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We fucked her.

I have a crazy hot girlfriend called Tammy, she's a petite blonde with tattoo's and several piercings, and she loves sex.
We fuck when ever we can, and often where ever we are, we've done it in my car, at the mall, in a bar toilets, the park, a cemetery, just loads of places.
Now a few months ago her father began seeing a woman, you see her mother passed away a few years ago and it's just been Tammy and her father ever since, which probably explains her wild fun behaviour.
So anyway, her father began seeing this woman called Julia, she was a librarian at a school, and a very prim and proper type of woman, who wore cardigans and liked to do cross words with Tammy's father.
Then a couple of days ago Tammy walked in on her changing in her father's room and spotted a guns and roses tattoo on her hip, and after that Tammy began to obsess about it.
"What if she's not as innocent as she looks?" Tammy said to me one day.
"What, like she's trying to screw your dad over or something?" I asked
"Maybe!" Tammy replied
"She doesn't look like someone who would" I replied
Anyway, after that Tammy really began to watch her, but after several days Tammy had found nothing that proved Julia was up to anything, then Tammy had an idea.
She decided to try and trap her, she was going to get talking to her and see if she could trick Julia into say something that she shouldn't, but she needed a witness, so I got volunteered to sit in the cupboard and video them talking.
The next day Tammy's dad was at work for a few hours so Tammy decided to go for it, Julia had stayed over and was quietly reading the paper in the lounge when Tammy strolled into the room, I was already in the cupboard having been told to hide in there earlier, and now with the video camera working I sat ready to catch what ever might happen.
"So how's things?" Tammy asked casually.
"Things are fine, thank you for asking" Julia replied as Tammy sat next to her on the sofa.
"So you really like my dad then?" Tammy asked, she was clearly no detective.
"Yes, yes I do" Julia replied politely.
"So you looking to settle down with him, or are you just looking for a quick thing?" Tammy then asked.
"What?" replied Julia looking shocked.
"Is this a serious thing, or are you just playing with him?" Tammy asked again.
"I don't think this is the kind of thing I want to disgust with you, and frankly it's none of your business!" Julia replied about to get up.
Tammy grabbed her arm and held her down "This is my business, he's my dad and I want to know, if your trying to fuck him over?"
"Your crazy young lady!" Julia replied pulling her arm away "And I think I shall be talking to your dad when he gets home!"
Julia then went to get up again when Tammy suddenly tackled her and pinned her to the floor, I couldn't believe my hot petite girlfriend could wrestle a tall mature woman but she was and it was kind of hot.
"Tell me if your fucking about?" growled Tammy "Tell me!"
"Get off me you crazy bitch!" snapped Julia back trying to push her off.
"Then what's this?" cried Tammy pulling up Julia's blouse to reveal her tattoo "Your no librarian your a rocker whore!"
"I'm not a whore, I just like the band and.." Julia then stopped before she could say anything else.
"And what?" asked Tammy "And what?"
"And I like tattoo's!" Julia replied before she reached up grabbed Tammy by the head and pulled her down and began giving her a long deep kiss.
I sat in the cupboard just a few meters from what was happening, as Tammy sat straddled across Julia's waist as they kissed passionately, and watched in stunned silence as their hands began to explore each others bodies under their clothes.
"Oh god, I tried to hide who I am, I've tried to be a better proper person, but I can't help myself, I love tattoos and men and women and naughty sex!" groaned Julia as Tammy moved down her neck and began kissing her neck.
"You like my tattoo's?" asked Tammy
"Yes!" gasped Julia
Then Tammy sat up and pulled her t-shirt off to reveal her petite small tits that had a eagle tattoo around each nipple.
"Oh god their beautiful!" groaned Julia then she reached up and began sucking on Tammy's nipples.
I sat in the cupboard now completely stunned, and a growing hard on in my jeans, and watched as Julia sucked and licked Tammy's nipples making her groan in ecstasy.
Then Tammy reached down and pulled at Julia's blouse, the buttons popped off and then her shirt open revealing her large plump cleavage held in by a red bra.
Tammy wasted no time pulling it down and Julia's big round tits fell out unleashing her big round nipples and immediately Tammy began playing with them.
Julia groaned excitedly as Tammy's little fingers pinched and pulled her big chunky nipples, Julia lay back enjoying the attention and then Tammy leant forward and began sucking on those big plump fun bags.
"Oh christ!" gasped Julia.
Tammy sucked and squeezed those tits making Julia groan more, then after several minutes she began shuffling back down Julia's body and I watched excitedly when Tammy reached the end of Julia's knee length skirt and began pushing it up.
Julia was breathing heavily as she watched Tammy raise her skirt, and so was I as Julia's tanned fit legs were revealed and then her red panties that matched her bra.
"I'm not sure we should... what about your father?" Julia asked nervously
"He's at work and you want this, you know you do" Tammy replied wickedly.
Then she took hold of Julia's knickers and pulled them down exposing Julia's trimmed black pussy hair and perfectly shaved pink pussy.
"Very nice!" grinned Tammy her face just inches from it.
Then she leant in and I watched my girlfriend begin to lick her father's girlfriends pussy, Julia groaned loudly and quickly opened her legs more allowing Tammy better access, and eagerly Tammy buried her face in Julia's crotch.
"Oh god yes, oh god yes, oh god!" groaned Julia
Tammy was licking away at Julia's pussy lips like it was the best tasting lolly ever, and then she slipped a finger in between Julia's lips and started to lightly finger fuck her.
"Oh jesus yes!" gasped Julia.
