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wife used as BBC toy

We had been playing with being Dom and Sub to each other. She recently tied me up and put a chastity device on my cock. It sucked! She would take it off only if I was completely restrained. She would tie me up, remove it then take me close to cumming, but never let me go. She once tied me up and instead of servicing me, she had one of her black bulls come over and fucked him for a few hours. She had me clean her up, but no boom boom.

One night I was able to restrain her. I was still locked up, but I decided it was time to act out like a good little subby. I tied her hands behind her back. I ripped off her panties, rolled her over and ate her pussy for an hour. She came repeatedly. I got her to think all was fine, just riding the line.

I put on her a new pair of panties. These had a vinyl sheath that went into her snatch. It was basically an internal condom. I had planned this out earlier. I set up a gangbang with one of her thug bulls. He showed her no respect, just fucked her and split. He was to get a few guys together and meet us at an old house that was for sale.

I took wifey to this old house. I got the keybox code from our real estate agent. I had setup a small futon and some pillows inside. She thought we were going to get freaky. She didn't put up much debate. I got her bent over the futon. I lubed up my hand and started fingering the sheath inside her. She wiggled a little and let out a few giggles. I told her to wait there and got up and left. She was tied to the futon and couldn't move much. I went outside. Her bull showed up with an Escalade full of guys. I said she's all yours and left for half an hour.

I came back to check on her. She was grunting , growling, and cumming non stop. I got in front of her. She cussed me out and kept cumming. The guys were fucking the shit out of her. We talked for a minute and I left again. I went to get her a bottle of water. When I came back she was still cumming. She was begging for more. She was loving every minute. I noticed the amount of guys in the room had increased. Hell, there were guys in other rooms. I asked her main bull what was up. He laughed and said she's getting what she asked for. I heard her in the main room asking for two guys to fuck her. What a whore! I went in to tease her. She laughed at me and said I can't fuck her properly.I spit in her face and laughed at her. I called her a fuck pig and went into the other room. An hour or so later, she was grunting but not talking much. I checked on her. She was crossed eyed and drooling. She looked at me. I got close to her face. I smiled and called her a whore. She focused, grinned then her head started bobbing.I looked behind her, another guy was fucking her. I went back into the kitchen. Then she started screaming.

"Aaahhhh fuck! Its too big! Fuck! Uhuhuhuhuhuh damnit its too fucking big!" She kept yelling, but would also grunt and cum. I looked at the guy. He was crazy huge. I didn't think a person's cock could get that big. He was ramming her without care. She was wailing. After he came I noticed not much cum was coming out of the sheath. I checked her panties. Someone had pulled the sheath out and cut it open with a knife. My wife had been taking tons of cum in her pussy. This last guy had probably seeded directly into her womb. I asked her if she knew what was going on. She laughed and told me to clean it up. I told that may not be happening so soon. I went out and threw the guys a bottle of lube. I told them to keep her fed and hydrated and I would be back for her later.

I didn't come back until the next morning. She was asleep, but still bent over the futon. She was filthy. Her hair was filled with dry cum, her face was covered. Her pussy was crusty with cum. I woke her up. I spit in her face again. I asked her if she learned a lesson. She just stared. I released her hands. She grabbed my balls. She wouldn't let go. She led me out of the house and didn't stop squeezing them until we got home. She tied me up then beat me. She kicked my ass! She made me lick her used body clean. It took all day. Then she fucked my ass mercilessly. She used a huge dildo. I could barely walk for days. She milked my prostate which I was forced to drink.

I liked acting out. The price was was worth the show. My wife is a black cock whore fuck pig slut.
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