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Wife Gets Blacked in Jamaica

My wife and I never talked about it. I'm really not sure how it became a thing with us either. It's possible she saw the porn I always had on my computer. I think years ago she saw some stories that I had printed out and read them. She never acted on them, nor talked to me about what was in them, but if she read them, she knew what I was reading and jerking off to. While I don't think that was the sole reason we went down this road, I believe it planted a seed in her mind that percolated over the years. I'm also pretty certain that she already had a latent desire herself and more and more comments and small actions showed that it was becoming something she was having trouble hiding.

Cuckolding me. Cuckolding me with a black man. That's the unspoken thing between us. I jerk off to that kind of porn.

She has always had a thing for black men. Small comments over knowing someone for 30 plus years; she has never openly commented that a white guy is good looking for example. She has commented many times on how handsome she found several black men and there have been times where she has actually danced with black men when having too much to drink. There have been other times as well where it looked to me that she was openly teasing me with the possibility of going through with, but at the same time, making it just innocent enough that she wasn't doing anything out of order at all. But when you add up the number of times and the number comments and the increasing frequency of those times, it was becoming apparent to me that she was only a short step away from actually going through with it.

For my part, I didn't even need porn any more. A couple pictures of her photo-shopped onto a woman with a similar looking body with a black man and a couple of odd shots we have with her posing with a couple of black men starts me off. Then all I have to do is think about her comments and actions and go from there. I admit that I am obsessed with it. It seems she is as well. I knew all that was needed was time and opportunity. We finally got both when we went to Jamaica.

A long needed vacation on a supposedly very mellow island. I avoided booking at one of the big resorts so we could hang with the locals. I selected a small but well rated hotel that seemed to be out of the way. It was advertised as being very clean, safe and respectable. When we got there, we found that there always seemed to be a mix of guests, locals and ex-patriots from everywhere. In short the place was just what we needed. People openly smoking weed pretty much everywhere and the place had a relaxed atmosphere al the time and a very Jamaican feel.

It took a couple days to for us to seem to mellow out; the weed helping a lot on that account. We spent the first few days lounging on the beach and doing nothing out of the ordinary, except my wife Joyce did seem to be taking a lot of pictures of the locals. She kept on commenting that what she really needed was a good shot of a Rasta to bring home. If you don't know, in Jamaica, there is quite a bit of sexual tourism. While some white men do come and get hooked up with local women, the more prevalent and less predatory version are middle aged white women taking in a local black man, called a rent-a rasta during their stay. When that occurs, the black men usually live and stay with the white woman and she pays for everything while the rent-a- cock rasta just fucks them as much as they can stand. It's actually a pretty simple arrangement.

My wife knew all about them because I made a point of showing her some web sites and printing out some material for her to read about it before we left. I couldn't resist prodding her along. For her part, she told a lot of her friends about it and even asked me to tell people about it when we were together and I knew that now that we were here, it wa definitely on her mind.

Anyway, now for the obligatory description of ourselves. We are both in our early 40's. We married right out of college and started our family right away. Joyce is a sexy brunette, was a great mom and she still has a great body with just a little paunch, but a perfect ass and nice medium sized still firm but not rock solid tits. She is a full bodied woman. She is somewhat old fashioned and has some hair between her legs but it's not an out of control jungle, just a nice little triangle trimmed to be concealed in her bathing suit. She is still drop dead sexy to me and while she thinks she is getting old – I keep on telling her that no one else thinks so. In a couple of rare times when she expressed her wildest fantasy, she has hinted about wanting to be taken and fucked by another man and I have always told her that I would love it.

Now with the k**s finally out of the house – we have time to get away alone, something we haven't done for years. Like I said; time and opportunity. Anyway, after a few days, we were totally relaxed and maybe even a little bored. We hadn't had sex yet on this trip and the truth is that we really hadn't had sex for a long time. Things just kept getting in the way and the couple times she was really horny and let me know that she wanted it, unfortunately was at a time when I had just jerked off so I pretty much couldn't do it for her. Totally frustrated, she actually went off to the guest room mumbling about how bad she needed to get fucked. I lurked outside the door and was positive I could hear her soft moans and figured that she did herself. I sure do wish I could have watched that.

The hotel had a big party on Saturday night. It was actually advertised on the web for having a great party. They always had music and some type of other entertainment, in this case it was a live reggae band that was followed by an African drumming demonstration. It was a typical Jamaican night – 82 degrees and very humid. Even with the ceiling fans cranked up in the outdoor venue, it was hot and sweaty to say the least. We got there early and got a table right in front. I was eager to see the show and it turned out there were a few shows I was interested in seeing that night.

The band came on and was very good. Of course the black rasta lead had my wife's complete attention. Her stare accompanied by her standard comment that "He's so handsome!" started me wondering just how far tonight might go. Would something finally happen or would she stop short as usual?

The African Drummers and dancers were next and to say they were fabulous would be an understatement. They were all black men, big, muscular and handsome, all of them! They wore a sort of short pajama bottom and nothing else. Accompanied by two women dancers also very scantily clad the combined effect was nothing short of primal. The thumping drums and the frenzied dancing of the scantily clad black men and women seemed like an aphrodisiac to most in the crowd.

Joyce was captivated and there seemed to be one of the black men in particular that caught her eye. Whenever one of the African drummers had a lead part – they would step forward and that was when Joyce's camera starting taking video as well as a lot of still shots. I thought I could actually see Joyce squirming in her seat as she watched and took pictures.

It was very loud, but I was certain that I heard her say to me, "That one right there, he's the one I want." When I asked her to repeat herself, she wouldn't and just remained silent, but she was still fixated on him. I had my hand on her back, gently caressing her, but also applying gentle pressure hoping to let her know that she had my permission by pushing her forward and towards him.

For her part, her stare never left him. I think she was trying to get his attention, knowing that if she looked away, he might miss her intent. At one point she commented that there wasn't really anyone in the crowd that these guys would be interested in (it did seem to be an older crowd). While continuing my permissive caresses I whispered in her ear and told her that she was totally hot enough for any of these guys to want her. I don't know what more I could have done short of telling her to go ahead and fuck him!

The show actually was quite long. These guys were working hard and their flawless black skin glistened with a sheen of perspiration. It was like they were working towards a massive group orgasm.

I was just sitting there watching this very erotic display, wishing my wife would understand that I would be happy to let her have this experience. I nuzzled and kissed her neck, all the while caressing her back, letting my hand drift lower towards her soft and fabulous ass. Maybe u*********sly, I was hoping to warm her up, or help in her arousal so that she would either be unable to resist the possibility of mating with this extremely virile black man or that she would simply take the lead and let him know that she could be his tonight. No matter what, my dick was hard as a rock while I sat there.

