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Voyeurism from an early age.

As I mentioned in a previous story, I came from a village where a lot of the population knew each other / were related / friends of friends etc. Well trying to find out about sex was a hit and miss affair. Way back when I was a young teen I was a randy little bugger always trying to get a look up a skirt or down a loose top anything that could trigger a wanking fantasy.
The local den for ilicit youthful smoking was a disused male/female toilet block which was gutted to leave just a shell. It was set next to a main road that ran between the 2 large towns which lay around 15 miles either side of the village. Both boys and girls trying out smoking for the first time would gather at the toilets which facing away from any overlooking houses was the ideal dry and private location away from adult prying eyes.
One fine autumn evening I decided to go for a smoke and set off to the "bogs" as we called it. On route I bumped into 2 "girl Friends" (girls I knew of my age who were just friends) who decided they would tag along as they to were at a loose end (boring samll village life!). Normally on arrival there would be others our age already there surrounded by a haze of cheap tobacco smoke but all that was there was a car parked at the road side and no other sign of life.
As normal all 3 of us scuttled to the rear of the "bogs" and quickly distributed the cigarettes and lit up. One of the girls who was called Maralyn wandered off looking round to see is anyone was on route to meet up with us, Tracy, the other girl decided to stay put with me. A couple of minutes later, a very overly excited Maralyn returned, loudly whispering for us two to follow her quickly but quietly. Asking "why?" we were only told to shushhhhhh and follow her into what used to be the girls side of the toilets we crept behind Maralyn, not sure what the hell we were looking for to be told by Maralyn to peep round the wall one at a time. On doing so I was taken aback to see a 40 something guy stood there with his trousers round his knees, a porn mag in one hand and his quite large cock in the other masturbating slowly. The road noise just outside echoed loudly which prevent him from hearing any small noises we made, the room was also quite dull, no windows only a little daylight coming from the doorway leading to the outside.
After seeing him masturbating I retreated with Maralyn around 10 yards from the entrance, leaving Tracy to get a good look at him. She in turn retreated to join us clearly happy with what she saw. Now both girls were buzzing with excitement, strangely I was very aroused, I think because the girls were becoming so excited about seeing this guys big cock. It took me a while to realise it was not the man wanking that got me a hard on! I couldn't compete with the size of his cock either!
Maralyn suggested she and Tracy burst in on him and get his reaction, this was just plain mischief on their behalf, anyway it was their shout, I was to stay out of sight and only come in if he got annoyed or out of line with them.
Sure enough, the two girls entered the room, I took the peering round the wall position unseen. Maralyn let out a squeel almost gave the guy a heart attack. He dropped the porn mag ang pulled up his trousers in what seemed a split second. He was greeted by noises of disdain from both girls about what on earth was he doing showing his privates and having a dirty magazine. The guy was trying to gain some composure. He was trapped by two baying girls like sharks in for the kill. I imagine he thought if he ran for it, anyone seeing him would immediately think he had done something wrong. It was his car at the roadside and his registration could be easily taken down.
The guy started apologizing profusely to the girls, he thought no one would come in after all it was a derelict toilet! The girls were loving it. The guy was quickly gaining his composure, he could see the girls were not as shocked as they were making out. "look girls" he said "I will pay you both to let me go and keep this to yourselves" " How about £5?" Immediately Tracy agreed but Maralyn quickly piped up, "make it £5 each and we will watch you finish what you were doing" the guy readily agreed to that, he reached into his pocket and produced his wallet. From his wallet he produced a £10 note and passed it to Maralyn. Both girls moved deeper into the room and leaned against the oposite wall from where this guy stood. The guy pushed down his trousers and immediately started to stroke his (must have been an 8 inch) uncut cock.
Within a few seconds he was into a rhythm pulling back and forth his foreskin, the girls were giggling at his groaning. After a couple of minutes, he groaned "another £5 if one of you pulls it for me, it will take no more than a minute" The girls looked at each other, Maralyn stepped forward, Tracy looked towards the door where I was still unseen but the guy. Maralyn stood to the side of the guy which unfortunately obscured my view, Tracy held her hand over her mouth, her eyes getting wider by the second. I could see Maralyns arm moving backards and forwards as she wanked the guys cock. Within seconds he groaned as he shot his cum on the bare concrete floor.
Both girls moved quickly back from him as he stood, his cum still dripping on the floor.
I moved away from the peeping position back to the other side of the building. I was quickly followed by the two visibly excited giggling girls. We watched as the guy got into his car and drove away. The girls swore me secrecy about the happenings of that day. This is the first time I have passed it on in its entirety, however I have wanked myself many times over the years with those pictures that are still clear in my mind. In fact, I am going to have a wank now, wonder if there are any public toilets around?
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Superb !!!!
4 years ago
Oh, how fun!
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