed by Compound J. It was proposed by
other leading engineers that a new male species could be made dependent on
phermones with alterations to the DNA structure. Also, the elimination of a
Glycine from a precise spot in the pituitary gland DNA would decrease
adrenal and steroidal output by 5%. Her map of male DNA also allows FATHOM to increase sexual function and indirectly augment suoh stimulus to the cerebullum.

As a result of the genetic tinkering, future members of the species grew
smaller, more timid, yet had an dramatically increased sex drive, such that
it interfered with daily activities. Also the new males were entirely
dependent on females, since the impressed "phermone dependency caused them to suffer painful and frequently deadly withdrawal symptoms if denied exposure to the open pores of females.

After the President enacted an all-out conventional war in Asia, where
women were still not allowed in combat, a draft of all able bodied men transferred the male population to the conflict. 40 million American men were
eliminated when Red China called for an all-out nuclear blitz which the president was ready for and defeated by incinerating that continent with our military still there.
April 15, 2005). American women now outnumbered men by 3 to 1, and
in the 1-40 age group outnumbered them 10 to 1. Congress and the Supreme
court consisted of 95% females, after the following November election. HOW
had replaced the Republican and Democratic parties. It had, however split
on some policies.

In 2010, America became fed up with the tradition of marriage, since
surviving males encountered (and could take advantage of) the dearth of
unmarried, lonely women. Marriage was abolished, but as a rider on the
ammendment, the 35th ammendment required all males to donate sperm to
federal supply centers annually, as it was determined that every woman has
an inalienable right to bear c***dren. The protests of men fell on the deaf
ears of the lonely female majority, who were fed up with the infidelity of
their spouses.

When the Seed Production Agency became privatized and commercial
contractors had assumed most of the workload, the work of FATHOM was
destroyed in an office fire, and the public took very little notice.(2050)

Since special interest groups were eliminated by the 31st ammendment,
males slowly lost all voice in democracy, and found sparse sympathy from
their delegates. Those men who raised their voice the loudest were placed
in federal automated prisons, were they suffered painfull, yet mysterious
deaths that only the good doctor E truly understood. Other dissenters of
a 2055 organized revolt were ostracized from society, where they met similar
fates. The 21st century man was 5 feet tall, weighed 110 pounds and was
psyohophysiologically dependent upon women.

The USA continued its role as world protector in the 21st century, and
the international arm of FATHOM spread similar plagues to other countries.
By 2103, all international borders were taken down, and a new “Pax feminina
had begun.

Prison reform in 2080 brought the modern milk factory into existence.
Instead of letting the inmates die a slow death, the inmates were turned
into a resource. To keep public opinion in check, the inmates lost their
identity, but were continuously exposed to the guards and thus given the
opportunity for life. That is, they were overexposed to the guards who were
100% female) so that they might produce seed for reproduction in support of
the 35th ammendment. Those that would not produce were sent to the
automated "death camps" as they became known.

The prison system had by 2110 become so efficient that the private
sector was pushed out of the business, despite technological improvements such as anabolics to increase genital size and organ secretions, mind
implants, and mechanical enhancers ustilising vacuum, vibrational, and
electronic stimulants. The R&D had been government subsidised, and 25% of
all males were used in the 40 year study. But the private sector could not
compete with the prison system, where the raw material was free, and the
latest technology was used.

Since history was still kept up, the citizenry of the world could see
how much better off was the world in the 22nd century. Most women, not
having any relation with the minority males, except as entertainment, found
it easy to blame the problems of the 20th century on men. "Cow jokes" ’
became the rage as the simpering, dependent, salivating man was a pathetic
creature to the everyday citizen. It was no suprise when in 2150, men were
determined not to be mentally capable of making decisions for thier own good
(Usually they voted for the candidate withthe best legs), and they were
finally denied the right to vote or hold public office (which they didn't
have anyway).

The Act of 2150 (quickly ammending into the Bill of Rights in 2151)
accomplished the following:

* Women over the age of 15 have the right to vote or hod public

* Women have the right to bear arms.

* Women have the right of free speech.

* Women have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of

Courts were quick to point out that man wasnt mentioned in these
rights, though they were given due process and other rights not abolished by
the 36th ammendment.

Pregnant women,(who 93% of the time utilized artificial insemination as
the method of fertilization) had a horrible fear of bearing a male c***d,
who was nothing like them (the "new family“) and would just grow up "stupid"
and i****tuous. Early diagnosis could prevent the birth of a new male, but
a better method was found in the screening of sperm. In fact, by 2160 the
government realized that the male population wculd dwindle to less than 1%
by 2200, putting a great strain on the federal supply. There was only one
option: dig up the work of Dr Bircumshaw and surrogately produce a male
with maximum efficiency. By paying 1000 women 10 million dallars apiece,
1200 of these creatures were produced. Essentially these were purely seed
producers, as their genitals were almost directly connected to the central
nervous system and the digestive system. Their ear1y growth rate was
increased so that they could be put "on-line" rapidly, and they were
concitioned to respond to (as all males) phermones, latex, nylon, silk,
lycra, and any curvy feminine visual, or aural stimulant. They developed to
the mental ability of a chimpanzee, but still produced the high quality
chromosome seed of their ancestors ( in the XX chromosome mode). In fact,
the new creature carried few male sex-linked characteristics. This would be
a geneticists nightmare, axcept that there was a sufficient gene pool in the
female side to continue the evolutionary process, which developed strong
supra—intelligent women who had completely domineered the planet. In the
event that one of the units "failed", there was still sufficient male
genetic material to be used or altered to synthesize a new one.

Eventually there became a market for male slaves (Beta males for work, since Alpha males were produced for sexual satisfaction and eye candy), and surrogate women
would be easily convinced to have a male c***d to give away, provide the
male genetic material could be found. Many modern circuses featured them
for entertainment of various types.

Beta Males were far too small to do womens' work, and most could not concentrate long enough to hold a job, unless it was as a butler or as a sperm donor. (END)

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