She finally noticed me adjusting my confined erection and slowly moved her hand into my lap to confirm my excitement. then she turned her head to look at me and search my face for the answers she needed. I just stared at the object of her desire a moment; feeling her eyes upon me, just long enough to make sure she could see what I was looking at and then, before she could look away, I turned to look into her beautiful eyes and smiled at her as she still held my hard little penis in her hand.

No words were needed. She wanted him and she knew that I wanted her to have him. We both returned our attention to him. Our expressions must have changed, or maybe he had watched our brief silent exchange, but one thing for sure, he now seemed to know that she was his for the taking.

For his next solo, he moved directly in front of us. He danced and ground his hips just a few feet in front of Joyce this time and her gaze went up and down his body, but stayed for an extended time on his crotch, and for a good reason. Apparently the only thing he was wearing was the thin shin length bottoms and bouncing against the cloth – down by his left knee!! – was the head of his huge black cock. When Joyce saw it and realized how big his cock must be, gasped and I have to admit that when I saw it, my mouth hung open. Wow – I guess he really IS the one I thought!

For the balance of the show, he made frequent eye contact with my wife and often with me as well. At first I wasn't sure why, until I realized that he knew I was her husband and he was looking to see what my reaction was going to be. I was sure that she was not the first white wife that came to the island looking to fuck a black man and I'm sure that he also knew that I wasn't the first cuckold husband that was here to watch either. He just seemed to want to make sure that I was as OK with this as my obviously aroused wife was.

Once I realized that he needed a signal, I stroked her shoulder and smiled at him, giving him a slight nod. My heart was racing and I was physically shaking. This was happening. This wasn't a fantasy. This was reality. I knew that something could still go wrong and it might not happen, but we had never gone this far down the road before. We had the time and opportunity and unless something changed, I felt sure that this was really going to happen and soon.

Finally the show ended. I saw a lot of couples get up and leave sure that they would be adjourning to their rooms to burn off some of the sexual passion generated by the night. The emcee thanked the audience and told the crowd that the players would remain if anyone wanted to talk with them. Joyce looked at me for one last confirmation of my permission to proceed and I leaned in and kissed her cheek gently and softly pushed on her back to get out of her chair.

She stood up still looking at me. My hand lowered to her round and perfect ass. I caressed her bottom while she smiled at me somewhat nervously. Once again, I pushed at her bottom and then she somewhat reluctantly, started off in the direction of the band, occasionally looking back over her shoulder at me to see if I was following, maybe to see if I would change my mind. She would later tell me that she was still partly unbelieving that I had in fact given her permission to stray from our vows and that is why she kept looking back – she had to be sure that it would be alright to cuckold me, and in a very public way. After all, this was a very small resort and the employees and other guests would almost certainly know that my wife was available and had my permission to get fucked by this native Jamaican black man.

Just an aside on this topic – this happens pretty frequently in Jamaica, especially in the part of the island where we were staying. that was one of the reasons I had picked it. It was so closely integrated with the locals, and with everyone knowing what goes on here, I figured that no one would judge us unfairly for what we were doing. The locals and the guests would be fine with this just as they are fine with many other things that happen down there. Sex between people is as natural as breathing so if anything – people were probably happy that we all would be having fun that night.

I watched my wife saunter away from me – a great view by the way. Her ass swaying underneath her light summer dress, and I knew that she only had her panties and bra on beneath that dress. She walked over to where the musicians and dancer were talking with several guests. At first, she didn't go directly to the one I knew she was interested in, but rather stood on the periphery for several moments. I figured that she wanted to see if he would notice her. What she really was afraid of was that he wouldn't be interested in this middle aged married white mom so she was hesitant. She needn't have been concerned because she was only there a short few moments when he noticed her and with a broad smile came right over to her.

Of course I couldn't hear the conversation, but I could see that they were talking and the way they both were smiling and looking into each other's eyes. AI saw him keep looking over her shoulder at me then back to her and when she looked back over her shoulder at me, I knew that the conversation had turned to what I thought about all this. My previously non-verbal permission had obviously been explained to him by my wife and shortly he stopped and stared at me, with a big grin on his face. Later on, she told me that he had asked what I thought about all this and she told him that it was my idea and that I would be fine with whatever happened. Of course that was true, but I was still amazed that in spite of my obvious nonverbal encouragement, that she would tell him that without us having really talked about it.

I saw the two of them peel off and move away from the crowd and go over to the bar. I was now only a few tables away from them with Joyce sitting on a bar stool with her side to me. The black man was facing her and I could see that her dress had hiked up when she sat down and her legs were pretty exposed. I could also see that the black man had his hand on her bare thigh and was moving it slowly up and down as they talked.

It looked as if they were in deep conversation and he was very close to her, now letting both of his hands roam all over her. I just sat there and watched and felt my dick get as hard as it ever had been. It wasn't long before some of the employees seemed to notice what was happening and that I was just sitting there watching my wife with this black man. I couldn't help but figure they all knew that another married white woman was going to be black fucked that night. It wasn't long after that when some of the other guests seemed to also pick up on what was happening as well, and they kept looking back and forth from me to my wife and the black man she was with and I saw a lot of them smiling or maybe they were smirking at me knowingly. A few of the couples got up and left, probably to go back to their room and fuck..

Joyce had a few more drinks while she sat talking to the black man. I was sure she was doing it to bolster her courage and resolve and I saw her nod when he whispered into her ear. That was when he made the move – the one that said let's go back to your room and fuck; and when she nodded her permission, he smiled and she stood up and turned. He now had his hand around her waist and they started to walk down the path towards our room. I watched them and she stopped, turned around and quizzically looked back at me. The look was, "Are you coming?"

When I quickly got to me feet she had her answer and the look changed to a sly smile. Turning away again, they walked down the path in front of me to what I knew was going to be a new future. Hesitating for only a moment, I blushed when I realized that most of the other guests and workers were now looking at me. There was no doubt in any of their minds that I was going to follow my wife and her black friend back to our room to witness my own cuckolding. I was totally embarrassed and knew that there could be no doubt in their minds because of the way my excitement was confirmed by my obvious erection sticking out in the front of my pants. Red faced, embarrassed but unbelievably aroused I quickly walked out to follow them.

