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Wife pays her bills by being a Strippe ( continued

To bring you up to date wife went crazy with bills now she starts working at a strip club to pay her bills off. She is at home a getting ready to start her new job . She is in bathroom and she has finished shaving Hera pussy and is ready and waksmoutnand starts to get dressed . I look at her and watch her and say are you sure about this ? She says I need to pay thes bills. She is dressed in a sweat suit and sneakers and has her pull along bag as she walks to me and kisses me.mi ask do you want me to come down later? She says ok but let me get a few set under my belt ok. She drives off it is about 6:30 so I get a beer and watch some tv. She arrives at the club and walks in and the owner says ok you are the 1st one to go on at 8 so get with the do and get your music and get dressed. I get the songs logged in and go to the dressing room . I look around and see all the young girls one prettier than the other most all have enhancements I am natural one of the girls walks over and say welcome. She sits and explains that you dance 2 dances they you walk the floor naked getting tips and hopefully they will ask for a lap dance or private room dance. Did the boos go over your monies you need to pay the bouncers and bartenders and house I said yes. I look at clock I go on in 10 mins. I slide off chair and strip and then put on a very small thong and boy shorts then my tiny top and blous and Don my 5" stripper heels with makeup on . I hear my music and I walk on to the stage. Hardly anyone their so I dance the first song and remove tops and then as second dance starts I remove my bottoms. I crawl around the bar for some tips and the guys put their dollars between my tits and I give them a thrill and squeeze them grabbing their dollar. I song ends and I walk off stage and then walk the floor several guys give me dollars and then one say he wants a lap dance. I s ok I will be right back I tell him. I go to back and get dressed and put the money in my locker. I return and take I'm too the lap,dance area and collect the fee. I say sit down and I straddle him grinding my pussy covered by thong into his crotch. I feel his cock growing and I stand and turn and bend and place my ass on his lap. He grabs my ass. I turn if you want more it will cost you. He say no. I finish the song and say thank you I watch as he stands and he has a wet spot I,laugh to my self. I walk back to the club walking around and then an older guy walks up to me and says private dance. I look at him and see it is my husbands boss I so ok he say I hope you are good so I do not have to fire your husband. I say let's not discuss business. He buys us both drinks and we walk the the private area where the bouncer says you have half hour I will let you know when you have 5 minutes left. I get there and we walk to the last booth and close the door. I take a big drink and turn to him and start to sway and remove my top he sits down and I straddle him and move my tits and he licks my nipples and then he nipples on one. I get turner on he the says looks you thong I stand and slide it off . I turn and back my ass son to his lap and I feel him run his hands over my ass. He then starts to explore my she and pussy and ass. It feels great. He then says stand up and kneel I turn and he undoes his zipper and out comes his cock and then he says time for you to earn your money I kneel and is slide my lips past the head down the shaft to the base no hard I work on it and it grows and I feel him loving it . He say ok don't forget my ballsmhe says.mimslide of and take his balls in my mouth and stroke his cock as I suck his balls. If eel,he is ready to blow so,I give his cock a few licks and then he says he wants to cum in my mouth. I say ok and then he tightens up and then omg he unloads the largest load I have ever taken in my mouth it had to be at least 6 spurts filling my mouth trying to hold it so I can spit it out. But too much I swallow his load. O feel some drip on my tits I take my finger and clean off and suck it off my finger. The then says just as the bouncer knocked and says 5 minute. I start to dress and he says that I was wonderful. I say thanks. We walk out and back to club and as we walk thru door my husband is standing their. I smile and his boss looks and say you are a lucky guy and then he says see me Monday at work. I give wife a peck on cheek and she then goes back stage and soon Ashe has another set. This time a lot more people and she does her set and then I have a drink and watch as she goes back 5 times to the lap dance area and 3 times to the private area. I leave and get home. I am in bed and her her enter bedroom and I ask how did it go she said she was bushed she said she made $625.00 I said what did you do. She said that she was a true slut anal twice, 4 blowjobs and 3 fucks and she had several proposals for outside of the club for parties. She showered and climbed in bed and so we were fucking our brains out and soon we both fell asleep in each others are,s. She continues to work at the club but has also been doing private parties.
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