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Window Shopping

I at the time was living in Lewiston, Maine. One day I went to check my messages act a particular BDSM site. I had seen that I had gotten some mail. It was from a woman whom said she really enjoyed some of my pics on my profile. We talked and she had mentioned to me she was a swinger. Along with herself and her husband. She had expressed the idea several times during the conversation that she wanted to meet. I said no. I explained to her that swinging in and of itself is not the same as bdsm.

There are those unfamiliar with bdsm thinking it is all about sex and nothing more. I won't get into it here. But possibly in another writing. Anyway she professed that she understood. I told her not everything can be completely understood especially in such a short amount of time. I could easily tell is all she wanted to do was fuck. Now don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with that. But it was not what I was looking for at that time. Just regular what we in the D/'s term vanilla sex (non-kinky).

As the days went by She still tried to contact me. So I had and idea, after she continued trying to contact me to meet me for several weeks. I messaged her. I said I will meet you. But only under one condition. Yet she shouted, that's fine where do you want to meet. I told her first I want you to put on a skirt. I asked her do you have one. She replied yes. I told her then a skirt and high heel shoes. Make sure you look nice. I could hear her excitement over the phone. We will meet at the public library in one hour. She said fine. I hung up the phone and went about my business because I myself could walk to the Lewiston Public Library from where I lived it would only take about 15 minutes.

After taking care of somethings I needed to do I proceeded to the library. The library has glass windows that give anyone clear visibility from outside of the library inside. I was across the street from the library. I could see her from across the street but at that point she did not see me. I called her on my phone. She said where are you are you close? I said yes very close. In fact I am across the street.. She looked and I waved . She said well come inside. I said no. I told her imagine I am window shopping and if what I am looking t looks good enough then I will come inside. She said oh alright. The I told her to walk around the isles of books. I could still see her from across the street as I told her what to do next. As she was between the isles to bend over. Prior also I told her not to wear any panties.

She obliged all my request. So then I went inside. I sat down at a table in the reading room. I could tell she was very excited that i was there. As she kept smiling at me. She attempted to reach and touch my hand. I got up. She said where are you going. I said I will be right back. Stay here. Lewiston, Maine is a small town. With a library that sufficient for such a small town. With one bathroom. Which is on the second floor. When requesting to use the bathroom patrons are given the key. The bath is to be used by men or women. There is only one bathroom. I went to the desk on the second floor and asked for the key. The librarian gave it to me. Then I proceeded back to the first from the second.

I told her. Listen I want you to go to the bathroom. In five a few minutes. I will be inside. I told her to give a specific knock at the door so I know it was her. I went to the bathroom then waited for her knocks. Which I did here. I opened the door and told her to get inside. Locking the door behind her. She walked in the the modest sized bathroom. I could hear the impact of her heels to the floor.

I asked her what did she really want. She looked down to my crouch. She said I want your cock. I moved my hands behind me. I said show me how much you want it. I am not just going to give it to you. She dropped her purse. Stepped forward. And begin to undo my belt then unzipped my pants. Reached and started sucking it feverishly.

As my cock began getting hard in her wet mouth I grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bathroom sink. With no panties and a short skirt I did not even have to life up. Oh... Yes.... Yes she moaned as the head of my cock was now at the gates of her pussy. As I teased her even more. Then I just slammed all of it in her. Yes....... Yes. Yes.Yes. she replied. As I counted pulling it out very slow. letting her wet pussy feel every inch then slamming it forcefully and quick inside of her. I was not long before she came. But I didn't. I told her to get on her knees and finish me off.

Without hesitation she got on her knees and grabbed my now hard throbbing cock and began sucking it as she looked in my eyes. I grabbed my cock out of her mouth and began slapping her face with it. Her face taking the full impact of my cock. Then shoving it back in her mouth as she continued to suck. Then I was ready to cum. And I didi all over your face and hair and the blouse she was wearing. She had rather large breast and she was wearing a top that complimented her cleavage. I zipped up my pants, then buckled my belt. washed my hands then unlocked the door. I looked out saw no one. Then told her goodbye. She walked down the stair from the second to the first floor. With cum in her hair on her face and top.

Before I let her out she asked me. Will I ever see you again. I gave no answer. Went back to the librarians desk on the second floor. Returned the key and left. She called me very often. But I never ever returned her call. Or messages from the particular website I was one. She never heard form me again. The end.
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WOW, now that's what I call used and abused.. I'd filled her pussy with cream.. as well just to make a point.
10 months ago