Turning down the path, I slowed as they were walking much slower, I could clearly see that his black hand was now cupping her ass as she tucked into his arm. At first I thought they were just enjoying the moment, but then I realized that I was the one that had the key to the room. They were waiting for me. I had to be an active participant. Opening the door was not just a metaphor for allowing him access to my room and my wife, but it required my active participation. I now realize that was another in a whole series of decisions and points that could have ended the night without him in our bed; and without his big black cock and cum inside my wife.

Realizing what they needed from me, I walked up next to them, actually said excuse me, and went up to the door, unlocked and opened it, turned on the lights and waited at the door for them. Joyce went in first, smiling as she looked me directly in the eyes as she passed and he came next, and when he did, he looked at me with a "I'm gonna fuck your wife" look on his face." It wasn't mean or anything like that, it was just kind of matter of fact. He wasn't judging me I told myself. He knew that my wife wanted a big black cock and that I wanted her to have it and he was just happy to oblige us, although there was no doubt that he wanted it too and so it would be a win - win situation for everyone. I was sure that He probably figured that if I got off on the humiliation of it all, that was fine with him too, since after all, he was going to get to fuck this attractive married white wife, and right in front of her husband! He was going to get to show them both just how great sex with a black man would be.

Once inside of the room, they acted as if I wasn't even there, talking and laughing. Joyce did stop long enough to tell me to make myself useful and to go and open a bottle of wine. The black guy offered her some weed, and she readily accepted and they both smoked. The man was nice enough to hand me some as well when I offered the wine.

I was surprised when the black man took the TV controller, but he quickly punched in the number for a channel that played music = slow reggae and he took her hand and pulled her up off of the couch and they danced closely for a bit. Things sort of seemed to stay like that for a few minutes with Joyce kind of still holding back and not allowing him to pull her in real close while the danced and I realized that Joyce was having either second thoughts or was no longer sure she could do this. I realized that it had been a very long time since another man had even seen her naked let alone having a man that was about to put his cock inside her body and I figured that she was probably suddenly self-conscious about her age and her body.

The black man pulled her close and grabbed her ass with both hands and pressed his lips to hers, but she pushed away saying, "I'm not sure I can do this. I'm too old for you. You can't really be interested in an old married woman like me."

He stopped and then he laughed. Not a mean or sinister laugh, but one of trying to make fun of what she said to let her know just how wrong she was. He told her that she was truly a beautiful woman and that her age had only made her more desirable and that he would rather be with her than the stupid little 20 some-things running around here half naked and drunk out of their minds. He told her that she was lucky that her husband loved he so much that he was willing to allow her to have this experience and that he would never do that if he didn't love and respect her.

When it seemed as if she was still hesitant, he backed her up to a chair and suggested that maybe she should sit down. She sat down and the black man released her hands and backed away from her and then he put his hands into his waist band and dropped his pants to the floor. I was behind him and only saw the reaction on my wife's face to what she was now looking at. I looked under his ass and between his legs to see a massive pair of black testicles and the end of his fat black cock hanging half way down to his knees. I knew that it had to be at least 10 or 11 inches long, much longer and fatter than my little 4 1/2 inch dick.

Before anything could be said, the black man simply looked at Joyce and said "This is a cock that is very interested in you missy!"

I think we both knew that this was decision time. Either she would have to decide to go through with it or forever regret not trying such a big cock and I knew just by looking at her what the choice was. He was indeed a beautiful specimen of a man. His cock was massive and hanging and pulsing right there in front of her. All she had to do was reach out and touch it to show him that she wanted him.

Slowly, as if hypnotized by the sight before her, I saw her hand reach out and take a hold of that big black cock hanging so close. It was already getting hard and engorged with blood, getting ready to penetrate deeply inside her, ready to fuck her married white pussy! It pulsed when she touched it. She could smell him. He was damp and sweaty from his performance. He was musky. She then realized she could smell herself too. She could tell that her pussy was damp. Her panties were soaked and she squirmed on the chair. She wanted, no needed her own womanhood to be touched and to be fucked. Her body had decided long before her mind that she wanted the black man to take her. She wanted to be taken right there in front of her husband by this incredible black man.

Like a moment frozen in time, she held his huge cock, staring at it. Finally, the black man reached out and stroked her hair in a gentle almost loving manner to get her attention; to break her out of her gaze on his manhood.

She looked up at him, still holding the magnificent cock in her hands. He reached out and placed his hands on her upper arms and gently guided her to her feet. She stood still holding him and then he lifted her dress up and pulled it over her head and let the thin garment fall to the ground leaving her standing before him in only her panties and bra. Her face was somewhat flushed with embarrassment at being stripped by this black man and standing in front of him in only her panties and bra, vulnerable and more revealed than she had been to any man since before marrying me.

She was trembling, and I knew it was both from the excitement and fear, though he was gentle and kind. He finally spoke and said, "You are very sexy Joyce. Your body is very beautiful." And then he reached his hands around her back and unclasped her bra and it too fell to the floor to lay with her discarded dress. Her breasts were heaving with each breath, her nipples were already hardened with the flush of blood that was flowing to all of her sex organs. There was no doubt in my mind when I saw her hard nipples. Her body was preparing to be mated with this black man.

He reached for the waistband of her panties to remove the last barrier between them and I was pretty shocked when I heard Joyce's trembling voice say "No, him too. Make him strip and get naked too."

The big black man turned to the side and now I had a full view of him and the frontal view of my wife. She was shaking with nervous excitement of the forbidden and I thought I could see a small damp spot between her legs. I was also pretty sure that I could smell the scent of both participants. It was a raw almost a****l smell , that seemed to be saying "our mounting and mating will be happening real soon."

Looking from his smiling and encouraging face to my wife's nervous smile, I stood facing them. She looked at me her face communicating her desire to share this moment with me, her husband. If she would be stripped bare both literally and figuratively, then she had decided that I also had to be as well. The black man was waiting, knowing I had heard what my wife had said and while I didn't know what might happen if I refused, I also knew that I really didn't want to find out either.

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants. Now I was standing there just in my underwear as was my wife. A nod from him and I quickly dropped my boxers to the floor. My arousal was obvious. My little erection pointed directly at them both. The black man looked down at my little dick and a big grin formed on his face. "My that is a very little one." he said.