I watched in amazement as my hot blonde girlfriend licked and fingered that hot brunette milf, and soon had my jeans undone and began tugging on my hard cock.
After several more minutes Julia began groaning loudly and as Tammy forced a couple more fingers up Julia's pussy and began sucking on her clit, Julia hit her first orgasm and with a cry she exploded squirting her pussy juices all over Tammy's face.
"FUCK YES FUCK!" Julia cried bucking rapidly in Tammy's face.
Tammy then sat back letting Julia recover and once Julia had calmed down, Tammy stood up and began undoing her jean shorts "My turn!" she said grinning.
And then she dropped her jean shorts revealing her completely smooth shaved pussy that had an bright pink octopus tattooed above it.
Then Tammy straddled Julia's face, and eagerly Julia knelt up and began licking my girl friends pussy.
Tammy groaned excitedly and giggled as Julia licked and sucked her pussy lips "Your pretty good at that!" Tammy then said.
"It's been a while, but you never forget!" replied Julia before she went back to eating Tammy's pussy.
Tammy really began to enjoy it and started to flex her hips and rub her little pussy into Julia's face, after a few more minutes Tammy glanced towards the cupboard I was hiding and with a big grin smiled straight at me and into the camera that was still recording everything.
Then she waved a finger at me beckoning me out, and cautiously I stepped out and with my jeans around my ankles I moved towards her.
Quickly Tammy began stroking my hard cock as soon as it was with her reach and then she reached up and kissed me hard, I could taste Julia's pussy juices on Tammy's wet face and they tasted sweet "You want to fuck a Milf?" she then whispered in my ear.
I stared at her in stunned amazement again, and then she grinned and nodded and pointed for me to get behind Julia.
At first I wasn't to sure, this was her father's girlfriend and we had barely spoken to each other, but Julia was urging me too, so I knelt down behind Julia who was clearly oblivious to me being there, and then I slowly moved my hard on up against Julia's wet pussy.
As I touched her lips with my cock head Julia suddenly lifted her head from Tammy' pussy and glanced around at me.
"What the fuck!?" she gasped seeing me knelt behind her with my cock ready to fuck her.
"Don't stop!" snapped Tammy pulling Julia's head back towards her little wet pussy "And don't fight this, you want this, you know you do!"
Tammy forced Julia's face back into her pussy before she could say anything and with that I nudged my cock between this hot matures pussy lips, and with a groan I slipped deep into her warm wet pussy.
Julia let out a muffled groan as I buried my cock into her, and then some more as I took hold of her hips and began fucking her sweet mature pussy.
"Oh shit yes!" gasped Julia lifting her head from Tammy for a moment "Oh god this so wrong, but it feels so right!"
"Yeah you want this and your going to love it!" replied Tammy before forcing Julia's head back into her pussy.
For the next few minutes we fucked just like that, me fucking Julia's hot pussy, and Julia kneeling up and licking Tammy's hot pussy.
Then Tammy began to hit her first orgasm, which excited me seeing my girlfriend being made to cum by another woman, and as I pounded Julia's pussy excitedly, Julia began to hit her second orgasm.
"Oh fuck, OH FUCK, OH FUCK!" cried Julia lifting her head as Tammy began to shake above her.
"Fuck!" cried Tammy as her orgasm hit too, and I watched both women buck and writher in front of me.
Finally after several minutes they calmed down, and then Julia crawled off my cock, turned around and lay down in front of me "If your going to fuck me, I want to see you do it!" she growled before grabbing my cock and feeding it back towards her wet waiting pussy.
I slipped back into that wet cunt with ease, and quickly began fucking her again, Julia was soon groaning with my every thrust, and then lifted her bare tanned legs and wrapped them around my waist.
"Yes fuck me! fuck me!" she cried bucking beneath me excitedly.
Tammy then eager to join in again, got between my legs and started to rub and lick my balls and then every so often she leant in and flicked her tongue across Julia's little puckered asshole.
Julia was now lost in her enjoyment and was crying and groaning as I lay on top her fucking her pussy as hard and as fast as I could, and with Tammy sucking on my balls it wasn't long before I felt my balls begin to tighten.
Julia then began to groan loudly again and was fast approaching her third orgasm, Tammy could see it too and eagerly began tonguing her asshole to help get her there.
Then it happened "YES GOD YES GOD YES!" cried Julia as her legs squeezed my waist and she began bucking wildly beneath me as her orgasm hit.
That was too much for me and I felt my balls churn, and quickly I pulled my cock out and began blasting Julia's pussy with my hot load.
"Fuck!" I cried as my cum splattered all over Julia's pink wet pussy and inner thighs.
"Yes, yes I love it, I love it!" cried Julia urging me on.
I pumped what felt like a huge load all over that hot milf until I couldn't give anymore, then Julia opened her legs and I sat back on the floor totally spent.
Tammy quickly clambered between Julia's open legs and I watched again as she licked and sucked Julia's wet sticky pussy, cleaning it up and swallowing all my cum.
Then she turned to me and began sucking my cock dry as well, until finally there was nothing less to suck and swallow.
"So where do we go from here?" asked Julia after a moment.
"Oh I think you're very welcome to the family" Tammy grinned "As long as you can handle us both every now and then?"
Julia grinned back, and then took both Tammy and my hand and led us to the family bathroom for a well needed shower and another round of fucking.
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11 months ago
ive had chances like that and would love to do it again
1 year ago
id love to watch my girl with another girl and then join in,its been awhile but have had those opportunities b4 n loved them
1 year ago
Very nice. Love the double team. Very interesting
1 year ago