He looked down at my wife's still panty covered pussy and then he gestured for me to come over near them. The intent was clear. He wanted me to take her panties off and bare her pussy to him. It was to be my symbol of giving her to him. I moved closer and knelt at her feet in between the two of them, his pulsing big black cock close to me. My wife looked down at me and nodded as I reached for her waistband, her nod telling me she wanted me to do it. I rolled the damp garment from her hips, slowly revealing the little patch of pubic hair and the top of her slit to him. My face was so close to her overheated crotch, I could clearly smell her arousal and could see her dampness which had already soaked the crotch of her panties and I could also see some dew on the hairs above her pussy. It was obvious that her pussy had already been moistening in anticipation of the penetration and mating soon to come.

I heard the black man tell her again that she had a beautiful and sexy body and then he pushed me aside, and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. This closeness caused his massive cock to push between her legs resulting in a gasp of surprise from her. Her womanhood was being brushed by another man's cock for the first time since they had been married, and she could already tell that the cock that she felt against her now certainly wasn't her husband little dick.

I watched on from only inches away and it was so exciting. My chest was pounding! Joyce knew that she was free to do as she wanted. She had been given permission by her husband to be with this man; to open her legs for him and to give herself fully to him. She knew it couldn't be cheating if her own husband had bared her to him and watched... And she knew that it sure wasn't cheating if her husband didn't even try to stop it. She knew that meant that it was OK.

The couple humped at each other as he grabbed hands full of the cheeks of her ass and humped his cock against her sex. Soon enough he put his hands on her shoulders, gently guiding her to her knees. His intent was clear. Disengaging from their passionate kissing, Joyce looked at him doe eyed as he encouraged her to kneel. She knew what he wanted and the truth was that she was eager to please him, yet she was still nervous. It had been years since she had a man's cock in her mouth and she had never had a black one or anything near this big! She had never had such a huge slab of cock-meat before....ever! She hardly ever took her husband's little dick in her mouth, only on very special occasions and usually only if she had a lot to drink.

She understood what this black man wanted and his need and continuing to hold his gaze she slowly fell to her knees before him. Now being this close to him, the big black cock before her was even more amazing. She stared at the thick veined big black cock before her. It was so fat, and so long, and she could feel the heat and smell his sweat as she bowed before him. She was only vaguely aware that I was still kneeling next to her watching her submission to him. I realized that I had already done as much and had already submitted myself to him.

Finally taking her eyes from his, she fixed her stare at the sight before her. Tentatively, she reached a hand out to hold the big black cock before her. One hand was not nearly enough. So as she began to pull on him, she took her other hand to help. Both hands were still not enough to cover him completely and she pulled at him making the big cock flex and pulse.

"Go ahead missy, you can suck the head of it! You know that you want to do it." he said.

She nodded, glanced at me, smiled sheepishly and turned back to him. Opening her mouth, she tentatively licked at the fat, bloated black head of the cock in front of her. I could see that she was immediately being rewarded with a clear stream of the black man's pre cum lubricant that seemed to pour from the slit in the huge cock head and she began to lick and lap at the nectar. She took more of the cock head into her mouth while continuing to jack him off with both hands. It wasn't long before her warm moist mouth and accompanying masturbation elicited a low moan from him. Clearly motivated that she was pleasing him, she redoubled her efforts, trying to take more of the big black cock into her mouth while jerking on it with renewed energy.

I was sure that her ministrations were being rewarded with even more copious amounts of fluid from him. The slick sheen and slobber from her mouth was running down from her mouth and onto her hands and wrists and I could see the mixture of slobber and precum hanging from her bottom lip.

She had never looked so sexy to me as right then; and so slutty. I couldn't help but think of her as one of the most desirable woman I had ever seen and right then there was no doubt that she was like a "bitch dog in heat". I thought to myself, "If she keeps this up, he would surely blow a nut in her mouth; something she never does for me but just as that thought passed my mind, he stopped her and pushed her away.

Looking up at him in confusion, waiting for her next instructions, he simply said, "Now go and kiss your husband. He deserves some affection for giving you to me tonight."

Looking from him to me, she was clearly not getting it. She didn't know why I was suddenly being included, but I knew. I knew that he wanted me to have my face rubbed in their passion. He knew a kiss would mean she would be sharing and that I would also be tasting his cock and his precum juices. It was another way to clearly show his domination over both of us; to dominate the white couple kneeling naked before a powerful black man. I still wasn't sure that she had figured it out, even when we were holding each other tightly with her tongue in my mouth, and us French kissing, but then, suddenly, she became more passionate; her hold on me got tighter, her tongue thrusting deeper into my mouth again and again. That was when I knew that she had got it and that she wanted to make sure I got a full taste of him. If her husband wanted her to fuck a black man, then the least he could do was have a mouthful of the taste of a big black cock and precum as well.

Holding the back of my neck, my wife emptied every ounce of their combined juices into my mouth and then when she backed away, there was a thick trailing string of precum scented saliva still connecting us! She had a wild look in her eyes; a look of pure a****l lust and excitement, coupled maybe with a little fear and wonderment. She was in a new place now, a place where she also enjoyed some sexual dominance over her husband and both of their submission to her black lover. She was both powerful and helpless at the same time and the realization had her excited beyond anything she had ever experienced. There was no doubt that tonight, she would make sure that anything and everything that could be imagined would happen tonight.

Still holding the back of my neck, our faces and lips were now only inches apart, but then the black man stepped forward and there was the massive hot black cock. Joyce turned and once again took the head of his fat black cock into her warm and welcoming mouth. Sucking and slobbering on his meat, her face still only inches from me, I was mesmerized by the sights and sounds of her sucking and her labored breath and also the sounds of his deep steady breaths as he held the top of her head, guiding his hard black cock slowly in and out of her mouth. Again and again, she would back her mouth off of the big black cock and turn to me to deeply kiss me, sharing the flavor of his cock and each time we seemed to come closer together, with his big black cock directly between us. Each time the man's big black cock came closer to my mouth, and finally his cock was actually touching both our lips. Her eyes were wild now as she watched as his cock slid over my lips as well as hers. She took hold of it and guided it directly to my lips now and I hesitated before slowly opening my mouth as my wife brushed the fat black cockhead across my lips, and then she suddenly jerked the black cock into my open mouth giving me my first direct taste of the precum that was now flowing freely from the slit in the head of his cock. Gently pulling on the back of my neck she pulled me forward guiding more of his black cock meat into my mouth. She had only taken the cock head in her mouth but now she was pulling on the back of my neck and forcing more of the big black cock into my own mouth. I closed my lips on the big black cock and realized that at that moment, my wife was looking into the eyes of her cocksucking white husband. I had to admit that with her help, I had indeed just became a cocksucker, and a black cocksucker at that.

Wild with the excitement of making her husband both a cuckold and a cocksucker, my wife began to jack the big black cock off into my mouth. The black man smiled down at both of us, and he placed his hands on top of my head, and turned his attention to the new cocksucker in the room. Giving up any pretense of resistance, I leaned into the big black cock, taking more of his cock into my mouth until I felt it against the back of my throat and then I backed off and began to slide my mouth back and forth on it, trying to give the black man before me, the best head I could. Even with a substantial amount of the black cock in my mouth and throat, there was still plenty of black cock for Joyce to hold onto. We must have been a real sight. A while couple kneeling before this black man, me with his cock in my mouth and throat and sucking, while my wife was tugging and stroking the massive black cock before us.

Joyce kissed me on the cheek where my lips met the big black cock and whispered, "That's it Barry...that's it honey. Enjoy sucking the big black cock that's going to be fucking your wife's married white pussy."

And after saying that, she stood up and kissed her black lover, her pussy now only inches from my face, I looked at her tight married white pussy, knowing that this would be the last time I would be seeing it before it would be taken by the big black cock that was presently in my mouth. Even with the overpowering aroma of this man's huge cock in my face I could also smell Joyce. I could see her wet opening between her legs and knew that she was ready to be penetrated, though I still wondered if she could possibly be able to take such a huge cock inside of her.

They broke their kiss and he told her get on the bed and then with one final pat on my head, she turned and walked away. I had one final look at her lovely ass and her moist slit under her crotch as I watched her sway her hips and get on the bed. I had a perfect view of her pussy and ass on the bed as her legs spread before she lay onto her back waiting for the mating that was to come.

Holding my head with both hands now, the black man fucked my face hard, driving the head of his big black cock deep into my throat and making me gag, before he told me, "It's time for me to fuck that married white pussy now! I'm going to really fuck her good, but you did give a good blowjob! Thanks for the help." He withdrew his massive cock from my mouth leaving me on my knees, my mouth still open and my face smeared with saliva and his precum. His cock was still hard and sticking straight out and swaying side to side as he stepped over to the bed ready to fuck my eagerly awaiting wife.

I crawled forward on my knees and followed him marveling at his hard body and perfectly shaped hard ass. This powerful, huge cocked black man would certainly give my wife the fucking of her lifetime. I was happy for her, truly happy that she would finally have this experience, but I couldn't help wondering how things would be afterwards. Would she ever be satisfied with my little dick again? Would she want and need more of this? I had always heard that once a white woman goes black, there was no going back and I wondered if it were true but I guessed that I would find that out sooner than later.

Joyce lay on her back, legs spread slightly as The huge black man got on the end of the bed. My view from the left side bottom allowed me to see the side view and also see all the way up her legs. He knee walked up the bed between her legs, his massive hard black cock almost dragging on the sheets between his legs. He reached out and touched her raised knees. I could see that she was trembling and I wondered if it was with anticipation or fear, or maybe even both. This was something so forbidden, and so new to her, and yet I knew that it was something that she wanted desperately. Nevertheless, all her emotions were in play. The raw desire to be taken by this man was the winning factor. There was also the surprisingly exciting fact of dominating and humiliating her husband and having him witness her infidelity. She was surprised at just how aroused she had become from being the one to make her husband a cocksucker and having him submit to her and ultimately to this big black man by taking his drooling black cock in his mouth and assisting her upcoming mating. She couldn't believe how stunning it all was, and how exciting. Now looking over at her husband stroking his tiny little erect dick as he watched her impending penetration by this big black cock, she felt complete satisfaction and determination to be had by this amazing black man.

All her thoughts ended when she felt the black man, gently reach out and touch her. He applied very gentle pressure to open her legs wider and expose her wet cunt to him. I could smell her soaking wet pussy and I'm sure he could as well. There was no doubt that she was ready. She was wet. The lips of her vagina were red, filled with blood and pulsing, waiting and wanting to experience the friction from his penetration. Her breasts were full and her nipples were enlarged and distended. Her breaths were coming in short pants, a mixture of fear and wonderment on her beautiful face.

Looking down at the married white woman before him, the black man moved closer so that his hot cock bounced off her wet pussy. The sudden unexpected contact made her jump. He then looked towards me and told me to come closer to them. He patted the bed and so I crawled from my knees off of the floor and now kneeling on the bed next to the two of them, I waited for what was next.

"Take hold of my cock, Mon." he said.

Without hesitation, I reached between my wife's splayed legs and took hold his pulsing huge black cock. Without direction, or instruction, I gently stroked the big black cock. I figured I may as well since all pretenses were gone now that I had sucked his cock.

"Rub me cock head on her." he said with a big smile on his face.

I rubbed the big fat, black cock head that was still dripping with precum, up and down my wife's soaking wet slit, carefully parting her thick, labia with his meat. I bumped the head of the big black cock against her clitoris and evoked a soft squeal from her. Up and down I rubbed his cock, mixing their combined lubrications in the cauldron of her steaming cunt lips and gradually, I began to center him on target, gently slipping the head of his cock into the center of her vagina. The black man was smiling now as I had truly given my wife's inner self to him.

"Wait. What about a condom?" I heard Joyce's voice ask aloud.

"It is OK Missy", he said reassuringly. "I have no diseases. I am clean and only fuck my own woman or a clean pretty married white lady like you. Black men don't use condoms missy....we never use them!"

" guess maybe it's okay, but that's not it. I am not on the pill. I could get pregnant."

That was probably the worst thing she could have said to him. It was like throwing oil on a hot fire. His smile brightened and it clearly showed that he more than just liked the possibility of leaving my wife with a lifetime remembrance of tonight.

Joyce looked over to me, her eyes begging me to do something; to stop him or to some way convince him to use some form of protection, but I did not help her. I just continued to kneel there, holding his black cock against her open and unprotected cunt, which I realized was the same as giving him my blessing to impregnate my wife with his black baby.

He obviously took my silence as permission and looked at me and commanded, "Go ahead and shove my black cock into her so I can fuck her good and shoot my cum in her." He had let me know that once his cock was inside, it was his intention to cum inside of her. If I was going to stop it, now was my last chance.

Looking at the junction of their genitals; her wet and open cunt lips that had already began to envelope and take his fat black cockhead inside, I realized that I didn't want to stop it...I realized that what I really wanted, was for him to shoot his cum deep inside of her pussy and inseminate her. It had to be all the way and it had to be tonight. She had to not only be fucked by his big black cock, but filled with his semen and knocked up.

I still had the huge black cock in my hand and finding the expanding opening where her cunt lips had already began to open and take the head of his cock inside, I held the big black cock right there. I wiggled it ever so slightly back and forth feeding even more inside of her, and then I used my hands to make sure his black cock was lodged firmly inside of her opening, and then began stroking the black cock resulting in a sure but further slow penetration deeper and deeper inside.

Soon his fat cockhead had pushed all the way inside her, stretching and distending her labia and opening her up until the bright red and pink colors were on display. I moved and put one hand on her mound to hold her down and used the other to push more of his big black cock into her. Her hips had now begun to move upwards on their own to try to take still more of him. Slowly he began to push at her as she raised her hips and the result was that even more of the big black cock began to go inside her.

"You can let go now", he said to me.

"I can't believe we are doing this," she half whispered and half moaned out loud. "Barry, he really could make me pregnant tonight. I'm pretty sure that I'm ovulating and very fertile!"

He leaned over her, knees on the bed, but arms beside her, still not completely laying on her and said, "You are very sexy and beautiful Joyce. I'm going to fuck you now and shoot my potent black baby making sperm inside of you and there is nothing your husband is even trying to do to stop it. He wants it too!"

At that moment, her eyes turned to me and then moved to the man that she was certain would father her next c***d. Joyce's arms reached out to hold her lover as he just let gravity do the rest of the work, by relaxing himself and pushing his black cock deeper into her. I knew that my job for the moment was done. I sat back on my heels and just watched. My little dick had never been so hard in my life and it ached.

As each inch of the big black cock pushed deeper inside my wife, she became more animated. She was instinctively humping her cunt up to him while she made whimpering, panting and grunting noises. She had let herself go and now she was his to do with as he wanted.

I watched the rutting couple as their passion grew. He took her slowly, but deliberately. He would withdraw almost his entire cock from her, her cunt seeming to cling tightly to it and not wanting to let it go, almost turning her inside out. He would just leave the fat cockhead inside her, then he would slowly push all of it back into her until their pubic bones met where he would grind himself hard against her clitoris.

He continued this slow but deliberate fucking while she rose to one massive climax after another, again and again shaking from her deepest parts, holding him tightly while she squealed in delight, desperately trying to suck or kiss any part of him. As the first set of her many orgasms washed over her, he began to increase his pace. He increased just a little at first, but enough to arouse my overheated wife once again into another series of shaking orgasms, and then another, and another. Her body was reacting to every movement of the big black cock inside of her. Later she would say that it felt like one continuous orgasm with brief moments of lesser contractions, thankfully allowing her to catch her breath.

As he increased his pace you could hear the squashing and sucking sounds of the big black cock pounding hard into her soaked cunt. There was a huge puddle of wetness under her ass as both their fluids combined to completely drench the sheets under the rutting couple. This had never happened when Joyce and I had sex.

He reached under her and grabbed hold of each cheek of her ass with his hands and increased his tempo pounding his huge black cock into her even harder. She was pushing back at him, fucking him back, her cunt seeming eager now for the blast of black baby making semen that was brewing deep inside his huge black balls. My wife in turn grabbed his ass to try to pull him deeper, all thoughts of him withdrawing a distant possibility.

I knew that it would only be a short moment until I would witness my wife cunt being filled with a black man's cum and being fertilized by this awesome specimen of a man......albeit a black man. I realized that surely, my wife would be impregnated and she would bear his black c***d. I knew there would be no way my wife would terminate this or any other pregnancy.

I stroked my little dick with my fingers as I watched the couple fucking right before me. My wife had completely surrendered to her situation. She was going to be bred in front of her masturbating husband by this handsome black man and that was fine with her. She would have his baby back home and proudly show the results of her infidelity. I was sure that our family and friends would be told that she had an affair with a black man and that her husband was a participant and was fine with everything.

She knew it was getting close. She could feel his cockhead pulsing; his breath becoming erratic and the pounding of his massive phallus inside her cunt. She was in the middle of one more huge full body orgasms and she begged, "Oh Yes...yes.....please....please shoot your cum in me! Oh yes..yes....Please! Do it in me! Uhn, Uhn, Fuck me!! Impregnate me! Knock me up and give me a black baby...your baby!! Oh God!! Fuck!! I'll have your black baby!!I have several of your black babies if you want...Just please do it Oh please!!!"

I saw his muscles tighten and he grabbed her ass tightly again leaving bruise marks on her and then, with one final massive thrust of his big black cock all the way inside of her, his cock exploded. It was deep inside of her and buried in her cervix, the first shot of his potent semen blasted inside her. She screamed with the climax as her cervix was being battered by his blunt cockhead. She swore she could feel it parting and accepting the first of many jets of his potent nigger cum. She felt his cock continuing to shoot deep inside of her..filling her and coating every part of her cunt and womanhood. Her defenseless fertile womb, that had already been invaded by the first jets of his sperm, continued to receive shot after shot of cum inside of it. She knew that she would have an ample amount of his cum to make sure she was with his black c***d.

He growled as he hammered his big black cock into her again and again as she screamed in delight, babbling almost incoherently, repeating something about being bred. I briefly wondered if the open windows were giving the rest of the resort the same hard on that I had.

The black man continued to pound his big black cock into my wife's cunt again and again, as he deposited still more semen within her with each stroke. The smell of their coupling was overpowering and I could hear the liquid sounds of their mating and see the thick white cum running out around his cock and running between the cheeks of her ass and onto the bed. Joyce had been royally fucked and there was no doubt in my mind that Joyce had just been impregnated by this black man.

It was finally too much for me to handle and I shot my much smaller and watery load against the side of the bed. I sat there with my little dick dripping and my hand covered in semen. Instead of my semen being used to impregnate my wife, it soaked uselessly into the carpet and the sheets as this black man's semen was busy breeding her and making her a mother.

Gradually his pace slowed, but he would still drive his cock deeply inside her cunt, and twitch his cock to expend any last drops inside her and then hold it inside her womb until the next twitch.

She lay underneath him looking fully contented and exhausted. There was simply nothing left for her. She had nothing more she could do. She had given him everything and she had done it right there in front of her husband. All modesty or any pretense of reluctance was gone. She had finally fucked a black man and her husband helped make it happen and she realized that pretty much everyone at the hotel probably knew it as well. Most of them nearby, almost certainly heard her screams of pleasure and she realized that they also probably heard her beg to be impregnated too.

The black man's cock softened somewhat, but never seemed to completely go limp. Eventually, after they both seemed to have caught their breathes, he began to kiss his way down her body and as he did, his cock was slowly removed from her pussy. She lay there accepting his kisses, eyes closed almost in a dream state. Finally, his fat cockhead fell out of her stretched and distended hole. Suddenly, her cunt felt so empty. Her crotch all the way down between the cheeks of her ass was matted with cum and their combined sex fluids. The sheets were a thick mess of slime under her ass. She made no attempt to move or cover up. She just lay there, legs spread wide, a very well fucked married woman.

I stared at her and didn't think that she had ever looked more feminine. Nothing really is as sexy as a freshly fucked woman. It seemed awkward for a brief moment. I was still kneeling on the floor beside the bed. He smiled at me when he saw me looking from her totally black ravished cunt to his fat cock. His black meat was glistening, coated almost entirely with their combined juices – both his cum and hers.

Finally he spoke. "It is OK, Mon. You know you want to taste it. I know. I can see it in your eyes. Come on over here and taste my black cock."

He moved closer to me and I moved to him. I was already on my knees and he stood over me. I took ahold of his cock again and then I looked up between my wife's splayed thighs and I could see her eyes watching me and could see her thin smile. I opened my mouth and he pushed forward and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. I sucked and licked and swallowed. I could taste his thick cum and I could also taste her. I could taste them both. My little dick was hard again. I reached out and held his black balls. They were huge. I kneaded his balls and then took my mouth off of his cock and sucked on his black balls. I was aroused beyond belief.

I looked up at my wife's cunt again and saw that she was now leaning on her elbows watching her husband suck that big black cock again. This time she looked at me differently. This time there was almost a gentle pity in her eyes. She had been fucked and almost certainly impregnated by this black man and she knew all too well that our lives had changed. Hers would be one of empowerment and motherhood in the future, but mine...mine would be one of pity from others that wouldn't understand my sexual submission to her and anyone she deemed acceptable to share her bed. The relationship of our lives changed the moment I sucked his black cock for her and even more so when she opened her legs and pussy to him. We both knew this might be only the first time, but we both knew she would be had by many more black men in the future.
"I tink it is her turn now Mon. Go ahead and taste her pussy too."

Letting his cock fall from my mouth, I turned and stared at the sloppy mess between her legs. She mistook my fascination with the sight before me as being hesitant to clean her and she reached out and grabbed me by my ears and pulled me head first towards the river of cum and slime that was bubbling and still pouring from her wide open cun.

She did not need to worry. I was more than happy to have my face rubbed in the resultant mess of their mating.

I was a man possessed as I lay on the slimy wet sheets, holding her ass and slobbering and sucking at her well fucked cunt. She humped back against my face feeding me her adulterous cunt, rubbing the nigger cum and pussy juice all over my face and into my nose and mouth. I was so lost in the moment, I did not even feel the pressure against my asshole at first. When I realized what was happening, it was too late. I knew that it was him. He was going to sodomize me right then and there in front of my wife.
My wife now seeing what was happening put her feet on my back and held my head down so that I was pinned to the bed and helpless to stop it. I was going to be fucked by this huge black man as well. The big black man was intent on completely taking and using and humiliating this white couple.

With all the slime around, his black cock actually went into me pretty easily. All my sense of modesty or embarrassment was gone. I had sucked his black cock both before and after he had sex with my wife and my face was buried in my wife's cum covered, pregnant cunt. My little dick was hard as steel and I was going to get fucked in my ass and the truth was that I couldn't have cared less. The truth was that I wanted it. I just tried to relax my ass and let him take me. It was amazing and I now knew why gay men and many women loved ass fucking. His black cock fucking my ass pushed my hard little dick against the slimy sheets and it was almost like I was fucking someone.

All of a sudden he stopped and said "Get up and stick your tiny dick in your wife's cunt."

He allowed me to crawl to her, with his fat cock still up my ass. My little dick cock literally fell into her stretched wide open hole and even though I could feel that her cunt was warm and wet, I couldn't feel the walls of her cunt and I realized that all my dick was doing was pushing his niggef cum deeper into her. With him pounding my ass it was almost like he was trying to help me fuck her.

My wife kissed me and shared the taste of their sex from my mouth.

As I humped at her while being pounded in the ass, she whispered into my ear, "We are going to have a black baby my little cocksucker. Did you like watching your wife beingg fucked and taken by a black man's cock?"

I grunted but managed to tell her that I loved seeing it.

"That' s good Barry...real good, because I am going to fuck every black man here and you are going to have to watch every time. I am going to make sure everyone here knows that I am fucking any black man her and that you are watching and eating up all the leftovers." She was killing me. She knew that she had me. She just confirmed the new status of our marriage: She was in charge from now on.

"Do you want to cum in me?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Sorry little man. Only black men only get to cum in me now."

And with that comment, the black man withdrew from my ass and pulled my face to his cock for a quick cleaning. I was revolted and tried to pull away but he stuffed his ass smelling cock into my mouth and fucked my face several times until it was clean and then he pulled it out of my mouth and dove between my wife's spread thighs and just stuffed his big black cock into her cunt again.

This was a very quick one. I guessed that he was close to cumming in my ass and that was his plan until her heard my wife talk about only black men cumming inside her. That was when he pulled out and forced me to clean off his cock so that he could fuck her again. He furiously pounded my wife only caring about his orgasm this time. Nevertheless, she pushed her cunt back at him as her orgasm built. He was the first to pop and once again he delivered another heavy dose of black man's baby making cum deep inside the more than willing married white woman. His mighty orgasm fueled hers and the couple once again screamed though another breeding and mating. This time my wife's screams of "Yes..yes....fuck me and make me pregnant" and "give me your black baby!" was load enough for everyone to hear. I was sure that everyone outside and at the bar heard very plainly and clearly what was being said. There would be no doubt tomorrow what happened in room 12 tonight.

They lay together for a long time after their second coupling. Finally, he announced that he had to go and he said that in fact, he was late for another show. He apologized for having to leave and I believed he was sincere. I thought about what had happened. The sex was good and after all, who wouldn't want to impregnate a hot white married woman like Joyce and also be able to completely dominate the white couple? He enjoyed the power his body and massive cock had over white people and he enjoyed giving them pleasure. He had enjoyed using my wife's body and while he had also used my body, I realized that it was only because he recognized that was what I needed, even if I didn't know it myself. If had resisted, he probably wouldn't have done that to me.

After he left, Joyce and I remained naked and alone in bed, still laying in their leftovers on the soaked sheet. At her urging, I sucked her again cleaning her as best I could but when I tried to mount her, she pushed me away and told me that she was too sore for anymore fucking. I was disappointed and I guess that it showed so Joyce told me that I could fuck her face and cum in her mouth if I was quick. I jumped at that chance and quickly spurted what I could into her mouth. I lay next to her and she French kissed me forcing my cum back into my mouth and then we both fell into a deep, sexually exhausted sleep.

I woke first. It took a moment to realize that it wasn't a dream. Joyce lay on her back in the shared pile of cum on the wet sheet. Her open legs revealed by the daylight a lot of dried sexual fluids all over her body and even in the small amount of pubic hair that she had. There was cum in her hair and bite marks on her tits and neck. I could see his hand prints on her legs and hips.

All I could think of was "My god she was truly fucked last night. I had never seen a woman so ravaged or that looked so sexy afterwards."

I couldn't believe that my dick was hard again!! My movement on the bed stirred her and she slowly began to wake. I was standing on the floor directly between her spread legs looking down at her used body stroking my little dick and that was the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes. It must have rushed back to her..... everything that happened. The fact that she had allowed herself to be picked up last night. She allowed herself to be stripped naked. She made her husband suck a black cock. What she remembered the clearest was that it was her husband that made the decision to let her be taken unprotected and did nothing to even try to stop it and now there he stood looking at her impregnated, crusty cum covered cunt with a hard on and jacking off his little dick.

"Well, don't just stand there jerking off, get down there and give me a tongue bath!" she ordered.

That's how the day began, with me sucking the dried matted cum from her body, using my tongue to dissolve all of the cum from her slit and the nub of her clitoris until she had a nice wake up morning cum. We showered and had coffee like nothing unusual happened last night, but afterwards, still sitting in our robes, we both knew that we had to talk.

She began, "Last night was something else."

I nodded my head and agreed.

"You know that this changes everything don't you?" she asked.

I nodded in agreement again.

"I still love you and I always will, but you let the genie out of the bottle on this one. From now on I am going to fuck other men. Other black men that is....and I am going to fuck a lot more while we are here for the next 10 days."

"I know," I said sheepishly.

"It's OK," she said. There are no secrets between us now. You have wanted this for so long just as have I. Now that it is out in the open, we can and should both enjoy ourselves."

She was right. I loved her as much as always and was very happy. She could now have sex the way she needed and wanted it and whenever she needed or wanted it. I was just happy that we had an arrangement that let us both participate.

"What I didn't know," she continued, "was that you were bisexual. I had no idea you would suck another man's cock or that you would enjoy getting ass fucked like you do. Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with it, in fact I got so turned on watching you suck that big black cock. And when he climbed up behind you, I was dying to see you fucked in the ass by him as well."

I admitted to her that I too found everything so exciting and was fine with the whole night and while I told her that I still didn't consider myself gay or bi, I did admit that I enjoyed being dominated by the two of them and forced to do things that I didn't think I would ever have done otherwise. I told her that was what made the night so powerful for me. Then the conversation turned to the really big issue: her pregnancy.

"It was your choice to let him have me unprotected and once he was in me, there was no way I was going to even try to stop it. He took me completely and you gave me to him. If I am pregnant, it is totally your fault, do you agree?"

I agreed. It was my choice and not her fault. She had asked him to use a condom to stop her insemination, but even when he said there was no way he would wear one, I still literally fed his big black cock into her knowing full well that he was going to cum inside of her.

"If I'm pregnant, and I probably am, you know I am going to have the baby."

I told her that I knew that there was no way she could abort a baby growing inside her and I assured her that I would never ask her to do something like that. This brought up the discussion of what we would tell everyone and we agreed that we would say that she and I got drunk and had a wild fling in Jamaica and things got out of hand and the black baby she would deliver from between her thighs would be proof. We would tell everyone that we made the bad choice that led to her pregnancy and we would live with it. If anyone else couldn't handle that, too bad.

We finally dressed and went to the open area for breakfast and coffee. It was obvious that almost if not everyone that was there knew what happened last night but there at least didn't seem to be any judgment. There were some knowing stares from the employees that kind of said that they were aware that another white woman had been taken "native" and there were a couple whispers that we heard coming from some ladies. We heard them saying "Look, that's them – that's the woman who got fucked by that huge black man right there in front of her husband last night", and the other one said "yes, and she let him go bareback and said that she wanted to have his black baby!" but we didn't let it bother us.

Joyce and I had discussed how things would be from now on. At home, discretion was to be the norm. We would not complicate things at home by having sex with black men at our home. But what happens out of town is another story.

For the rest of the vacation, there were many more black men that found a wet and willing cunt hole between my wife's thighs and legs. Not all the black men were OK with me sucking their cocks, but most were, especially after she told them that it was something new and that she liked seeing me do it. It didn't really matter that much to me since she saw to it that I ate her cum filled cunt after every deposit anyway.

The black dancer made several more visits and most of the black men that worked at the small resort would come by to fuck her and deposit their loads several times a day while we were there. Once when we were at the swimming pool and she said that she had to go to the bathroom, I thought she was gone a little long and when I went to look for her, I found several guys lined up at the entrance to the pool shower. When I went inside I found her with her bikini bottoms down around her ankles and a fat black cock fucking her pussy and I got there just in time to watch him pull her ass to him and shoot all of his thick nigger cum deep inside her. He smiled when he saw me. He knew our deal because he had fucked her a few days ago so he knew I was cool with it. When he finished, another black man came in from the line outside and before the afternoon was finished, a total of eight black men had dumped their loads in her and I had sucked every one out of her afterwards.

Anyway, our vacation finally had to end and so we left Jamaica. My wife's cunt was kept full of nigger cum the entire time we were there and as we confirmed a short time after we got home, a black baby had indeed been planted in her belly while we were there. We really couldn't be sure who the father was since she had been fucked by so many black men, but we chose to believe that it was the black dancer with the huge cock from that very fist night that did it. Our first black c***d was born 9 months later. It was indeed our first, but not our last. It is now three years later and my wife is about to deliver twins this time. They will join the first, our black baby boy and our black daughter from last year. The twins..we don't know who any of the father's are since she has been taking black cocks from anyone that looks her up. At last count, she had fucked 362 different black men including the first group in Jamaica and she is totally hooked. As for me, several of her lovers enjoy making me suck their cocks and fuck me in the ass as a form of domination and humiliation and I really don't mind. I still do not consider myself gay or bi and just do it because I enjoy being submissive to her and know that she enjoys watching them use me.
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